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  • Re: If he was black......

    Thug life

    If this was a nigga I would actually understand the cop shooting his ass
  • Re: Power Season 4 thread: June 25th(You will be banned for posting SPOILERS)

    loch121 wrote: »
    IDK why that priest met Dre,but the dumbest shit is this new 3 da hard way bullshit between Ghost,Tommy,and Kanan.

    It's kanan's fault all this shit happened.

    Not entirely true. If you think about it everybody's actions this season has led to this point

    If Kanan never started trying to kidnap/turn Tariq out he never would have came in contact with any of them other niggas.
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  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread

    Sion wrote: »
    loch121 wrote: »
    inori wrote: »



    damn.. Bran coulda told this nigga Sam his pops and brother got roasted.... smfh

    He aint got a claim to his house tho being a man of the nights watch.. unless Jon or Dany set his ass free lol

    I said this but somebody pointed out that Jon or Sansa can reverse that,not to mention,I doubt there will be a Night's Watch .The WWS killing them niggas 1st probably.They gotta know the wall came down.Probably trying to cut them off before they get to Winterfell.

    After the invasion,I doubt family inheritance is even important.

    LOOLOLOLOL there hasn't been a night's watch since season 6. The whole show and book is moving in that direction where it's not even about nobility or being apart of an illustrious house more than it's about unifying and changing the rules. That's ALWAYS been the underlying theme in this show. It's what got Ned and Robb killed, Tywin, Mance, Ygritte and a shit ton of characters got too. Dany's whole objective is to break the wheel. You have dorthraki, Dorne, high garden, slaves, greyjoys, Wildlings, an imp, and a Targaryen all working together to put a Targaryen on the throne. Them coming to back Dany like that goes to show they don't give a fuck as long as equality is created for all.

    Niggas Screaming Stark this, Targaryen that. It doesn't matter in the grand scheme if you have to work together to stop the Night's King. And that nigga doesn't even discriminate when it comes to his army.

    Still Stark set though

    I'm damn near leaning towards the WWs possibly winning and that's because GOT would do some shit like that.

    What if the Prince who is promised is promised to replace the Night King ? And Dani is Azor Ahai?

    Yeah Unity seems to be a plot point,but this is gonna end with a gut punch.

    I doubt we see the characters singing "We Are The World" in the finale.
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  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 7 Thread

    Viserys looked just like RAGGER.Looked like the same actor damn near.Was it?