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Ladies, When Is It Ok...



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    MsSouthern wrote: »
    MsSouthern wrote: »
    Austin >>>>>>>>> Houston or Dallas

    I've had a couple people tell me that. I 🤬 with Houston though. I just had to adjust to being in the South period....... What's so special about Austin?

    We have everything but an amusement park or NFL or NBA team


    Austin is just laid back. We have a ton of festivals. Even one dedicated to smoking weed aka Marley Fest. SXSW AND ACL are the biggest music festivals.

    College town and we LOVE our football

    Places like Rainey St and the Domain has the best lounges/clubs. Stay away from 6th st.

    Beautiful free spirit people

    Tons of great places to eat

    We don't have a beach but we have a few lakes ....I love getting out on the boat !

    And we have jobs here. All different types too

    I love my city ❤

    The no amusement parks, beaches, NFL or NBA teams thing is killing me, but I guess overall it sounds like how a southern city should be like.

    The people around you are everything.

    Im definitely going to check out Austin sometime. You gonna show me around?
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    Easy, let her do it. Ain't no such thing as a shy girl no more in this info/ look @ me attention is the new currency era. Just tell her ass 2 do it, don't ask.