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  • Re: Recording Studio Internships?

    That's part in how Library companies and record labels started poppin up way back in the day. Producers who were much more profound composers or engineers or sound designers wanted to get their joints off. Companies like de Wolfe and Chappell capitalized that. That's resourcefulness and hustle.
  • Re: Recording Studio Internships?

    Studio internships ain't really a thing anymore. If they do recruit it's either from a reputable school or from knowing people. Try radio first. Maybe even live audio. Large studios offering internships are slowly dying.
  • Re: The IC Beatmaking/Producing Thread

    @xxCivicxx your joints are just straight loud, the Youtube compression helps the ears, but its heard to fully enjoy. Compositions are good tho.
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  • Re: The IC Beatmaking/Producing Thread

    Fosheezy wrote: »
    Fosheezy wrote: »
    I never upload anything, but I did this last year and just kept it tucked along with a few others but i decided it's not going to make the EP (whenever i finally finish), I figured i'd upload....all synths, nothing major.

    this is really good. I think the more you learn about mixing, your joints will noticeably improve. Pay attention to the RMS for tracks like this, because spikes can trick you and make you think one thing when its really another. Also, buss compression or even master buss compression will fill your shits out too. But still, really dope shit.

    @Roster Player #99 Hey appreciate that brah. This is something i struggle with getting consistent results. I don't know if it's because my sound selection, if I need better tools for metering, if my monitoring need to be better calibrated or what. I just know I usually throw a limiter on my 2 bus with and I use compression on 2 bus also (but it's not hardware on this one). I use the stock metering plugins, but maybe there is one that's a bit more accurate that I need. You have any recommendation?

    I think whatever you have should be sufficient. Like you said, a lot of it boils down to your sound selection and what frequency space they're using. Honestly my feedback was based on looking at your wav with listening on monitors so of course take what I say with a huge grain of salt. Because what you have now might be perfect due to the fact there aren't any vocals on it. With vocals it might fill out just right.

    While I tend to stay away from putting anything on the 2 buss until my "mastering" stage, what you're doin with a limiter and compressor should be fine. So there's no real recommendation I can give you on metering plugs, stock joints should do the job. Really as long as you're averaging out around -6db to -3db headroom (pre-mastering) on on stock metering tools, you good for most engineers to get you a good mix.

    * oh one thing I can recommend is having at least two sources for monitoring. Sans all the the treated room bs you hear. Learn your monitors and get a good pair of cans. See how they translate and then learn how to make em talk.