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  • Re: Lupe Fiasco "Chopper" question:

    My nigga my nigga my nigga.

    As a avid contender against these types of production questions. I can tell you that you will never find your answer. There's no hardware or vst out there that has the "Boi Wondal patch or the "intro from Chopper" patch on it. Not only is it nonsensical but it's plain lazy. Biting.

    The most someone can do is get you is the shape of the wave (maybe square), with a or a more than one of the oscillators detuned (to what extent we'll never know), obvious portamento, some HP/LP cut off or some decrease in resonance in one of that shapes used, maybe a chorus effect.

    My point is. Your question will never be answered nor should it.

    With all due respect.
  • Re: Pic thread for the peaceful and positive

    Cain wrote: »
    Noir wrote: »
    Cain wrote: »
    Noir wrote: »
    Lol the fuck is KFC??? I go to 5 star restaurants for my fried chicken.


    That's not fried chicken lol FOH

    Of're used to that 2 for 20 a KFC old man..

    You just displayed your taste level & tax bracket.

    @Cain fight back, this type of abuse isn't in your AARP coverage

    For what?

    Over chicken?

    Nah bruh she won

    yes nigga, over chicken. tell her about the honey packets and biscuits KFC got. then close your argument with whether or not her 5 star restaurant has a charitable org like KFC's REACH program.

    You can't lose. You didn't march in Selma for nothin.
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    Noir wrote: »
    @tha_bride22 wtf????
    Family beef. Don't wanna talk about it, just need to go chill.

    come thru
  • Re: AllHipHop Review Board | Wale - Album About Nothing | Kendrick & Lupe up for 1 more week


    Liked em. All were relevant. Creative and masterfully performed and written. The nigga had a gotdamn string section for Christ sake. The detail, etc. I can go on. Tens

    Mural- shit was crazy on the first listen. I was 8 songs in and was still shakin my head in disbelief at this song. Do we even have to question this? Tens.

    Blur my hands - the weakest point on the album. But I like the fact that it came as early as it did. A lot of simile/references lines. Lyrics-10, hook-9, beat-7.

    Dots and Lines- banjo threw me off at first. But I figured there was some significance. Never know with this nigga. Whoever it was played the shit out of it. As a lover of STEM and music I really liked the references on this one. The hook is catchy too and the beat is tight. A lot of textures that didn't collide, I can appreciate that (808s, violins and synths). The fact that he can package life lessons in the manner he did reaffirms his status amongst the great writers in hip hop. If not the greatest (yea nigga I said it). Tens.

    Prisoner 1&2- I thought it was an ode to Chilly. But I saw it was deeper than that. There's a nod tho which I can appreciate, beside the fact Chill's arrest affected me personally. His imagery and storytelling ability was vivid as shit. You'd think the nigga been to jail before. Or had written a treatment for OZ or some shit. Then the second part. Mad energy. Liked the hook. Shit is just clever and well put together as far what he wanted to convey. Tens.

    Body of work- this shit so dope. The hook. The beat. The lyrics and that GOTDAMN SAX SOLO. Y'all niggas already broke down the references and wordplay so I won't go into that. But shit is too cold. Tens nigga.

    Little death- aiight. So it took a while for me to like this. Because the three different subjects didn't coincide with the hook at first. And didn't understand what she was sayin when she said le petit mort until a friend a mine understood it. I likes the verses. Especially how he opened it. Shit was smooth. Plus i have debates like this at work all the time which summarizes in a couple bars. One thing that stood out was the use of sfx. I heard it more prominently as it faded out at the end. And it tied it all together for me. Idk if he did that or what but the shit is genius. It's a recurring thing throughout the album too. Tens.

    No scratches- I hate the beat the most. But what kept me listening were the bars. It was a personal record. I thought it was geared more towards his situation with the label. With the weekend at Bernie's lines and the walk thru echo park shit and the "I know you're in the seat but let's get outta that before injuries" line, amongst other shit but idk. The hook is tight too. And the sfx tie a lot of his metaphors and similes together. 9.5/10 tho.

    Chopper- I get it. I really do. Plus i thought it kinda alludes to subject matter behind "deliver". But fam-lay kinda fucked this up for me, badly. And I used to like that nigga too. But his verse sounded like what I'd imagine Steve Francis would look like if played in the nba right now. Beat knock tho. I think my favorite verses outside Lu's are Billy's and Trouble. But everybody else did they thing too. 9.9/10

    Deliver- dope concept/play on words and apparently homophone use with the piece of man/pizza man shit. But this nigga flow from beginning to end is flawless dog. And ever worse he double times it at the end with some dope cartoon references. Beat is tight, you know the hook. Tens my guy.

    Madonna- maybe my favorite on the album. Idk. Hard to choose. But this shit is just hard. Really like how he opened it. The hook is dope as hell and the beat is tight. I like the story of the song and how he coupled it with a paralleled scenario in the video. 10.

    Adoration of Magi- to me this one has the da Vinci level of sophistication that "Madonna's" coarse storyline didn't. It's like a timeline/synopsis of his childhood and coming of age story. Flow is tight. Imagery, duh. Hook is dope. Beat is dope. Tenzo.

    TRON- nigga. Blackout is an understatement. Word play for days. Flow is retarded. I used to skip this shit. But I listened closer. It's crazy. And ab solidified a new fan with this verse and few others I've heard from him. Beat is insane man. Ten/10.

    Like I said. The attention to detail on this album made me appreciate it a lot more as an artist and as one that covets gems. Finding meaning in things that aren't necessarily there or valued at a surface made me appreciate the depth of this album. Always been a fan of lupe. Granted I've never heard FL2 and Lasers. They don't exist to me. But this nigga is retarded good. Like heralded writing good. In most cases unparalleled.

    His presentation is cold and off putting on the outside. Because I think a lot of people think he's an asshole. But that's thought of most intellects. The fact that he can fit his level of intellect in a rap or album cover or then me is most impressive about dude. Fact is: You can't remember rap better than this nigga. He can actually get on a track with Jay and not look foolish. Not many can do that. And he could do it when his career was in it's infancy. So respect him.

    AOTY bruh.

    if not then it's tied with Kdot shit for it.

    Until Ye shit drop, hopefully it ain't wack but I got good hopes for it.

    8.9/10, with potential to grow.
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