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  • Re: The Official KOTD Massacre 2 (May 15th) Hollow vs Pat, Bigg K vs Head Ice, B-Magic vs Iron Solomon

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    Hollow is #1 right now and might be the best battle mc of all time. Can't think of anyone who can beat him.

    Supernat is cool, but his style isn't meant for that. It just isn't compatible. Battle rap is too different now.

    Also--and this is anecdotal--I was VIP at one of his shows around 2000. I was too young to get in the Middle East, but I had herb to burn and Dilated let me carry in some merch and get a pass. I watched him kick the same rhymes at sound-check that he "came off the top" with during his show.

    Few years later saw him again, still kicking the same shit.

    As nice as he is, he might be the most overrated battle rapper of all time.

    I'd take Juice and Rhymefest from that era before Supernat and neither of them could cut it in today's climate. What they did was great, but it's something completely different.

    Didn't SuperNat beat Juice twice? Anyways Hollow already lost to Surf in most peoples minds outside of here, and I could see him losing to a Charron, Bigg K, MoneyBagz, Or even a Big Kannon. Maybe Head Ice also. Anyone can be beaten on any given day and it's also based on the match ups.

    I don't think ppl think Hollow lost to surf.I don't think he did.

    Charron is corny and since Hollow can freestyle too he would kill him

    Bigg K is a personal fav,but I think Hollow would do so much other things it'll be hard for K.


    Head Ice....Nooooo

    With that said Pat and Hollow is debatable.Hollow out performed him.Hollow does alot of visual things that wouldn't have as much impact if you just heard it.

    It depends on how much a person cares about how Hollow does business behind the scenes,which was part of his angle vs Lux ironically to say if Pat got the 3rd.

    Either way Hollow was the star of that show

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  • Re: Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread

    Game OF Thrones is slick .They killed Tywin on father's day and teased a mother reveal for Mother's Day
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    Tay Roc got his own invisible bitches

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  • Re: The Walking Dead Season 6

    its either glenn , Abraham or Eugene. I don't care about the comics. that was one of the most tense, suspenful scenes I have seen on this show since rick ,glen, daryl and bob were about to get their throats slit back at terminus. plus that ist person view made it more brutal. I just read the comic online and there is no way they can do that shit on primetime tv. that is too gory and it may traumatize some viewers(kids). now for you idiots that think that a chick is the one that got wacked. if you listen closely you will hear a man groaning in pain from those bat strikes. on a side note I can't wait untill negan gets killed off. fuck that prick.

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  • Re: The Walking Dead Season 6

    I'm pretty sure the first scene next season will be the last scene from this season just shown outside of the first person perspective.

    The first ep will be all about Dwight's backstory then you'll see that nobody died because they all rolled under a garbage can,
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