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  • Re: Pat Stay vs Hollow Da Don

    (Nope) wrote: »
    _Goldie_ wrote: »
    Yo that mike zombie shit backfired so hard lmaoooooooooo that rebuttal wasnt enough.

    Hollow won that shit.

    Disagree. The rebuttal was cold as fuck, and the angles jokes or not was causing Hollow to put a facial expression on his face like this dude got some shit. Pat had better angles haymakers and consistency with the rebuttal. More personal also and was killing the multis with slick schemes that probably went over dudes heads.

    tha being said Hollow was killing it until he spent a third of his round as Ill Wills Jamaican connect (Still worked in the building though)

    @Mdizzle9000 I already posted this in the bootleg section bro. If its not an official battle it gets posted there. At least next time use the spoiler tag ( [ spoiler] [ /spoiler] ). This site can get sued and removed within a day for things like that permenantly.

    Anyways it wasnt clear either way but if I had to choose Im rolling with Pat making Hollow look like an air hustler. To me it was a close round based on preference.

    Pat had some shit, but Hollow put a cohesive round together. Hollow was entertaining from start to finish and Pat wasn't. Pat started strong, and got weaker as the round went on. Also, in no way was Pat more personal. I liked that whole bit about the website and the "intercom in the generator" that was some low-key funny shit, but it wasn't enough. Pat's personals regarding Mike Zombie blew up in his face and he had to rebuttal his own shit. Granted, the rebuttal was dope, but it fucked up his ethos. Hollow hit him with that whole "Hollow's hand" scheme, and some more shit regarding Hollohan and that Charon battle mid-round. That shit was more personal than anything Pat said after his Mike Zombie shit got shut down.

    It's hard to pick a winner off one round, and Pat isn't to be trifled with, but Hollow took that round.
    Like I said when he was doing the whole Ill Will Jamaican connect, he lost points in my mind. That was weaker than any of Pats "weak shit at the end".

    Can't even pull a quotable out that garbage.

    I agree that the Hollow hand line was tough though, but Pats shit was more on point to me consistently imo.

    They both lost, all that slang singing Hollow was doing was goofy as fuck, I hate that the crowd fell for it. As usual Pat was overkill with the corny jokes.
  • Re: One Gotta Go: White Rapper(s) Edition

    At least Iggy was some decent eye candy, ICP are the WOAT and that juggalo movement has always been's like 1 step removed from a white supremacy cult.
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  • Re: Post your controversial/unpopular hip hop opinions in this thread

    Yeezus is better than Graduation.
    Busta Carmichael BobOblahsmp4lifeno2fuks Breezy_Kilroyinfamous114CashmoneyDuxHustleThaDonCo_Town_Michaelrip.dillaKamPushMeAlpha_Ambition eternal soldier
  • Re: Damon Dash At The Breakfast Club (Dame Wilds Out)

    I feel like people are afraid to go toe to toe mentally with Dame which makes him come across as a bully, I'd like to see someone as articulate/intelligent as Dame interview him. Where's Killer Mike when you need him.
  • Re: Official BET Hip Hop Awards 2014 Thread

    Ars, Calicoe & Mook killed it. Banner was trying too hard, Snow was wack, just like the last time we saw him- Lux disappointed.