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  • Re: The Official Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 thread - Coming Soon -"Thor RAGNAROK (Nov 3rd)"

    Everyone came out of The Dark World saying the best thing about it was the comedy. After the hype died down, we realized how much of a letdown it was.

    This is looking to be the same thing. I don't go into a Thor film to laugh. I go into a Thor film to see an epic cinematic representation of Norse mythology within the MCU.

    I'll judge it on it's own merits, but I'm not liking the sound of these reviews.
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  • Re: Kenyon Martin attacks Jeremy Lin over dreadlocks

    7figz wrote: »
    Shizlansky wrote: »
    American blacks get locks because it looks cool.

    90% of them dudes no nothing about locks. So miss me with the culture thing.

    The fuck you think culture is then ?

    And what exactly are they supposed to "do about locks" ?

    He said they know* nothing about locks.

    Just 10 years ago, locks were more so associated with Rasta culture and consciousness. Many of these guys now have it cause of Lil Wayne, Waka Flocka, and Chief Keef.
  • Re: Kenyon Martin attacks Jeremy Lin over dreadlocks

    7figz wrote: »
    Y'all could believe what y'all want - the shit ain't serious enough for me. They both affiliated with the same team and could be throwing shots at each other today and laughin with each other tomorrow. The MF KMar apologized for the shit and some people still goin in - makes me wonder. That right there and that cold comeback would be enough for me to just give him the L and call it a day but not assume there was some nefarious more sinister shit that he needed to be called out for unless I was some low-key fag troll racist like Max who seem to get extra-hyped whenever some negative shit goes on involving Black people.

    It's not even so much MFs laughin about the shit on the IC, but the side-eye for social media campaigns against KMar. They'll be the same ones to say Black people are overly-sensitive and Asians are just as oppressed or some other shit, or if KMar had endorsements - saying he's a racist and he should be boycotted or some bullshit.

    I'm good bruh. I'll laugh with my own people not at my own people, especially in the company of fuck-niggas and racists.

    It's not serious enough for Martin to be attacked the way he was, but I'm a firm believer that consequences you receive for your actions, you bring on yourself whether you deserve it or not.

    The racists attacking his family and calling him a nigger are pieces of shit. That being said, he came at Lin u provoked and made a bullshit apology. Meanwhile you got Lin using it as a teaching opportunity. I'd be remissed if I ignored the fact that he's had to battle anti-Asian sentiment his entire basketball career from black people and he has yet to show a drop of hatred towards our people despite the respect not being completely mutual.

    When people like Kenyon Martin, Cam Newton, and Ray Lewis say the dumb shit they say, I'm not going to keep rushing to their defense just be a use they're black. They need to think before they speak.
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  • Re: T.I. Helps Lead A Protest Against The Restaurant "Houston" For Racial Discrimination In Atlanta

    Oh right because black people are incapable of enforcing racist agendas.
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  • Re: Overrated or Underrated? Cardi B -GBMV2

    I don't care about her music but I'd rather her get shine than the pink chicken wearing, Malcolm X disrespecting, black man shaming, skin bleaching, culture misappropriating woman whose been dominating the industry for years now.

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