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Joey Badass: I’m a better rapper than Tupac

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I know puretists not gon like this
Joey Bada$$ continues to climb the ranks of the rap scene and at the top of the year, he received his first plaque, a gold certification for his “Devastated” single.

As he prepares to release his A.A.B.A. album, he has some lofty words about his legacy.

“I already know I’m a better rapper than 2Pac is,” the New York MC says to Genius. “That’s just facts. One-on-one battle, I’ll flame ‘Pac.”

Badass explains that each new generation should strive to challenge the legends.

“I believe every generation that comes after has the opportunity to outshine the previous generation,” he shares. “Because they gave you their best. Now, they set the bar. It was like, ‘Oh that was your best? Ok.'”

These comments are not made without homage to the West Coast icon. Badass lists 2Pac as one of his main influences and explains how he is carrying on the spirit that Mr. Shakur exemplified.

“I believe I am one of the minds that ‘Pac said will spark to change the world,” he says. “I belive I am one of those, but I’m probably not the one that’s gonna change the world, probably the one after me.


Joey Badass: I’m a better rapper than Tupac 76 votes

He's right
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He's trippin
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  • nex gin
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    Wait for it......wait for it........
  • Chi Snow
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    He's right

    He won't have the acclaim, the singles, the albums but in the context he framed, in a battle bar for bar he'd toast Pac
  • R.D.
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    I was just listening to PAC and his MC skills are highly disrespected

    Joe going have to work on his clarity issues before he can compete with the gawds
  • Elzo69Renaissance
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    what is w these 🤬 and Tupac...homie dead

  • Elzo69Renaissance
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    Beta wrote: »
    Because nobody care if somebody say " I'm better than KRS-One"

    why not J Cole or Kendrick...
  • RickyRich
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    He's trippin
    But why not say biggie ? Why is always pac getting disrespected
  • achewon87
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    He's right
    He should feel this way...

    Better question is, does he think he's better than the current top mc's...

    Softball question, bringing up dead mc's...
  • SolemnSauce
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    He's trippin
    I get that they just don't understand the energy that Pac had, energy only duplicated by DMX, Wayne, and 50 since his death.

    He wasn't alive to know and understand it, Pac lowkey is the reason the south owns hiphop..really

    P took Pacs whole steez and ran no limit wit it, that mainstream birthed cash money, the first crews outside of outlast on some gangsta 🤬 that grab mainstream hiphop and opened the door for everyone who is known right now...

    Joey ain't even the hottest 🤬 in Brooklyn
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