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Subtle REVENGE on a neighbor..



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    Lefty_ wrote: »
    Go to a pet store, order some cockroaches and release them through the letter box, give an anonymous tip off about a roach infestation in their apartment.

    Na, crickets. Cockroaches could become your problem too. 🤬 familiar with cockroaches anyway, crickets hoppin through your house will have you on some whole other 🤬 , add to the fact that if they start soundin off in that 🤬 them 🤬 will never sleep and be grossed out.

    the way you phrased this is absolutely hilarious
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    My man said he smeared dog 🤬 all on some 🤬 door frame and handle he was beefing with in his college apartment

    Not sure if this would work, but my friend in highschool's mama put raw fish all in the vents when they were about to get evicted from some place

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    hit em with subsonic sound waves for a few weeks