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  • Re: Floyd Mayweather & T.I. Involved In Altercation in Las Vegas

    Trillfate wrote: »
    KINGEC wrote: »
    TI speaks the King's English fluently

    but that was the Kang's Niglish, spoken to perfection

    Damn thats crazy, TIP really trying to play it off like his right eye isn't swollen. Looks like its going down a bit, but you can see its puffed up very clearly on the HIS right.

  • Re: "I Got Some Indian In Me, Though..."

    zombie wrote: »
    Muhannad X wrote: »
    I think because its fam came from Alabama and they always say that shit...When u take a look at history and old maps u see the Indian territories....The territories that were there before certain States were established...They repped the identity of where they lived no matter if they was mixed or not...If u came out of slavery and then u went under a Indian jurisdiction then thats who u rolled with..

    I think its just that back in the day it made more sense to roll with tribal affiliation which meant u were governed by a Indian Nation then to just roll under that "negro" identity which only means u come from slaves....
    Could be but why aren't native Americans claiming black ancestry like blacks do? People don't wanna be associated with Africa.

    Man we all kno why...being black is looked at as some bottom of the barrel shit...That's just the way shit is...everybody wanna be a nigga but don't nobody wanna be a nigga.

    It's crazy that blacks are the superior race genetically it's a scientific fact but those same people are in last place...

    No race is genetically superior to any other and don't you have a mexican wife or girlfriend ? if you believe blacks are genetically superior why are you fucking with these other races women.
    You gone find out it's a lot of niggas on here like that lol and smh at the same damn time. Niggas be talking about that life but they done wifed up and had kids with anything other than black.

    Funny style niggas on here mayne. They be the ones derailing all the positive black oriented threads all the time.

    Damn mayne, thats some sour shit. You're basically saying if a black man marries a woman thats not black they're not about that life? I'm sitting over here lightweight confused by that cuz, for the simple fact that my wife is asian but my library consists of books like, "The iceman inheritance", "Knowledge of self", "Metu Neter", etc, with my dvd collection consisting of great documentaries such as Hidden colors 1 and 2. We've also started to amass books on Asian heritage and history to learn more about her background. In your world, she must dislike asian folks and I dislike black folks huh? That thought process is funny style to me mayne.

    Bussy_Getta fuc_i_look_likePILL_COSBYMuhannadblackgod813
  • Re: Beside's Hip-Hop/Rap & R&B what other genre's of music do you guys listen to???

    Pretty much everything except country and heavy metal.
    Mister B.