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    Tay Roc got his own invisible bitches

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    its either glenn , Abraham or Eugene. I don't care about the comics. that was one of the most tense, suspenful scenes I have seen on this show since rick ,glen, daryl and bob were about to get their throats slit back at terminus. plus that ist person view made it more brutal. I just read the comic online and there is no way they can do that shit on primetime tv. that is too gory and it may traumatize some viewers(kids). now for you idiots that think that a chick is the one that got wacked. if you listen closely you will hear a man groaning in pain from those bat strikes. on a side note I can't wait untill negan gets killed off. fuck that prick.

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    I'm pretty sure the first scene next season will be the last scene from this season just shown outside of the first person perspective.

    The first ep will be all about Dwight's backstory then you'll see that nobody died because they all rolled under a garbage can,
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    VIBE wrote: »
    Negan HAS TO KILL someone of longevity and importance, you're looking at Glenn or Daryl.

    They should,but if the positioning is to the our right of Rick like it looks it only leaves Sasha,Eugene(IDK where he is),Aaron,and Carl.Daryl is way on the other side with Abe,Michonne,Rosita,Maggie,and later Glen.

    They may fake us out and show it with some editing tricks,but it looks like Negan's talking to Carl looking to his right as far as saying ,if the boy moves.... and referring to Rick to his left

    It looks like he's to the right of Rick and Aaron is the only man there.I doubt he killed Sasha,but when they did the ini mini shit it skipped to ppl on different sides of the line.

    It looks like it's Aaron in the clip we got to me.

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    Cain wrote: »
    So ILL wrote: »
    This nigga with this bazooka lol.

    Why he shoot a bazooke tho? Nigga didn't have a match? I mean damn its gasoline WTF

    Because it looked cool.Sadly a bazooka may be easier to find than a book of matches at this point.
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