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We will NOT be closing the current community, but we will be porting user data over to the new system over time, so please get used to using the new community!

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  • Re: Why Did Reasonable Doubt Flop When It Came Out?

    nobody was checkin for his ass at the time...... he hadnt sign his soul over to the illuminati yet
  • Re: My cousin asked me to marry her

    do you get to smash if you say yes?

    thats the real question.... she at least needs to suck u up.... she aint no real kin family..... i look at it..... if i aint know u when i was little..... or since whenever we met, if we aint never get close as a family.... then we aint family & its free game...... for example i met this chic at a family reunion abt 3 years ago & after we met we both said that we were wishing the other one was jus a friend of the family.... & she far down the line..... grandma's sister's granddaughter's niece..... well long story short i fucked her the night of the reunion with no problem& raw dogged & she was screamin she wanted to feel me nut inside of her.... she even woke me up sucking my shit & swallow my babies.... wanted to give me head again before we left the room..... every so often we get together & have a nice fucking session..... whats gravy is since she is supposedly "family" i can bring her around my girl with no problem.... like last time we fucked she had came over & my girl is in the bed watching tv & i tell her im abt to show her where the dumpster in my apts was at..... when really i took her on my balcony & was gettin some head, then took her to her car & fucked the shit outta her.... my girl wasnt even trippin that we were gone so long.... & then when she asked what happened to yall clothes... we was jus like we was racing like we used to do when we were lil..... tried to get her to spend the night but she had to go somewhere
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