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  • Re: Why The People of NoFap Become Successful

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    So let's get this straight, you guys are telling me to ejaculate my sexual energy (jing energy, semen, etc) frequently to prevent prostate cancer?


    We aren't. The medical community is.

    The same medical community that have admitted to giving children Thimerosal?

    The same ones that call holistic doctors whose philosophy is about natural foods for healing "quacks"?

    The same community that trade pharmaceuticals in the stock market and says that chemotherapy is helping to fight cancer?
  • Re: Tariq tells black people don't vote let Trump win

    Flex is talking about illusion of choice. Trump getting voted in as president would put America on the spot, because you are dealing with someone who is blatantly racist and ignorant who HAS FOLLOWERS who believe in him.

    No one is looking at the impact that it's doing have Democrats and Republicans who are against Trump, Democrats are force feeding Hilary...which is probably IMO why they have Trump there in the first place, so they make it seem like a "landslide decision". But we know her track record and history and many are not looking to vote for her either.

    I'm no longer fooled by the illusion of choice and the campaign to vote, it was always about maintaining the status quo. If you are black, nothing about voting would change the outcome of our environment. Locally voting you have more power, but unless you have a strong economic backing, the genocide will continue. And that is because black has no standing at law.
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  • Re: Dr.Umar Johnson Controversy: Can your personal life distort your message?

    She was a plant. When they come for you they'll use one of your own

    Cointelpro all day
  • Re: Supreme Court Justice Scalia Rips Apart Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

    Go google him up

  • Re: Dr. Boyce Watkins: 4 Reasons Black celebs feel comfortable ignoring Black people

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    Yeah #4 is why Black people praise Oprah like Jesus. They swear up and down she is an authority on everything just because she has a shit load of money.

    Nah thats what white dominant society wants us to believe. That the Oprahs, Tyler Perrys, Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons are our leaders.

    I ain't basing that shit anything about white america. I'm basing that shit on what Black people say. I've heard people say Oprah is the greatest modern black leader. What has Oprah ever led us to?

    But then who are those people that are saying that? I think #1 can also explain #4, if we in this country had our own economic base and self values that isn't controlled by the dominant society, the ones who are really standing for our communities I feel will be more represented as our leaders.

    Not saying that Oprah isn't influential in her own right, but she really hasn't led us anywhere. Neither has Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. But they are the ones that have the money but are the figureheads used when whites say "pull yourself by your bootstraps", look at what "Oprah" did or "Bill Cosby" did.

    Who controls the media, in fact who controls OUR media? Because thats where I feel that these celebs are put in place as "Examples" but who are the ones that are not ignoring our issues and bringing them to the table?