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  • Re: So, uhh.. was 9/11 an inside job or nah?

    41 votes in this thread and not even one vote is from a woman i think



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  • Re: So Ben Affleck is going to play Batman

    im sure snyder knows what hes doing, i wanna see his vision for batman
    with affleck or without, iont care
  • Re: Roseanne Barr Calls Out Louis CK As The New Bill Cosby

    i mean locking the door and masturbating in front of them is not nearly as bad as druggin and rapin imo
    but wtf do i know
  • Re: Baton Rouge: 3 Officers Dead, 3 Injured

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    If every time an unarmed black person get killed these cops had to worry some shit like this would happen to them, you don't think that might give them more pause than us just continuing to ask them nicely not to kill us? Idiots worried about "narrative change" don't see the bigger picture, nigga what narrative? The one of oh they were criminals anyway so they deserve to die, that one?

    Some mfs lack empathy, the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes and feel for them even when that person is unlike you. Mfs like that only understand shit when it happens to them. They need to have it in the back of their heads like "shit I better not be so trigger happy cuz these niggers are fed up and might come for my ass." And they don't know when or where that shit is gonna happen. This might be the only effective check on their behaviour, cuz asking nicely and marching peacefully sure don't seem to be working. I mean they fear us already anyway

    First and foremost i am indifferent to these chicken coming home to roost.
    However the narrative matters because it can and will get worse for US... thats my concern of the negative effects of whats happening towards US.. If a change of narrative didnt extend pass someones feelings then who cares but thats not the case.. it doesnt stop there

    Worse than what? We face every kind of discrimination and oppression right now! From environmental to economic racism, that shit runs the gamut. They kill us unarmed with impunity, how much worse can it get? You niggas afraid they'll reinstate slavery. Oh wait I forgot, we have that too thru the prison industrial complex

    Do you understand that their entire white privilege and identity is predicated on having zero empathy. They will never get it or change until you force them to have it. When they experience the shit enough then they will finally be like damn, this is fucked up, it will never happen before that, and all black people need to know this as fact

    Oh I absolutely can get worse

    Aren't you in Canada btw?

    I live in Detroit and am married to a black man, I'm not less in this shit cuz I'm from Canada. My point is, they do whatever they want right now already, us being passive is not keeping anything at bay. If they aren't doing certain things like martial law is more because they are worried about global perception, not because we're being good lil niggers that don't fight back and just march peacefully.

    Not saying we need to stop doing that too, but when the chickens come home to roost, they just have to deal with it, they don't get to return the chickens. Thru the hardship, they just might learn some empathy.

    well you are a muslim too and you hate america :'(
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