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since day one. I spent time proving myself to people things I already know, so therefore I learned nothing, but taught people everything I know.. I want others to really think about what I'm typing, if you think going thru drama makes u real, or having haters make u who u are, please stop giving these people glorification. Haters are just trying to learn and they are too "prideful" to say they don't know, or don't u, so they learn thru war.. This war do not benefit you it benefit them! Another thing that need to be exposed, that I never really share with people who are not my friends. & the reason why, Is because if I don't really love you and you don't have love for me, I don't think your worthy of knowing my pain and suffering. This is why I constantly defend myself saying I was not born at the top, because my haters fail to realize I come from the bottom, so they think I deserve abuse, because they think I never been thru nothing, and they want to hear my stories of affliction, or see my suffer to be satisfied within themselves.. I don't not like to give them pleasure, but at this point I will. I wasnt called beautiful my whole life, matter of fact as a child I was teased as well, and people thought I looked akward and thought I was too skinny and said I looked like a ethiopian and a somolian, they put me down in a bad way, but as I got older, females started to envy my looks. So therefore I find them to be petty imature, because they assume I'm a concieted without knowing who Iam.. I find people who tease to be elementary, because thats when everyone went thru teasing and being put down. As grown adults you show your elementary immaturity by using methods of teasing and downgrading a person being and calling it a fight. none of us went thru this life without a scar, and if you think someone is perfect you havent grown up. & you haven't grown up if you think it's people living that never been thru nothing. I find it petty that I have to break down science to grown folks so their minds can rest at night... because all that go thru thier head is "I think I'm better" (real lady) I think I look better than them... so I have to share stories to my enemies about my hardships and pains when they suppose to be GROWN ADULTS.. they suppose to know that I had hardships and pains, what drives them crazy, is they think I'm from a bourgie life, think I'm from the county, they think I was born with everything. DAMN! I hope now they know the TRUTH! They had/have nothing to be jealous of they are just DUMB! & immature, and do not realize that everyone suffer!


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