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  • Re: An Open Letter To Rick Ross And The Gangster Disciples, by Kevin Powell

    Damn its alot of ignorant people in this thread basically what he is saying is what is going on in the black community is genocide.Blacks killing blacks for pity and selfish reasons.They tearing down each other for absolutely stupid and dumb reasons but yall love it because yall have nothing to worry about cause yall not in the hood and it have no effect on yall personally and yall love it cause its entertaining to yall but reality of it is alot of white people could give a flying f*ck if all blacks killed each other off and many people black people could feel the same way as long as it doesn't effect their lives so you got to respect somebody going outside of his job and trying to bring peace and positive out of all this.People always compare 2pac and Biggie because at the end of the day its enough money and fans in hip-hop til where it never should be taken so serious to where people are losing their lives behind doing something they love to do.It shouldn't be no jealously or hate.Rick Ross rap for entertainment he is a entertainer people pay to see him entertain them with his energy and talent.The guys on youtube are making fools of theyselves threatening this entertainer and actually making it public for the entire world to see it and the only people i can see embracing this Rick Ross vs GDs black on black genocide is the enemy of the black man.
    PiffyHazeStomp Johnsonilledout