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  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 5 Thread [use spoiler code for spoilers or be BANNED]

    deadeye wrote: »

    How do you think she's gonna get back the support of the people?

    Only thing she can do now is rule through fear now that she's got Drogon back.

    She's not gonna get the people's love back.

    I mean, as soon as dude was executed.....they turned on her right away.

    Did you hear how they were hissing and the way they looked?

    Totally different demeanor.

    through consistency & transparency. she let em know why she killed dude so if she keeps handing out just punishments in that way, even if they don't fuck with her at least they'll see she's fair. she need to get trials poppin off too so she don't look like a tyrant.

    @BOSSExcellence ay bruh you know i'm team targaryen but i gotta keep it 100 she taking some L's out here. she still a kid tho so she'll be cool with time

    bitch got too many muthafuckas in her ear and they all got equal say and she picks and chooses who she wants to listen to each time...

    all dude had to do was put dick in her to convince her to try and bring the dragons out.. other dude told her a story about her pops to agree to a trial..

    u see how Cerci was delegatin powers to each individual.. organization.. whatever u specialize in THATS what i want to hear from u about..

    that boy was from that city.. he knows his people and thats why he did what he did.. in her honor.. bitch ahouldnt have killed him.. she aint built like that.. if she go do what the fuck she want do what she want.. all them voices in her head has her unsure of herself..

    thats how ih boy was able to be poisoned by the witch.. bitch can come and free people.. i have no quarrel with that.. but she tryin to change they fuckin way of existence.. she think ahe America or some shit?? she shouldve fave them back theu games to busy them..

    anyways... Drogin back.. the bitch is bad.. and iv seen her naked...

    imma jus have to stick this ine out..

    Stopped reading right there.....Cersei isn't delegating shit....she's putting yes men and pawns in position to serve HER....not the realm....even her uncle told her to GTFOH. ....Danerys is trying to change an entire culture and in relation the economy because Slavers Bay's economy is based on Slavery and she's fuckin up.....Her dragons don't respect her and she's making moves without thinking.....she's trying to rule based on emotion....she's throwing shit up against the wall and hoping it sticks.....

    They kinda made Cersei's uncle just look like a sexist in the show though. He had the same conflict with her in the book, but actually broke down all the bad moves she had been making. In the show, it kinda seemed like he'd just rather have a 12 y/o boy king ruling instead of Cersei because she is a woman.

    Fuck that bitch.She's a bloody cunt
  • Re: Tyler The Creator vs. Dr. Boyce Watkins

    I actually like Tyler.I think he's way ahead of the curve.

    To be his age and have such a great sense of marketing is phenomenal.

    I also think he can rap and makes good beats.

    He's off center and I don't agree w/ this,but I think he's a young mad genius.
  • Re: The Official Post Your Music Thread *****New Rules Inside****

    dj pre-k wrote: »
    @RepUrCity dont get your feelings hurt over my opinion

    @loch121 if youre tryna go tha horrorcore story route i can dig it.

    personally it gets boring after a while, but the ending wasnt bad

    heres my newest shit


    I always liked that sample.Nas used it.You could use a more energetic vocals,sharper lyrics and you should have left that Suge Knight punchline alone unless you was gonna really say something clever about that.

    Loch Afro American Psycho music video snippets.Follow my IG too

    dj pre-k
  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 5 Thread [use spoiler code for spoilers or be BANNED]

    Hold up. Grey Worm got some dope music in real life

  • Re: Life Found On Mars: NASA Tries To Deny

    IDK if this is true,but this never ends well in the movies.
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