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Wendy's Tweets Pepe Meme, Claims It Wasn't Aware Of Racist Alt-Right Mascot…

stringer bell
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Wendy's made a major misstep Wednesday when a community manager tweeted a meme featuring the most prominent symbol of the white nationalist so-called "alt-right," Pepe the frog, made to look like the fast food chain's mascot.

It happened after a Twitter user asked if Wendy's had "any memes," according to screenshots captured by NBC News' Kyle Griffin. Wendy's replied to the user with a meme of Pepe styled with pale skin and red pigtails:

Wendy's replied to Griffin's screenshots claiming that its community manager was unaware of the "recent evolution" of the meme. The original tweet containing the meme was quickly deleted.

For the uninitiated, Pepe began as a playful meme drawn from a comic that was popular on Reddit. It soon took a turn and became a symbol of the "alt-right," a loose group of white nationalists, misogynists and anti-Semites, as many of the movement's adherents drew Pepe as 🤬 or near gas chambers. Pepe even appeared in a photoshopped image tweeted out by Donald Trump, Jr. Eventually, the Anti-Defemation League declared Pepe a hate symbol.


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