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    Recaptimus Prime360 Recap: The @...FOH" Edition

    Well let's see...

    Let the lies stop!!!
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  • Re: Atheists/Agnostics

    MzKB wrote: »
    What's good IC,

    This thread is for my atheist/agnostic brothers and sisters out here.

    Atheists/agnostics, list the reasons you don't believe in a Higher Power/God/Creator/Most High or whatever title you choose (or don't choose). Especially dealing with biblical doctrine.

    Also What is your concept or idea of (a) God(s)?

    I believe in a higher power but not the Abrahamic God. I use the terms God, Jah, Higher Power, etc. for namesake. I know that there is something that created the world we live in. I do not believe that there is one God because people have different beliefs/customs/rituals which define/govern their lives. Who am I to say that they are wrong because they don't have the same belief system as me.

    I have chosen to take a more spiritual/self examination approach to life. Religion (by definition a set of beliefs that is held by a group of people) has broken the seam of intellectual thinking. I have had several experiences over my lifetime that have shaped the way that I feel and think about religion.

    One of the major issues for me with religion is that there are too many questions that cannot be answered to my liking. And yes I said my liking because in order for me to fully accept something I must have a complete understanding or at least a concrete understanding of what I am getting myself into.

    Especially the bolded. (although to my liking.. well maybe just answers in general) And whenever I have questioned a member of a church or relatives etc, the answer is always that you must have faith and if you don't have faith then you don't believe. I find it interesting that many I have talked to want me to accept all of this on faith when I don't accept many areas of my life on just blind faith.
    It feels like sometimes we humans are taught to question everything but religion.

    *I will say that I have just found this thread and still reading through the answers, glad to see a good discussion on this topic so far*
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  • Re: WOW... Would anyone on the IC eat.. FILLED CUPCAKE OREOS?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!!

    going innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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  • Re: The NEW ADHD thread

    Chicity wrote: »
    DWO wrote: »
    Chicity wrote: »
    DWO wrote: »
    Chicity wrote: »


    Who would win in a race though
    Asthmatics all day

    Hit b4 and after the race, simple

    All that smoking gonna kill you though. Lungs looking like a paper bag
    Fucking all this talking bruh, foot race next time I'm in ya area

    Ok? Cool

    Damn ya'll just gave Chi reason to break out the toe socks!
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    TonyDubbz wrote: »
    Lmao @DWO did you close the pic thread bruh?

    over diabetes??? lol

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