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  • Re: Rhymefest robbed in Chiraq, says he's is disppointed

    Alot of bitch made dumbass niggas in here

    The man, who could have left Chicago and never looked back, stayed in the city that he loves to change things for the better, gets robbed, and you fuck niggas point the finger at him.

    "Niggas get robbed everyday. What makes you so different?"

    If that's your response to a man who ain't been shit but positive, you a bitch. There is no honor among thieves. That goes without saying. But the moment we stop being outraged at the fucked up shit in the world is the moment change becomes impossible. So next time a nigga like backinwhite gets his head blown off by a lil nigga or a rogue police, just know the proper response isn't "Niggas get shot everyday. What makes him so different? He should've had kevlar".
  • Re: Colin Kaepernick refuses “to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people”...

    Why is it that everytime a biracial individual speaks on the plight of Blacks in America, people feel the need to point out their ancestry or skin complexion as if it's a competition between lighter and darker skinned people for the title of 'most conscious'?

    But let a racist or Republican point out skin complexion, then it's back to, "Black is Black/it doesn't matter!"
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  • Re: Since when does Eminem not jump into other people's rap beef?

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    Trying to hard to do what?

    All I'm doing is asking questions. Why do you think he moves the way he does?

    First of all you saying "50 wouldve called such actions disloyal" is gay as fuck cause that shit 50 pulled with Game was some straight crybaby kid shit. Cause 50 got beef with niggas, Game cant be cool with them? :joy: yea ok, we in the 5th grade?

    Why the fuck is Em gonna get involved in this dumb shit when this nigga is 43, 20 years ago on drugs, maybe but now? U serious or u trolling? Thats a simple question to answer.

    50 went at Jada and Fat Joe just for standing next to Ja Rule. Hell, he went at Ja for standing next to the guy who shot him. I can only imagine that if this were 2004, 50 would not approve of Eminem standing next to Drake right after Drake said fuck his artist a couple weeks prior.

    And yes, I am agree that 50 has behaved like a 5th grader for the past 13 years when it comes to rap beef.

    With all that said, I'm not trolling necessarily. I already said the Drake/Budden shit was dumb all around. But just answer the min question of the thread: since when does Eminem not jump head first into rap beef? What does being 43 have to do with being competitive lyrically via battle rap? When it's all over, they can say it was for the culture.

    Because its silly for a grown ass man to involve himself that has nothing to do with him? Is it really that hard to comprehend?

    Since when?

    Since humans grow up and realize the shit is dumb? Hence 50 and Game reconciling and not even knowing why they had beef in the 1st place. We can do this all day pleighboy

    Stop it. They were grown as hell when they were making diss records. Again, it was only a few years ago that Eminem made a fuckin Mariah Carey diss record.

    Then you bring up 50 and Game. EVERYONE knows why they fell out. 50 felt like he should be the most popular in G-Unit and kicked Game out the moment his buzz started to rival 50's. 50 has an uncontrollable ego and don't you sit up here and deny it.

  • Re: Young Joc's new hairstyle

    And it begins...
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  • Re: Young Joc's new hairstyle

    Joc got that "Let me speak to the manager " haircut
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