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  • Re: Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread

    Will Munny wrote: »
    Am I the only one who finds it amusing people are more upset about the dire wolf (who's entire purpose in life was to take L's for the Starks) dying than dogs ripping apart a BBW and newborn child?

    Its because their white....most of us cam not feel real pain for white folks. When that shit happened in django, we all teared up a little my dude. You might wanna reevaluate if you still wanna fuck with these niggas like that.


    I'm confused.
  • Re: fear the walking dead: Season 2

    I think those barrels were real flammable .

    Cool mid season break.

    Herschel isn't the only person keeping walkers.The Gov kept them too.

    At least they didn't spend a whole season at the house.

    I been liking this show this season.Its better than twd season 2.

    Finale left a lot of questions.Show is changing.3 months is a long ass break.Good think Preacher is fire
  • Re: Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread

    charles2 wrote: »

    we got the biggest army thats only about to get bigger.. thats the ground game..

    Euron bout to give us his ships.. thats the water..

    and we got Dragons.. thats the air..

    i mean c'mo..
    who fuckin wit us!!?

    white walkers cant fly or swim..

    And just last week we couldn't walk through fire, Bran was unnoticed in his time wargs, and we couldn't breach that tree's perimeter.

    We'll freeze the oceans. You already know how well ships fare in ice. As for your dragons, we'll be walking through that fire just like we did Sunday.

    What do you see in walking death popsicles?At least LOL got personality.

    Dragon fire and regular fire are not the you got unsullied,dothraki,Jon Snow and whatever army he got, wildlings etc.

    on another note.Summer is dead and Winter is upon us.
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  • Re: Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread

    I really don't think Little Finger knew Ramsay was so crazy.

    Sansa still owes LF for getting her out of Kingslanding

    All praise The Lord Of The Light
  • Re: Preacher (AMC) (Trailer)

    This show is fire

    Instant classic type shit.

    I'm hooked.

    I like how somebody changes the church signs.At the end it said cumming instead of coming

    I wonder why the African blew up?

    Has a tone similar to the best early seasons of True Blood to me mixed with Evil Dead.

    That Tulip chick is hot and the fighting scene in the car was wild.

    This may be a new GOAT show