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walking out the lions den
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    February 25
  • Ajackson17
    It's about time you upgrade your avi bruh. Man think of the people.
    November 2015
  • thatboydizz
    Congratulations!!! You have been officially invited to attend the biggest competition on earth! MissAllHipHop.com 5. Taking place on 10/27/2015 in the GROWNNSEXY Forum. This is your official VIP pass for the event. Bring something to smoke Bring something to drink and Lets keep it peaceful and positive. We will feature 10 of the most beautifulest women from across the world. But there can only be 1 winner. Thats up to you to decide. Every vote counts so do not miss out!! See you there..

    October 2015
  • gns

    this whole thing was over before it started.

    drake knew that.

    now he just beating a dead horse and blind niggas following.

    at this point ...its looking like some i finally get to bully a nigga type shit.

    he needs to control himself.

    meek was a botch for how he handled it....but drake took it to a new level of being a bitch...hes a bitch with a large following and bandwagon ass niggas.

    meek could respond with 10 straight fire ass tracks.... but the pressure cupcake type niggas put on the game ...it wont even matter.

    imma need to see drake put this same type effort into the next nigga that comes after him. a nigga on his level and equally diverse content. always seemed like he was so quick to apologize to others in the past.
    the emotions. .

    Rough week for Philly niggaz i c
    August 2015
  • scorpio4lfe
    Let me make it do what it do
    I'm glad you like that kinky shit too

    July 2015
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    April 2015
  • SixSickSins
    Poster formerly known as Pralims.
    January 2015
    • deadeye
      lol@ Chicity hating.

      Dude's wacked all 3 f your posts.

      Keep it up Six.

      The way people are reacting to these disclosures is unintentionally hilarious.
    • Omega_SataN
      Do trillfate next
    • Trillfate
      lol no!
    • deadeye
  • Ghost Leopard
  • jazz93
    Love your work. How about comparing the sisters? Luci Thai vs Nyla Thai. One is slightly prettier while the other has a better ass. Or Jade Marcela vs Nyomi Marcela.

    Or even Blazians like Ryann Reynolds, Katt Dylan, Kimora Klein, Jayla Starr, Angel Marie, Melody Nakai, Osa Lovely. Although Katt Dylan vs Jayla Starr would be incredible and fair competition.
    April 2013
  • jazz93
    Love your polls but can you redo the Asian one? Asians barely get any love on this board even though Asian women love brothas and vice versa.
    April 2013
  • Young_Chitlin