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Damn! We Lost Serena To A White Guy



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    AggyAF wrote: »
    Smallest 🤬 I ever seen was on a black man just sayin nh

    Did he smash tho

    I ain't into lesbian sex fam

  • Dazzling
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    Congratulations to them!
  • MR.CJ
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    Nobody gives a 🤬 bout lebron
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    AggyAF wrote: »
    Smallest 🤬 I ever seen was on a black man just sayin nh

    Did he smash tho

    I ain't into lesbian sex fam

    Dayum that was mean :s
  • Splackavelli
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    real 🤬 ...

    alot 🤬 don't carry themselves as worthy or global citizens.

    I don't know how many black woem I ran into abroad who are with white dudes cuz 🤬 dint know how to act or are not cultured.

    I was just telling my lil homie that I ran into a half Haitian half Austrian chick..cute lil thing. dhesveurh a white dude cuz she can't find a decent American black man outside the US and when she's in the US...they try to dog her out.

    I think we as men need to step our game up. been saying it for a while.

    there is no way I should be the dude who stands out among my wife's friends and coworkers.

    this is rather offensive

    Man 🤬 that 🤬 and Serena too. 🤬 oreo
  • Splackavelli
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    Copper wrote: »
    Now I just want the entire IC to close their eyes and imagine.....

    Lebron James having a white fiancé.

    I don't care.
  • blackrain
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    🤬 saying "we" like they was collectively smashing her. Let her 🤬 /marry who she want. Ain't got 🤬 to do with me and mines.
  • Bussy_Getta
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    Copper wrote: »
    Nobody gives a 🤬 bout lebron

    What if he told you he had cancer?

    His 🤬 print lil so idgaf
  • Mr.LV
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    Low self esteem thread.
  • ThaNubianGod
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    I don't think either of them date black dudes for the most part.

  • Sion
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    She getting married to a man who's close to or already a billionaire. On top of that he treats her right and they genuinely love each other. Let them cook.

    She's the greatest tennis player of all time, when you're that successful, typically you tend to attract like. Aside from dude's skin colour y'all gotta give him props for his success and for wanting a queen like Serena in his corner. Anyone would be proud to have Serena, and that should be so across ALL races. Love is blind. If 🤬 are mad then step ya game up, grow up and stop being so insecure - especially to commit to a woman. Half these 🤬 already got the girl waiting on them to bend the knee but don't want to for whatever reason "oh she's gonna take half", "she wasn't shooting with me in the gym", "marriage is wack", "I want 5 wives" but been with the same broad for $10+ years and have kids SMMFH, the idiocy.... Any 🤬 that's worth a dime or got half a brain isn't going to 🤬 with lil boy ass 🤬 because of petty 🤬 like that EXCEPT for yamps and low self-esteem hoes and some y'all can't tell the difference between a good woman and a yamp.

    🤬 don't realise women are making their own money now and aren't depending on 🤬 for security anymore SMMFH. And if brothers are gonna keep bullshitting, well more and more sistas are gonna look in other places for love and for men who WILL put a ring on it. I seen in one thread 🤬 was mad cuz a bad broad didn't want to commit to a fat 🤬 SMMFH. 🤬 is fatherless and it shows.... If Serena married a broke 🤬 yall would say she "lost", if she marry a rich 🤬 she "lost", 🤬 need to get they 🤬 together, cuz these days I hear more and more hoes saying 🤬 ARE the new 🤬 SMMFH. 🤬 make it a resolution for 🤬 sakes....

    Always remember:
    "Top notch hoes get the most not the lesser trash like to 🤬 for $40 in the club"
  • Elzo69Renaissance
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    I'm still smh and lmao @2stepz_ahead home girl saying she dates cacs cuz she can't find a brother that meets of all standards and requirements.......
  • Allah_U_Akbar
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    Copper wrote: »
    Damn...Ain't nobody reading all that sion

    I read most of it and I wish I hadn't.


    Like I said: HE CAN HAVE HER.


    You let us down.
  • thefabmd2dc
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    Black women love marrying these losers but hate when black men start marrying white women

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