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  • Re: Lil Boosie "Jay Z not going to stop our culture"

    biggest thing im seeing on social media after that shit too is niggas focusing on the messenger and not the message. Even on here, people lettin their disdain for a nigga they dont even know take away from what a wealthy black person is tryna tell other black people.
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  • Re: Lil Boosie "Jay Z not going to stop our culture"

    I get the whole money next to your ear thing, its a celebration. But what i find more common is how them same cats gotta have somebody sell spaghetti dinners and gotta have a fish fry to help for they funerals.

    Niggas took offense and now somebody gotta stand ground on doin fuck it, why no Boosie? Why not Louisiana. Can't win em all.
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  • Re: Flex & Wack have joined together in conspiracy to assassinate the character Of not only Mr. Shakur,

    i don't see a problem speaking on a dead y'all can't chill with the moral shit. These niggas didn't like each other before they died so why he gotta be cool about the shit after the fact?

    Especially when Pac got himself tf outta here acting tough. Like i said, Pac was a brilliant mind, prolly even had beautiful soul, but if you gon praise a man, make sure you praise for both his successes and shortcomings. Denying facts is stanism niggas....
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  • Re: Where do you be when you catch a sample

    one of my favorite groups...back when they use to be Charlie Everywhere.


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  • Re: Best Rapper Of The New Millennium Final 4....#1 Kendrick Lamar vs #3 Lupe Fiasco (Lupe in the Final)

    Sion wrote: »
    No it isn't. The entire basis of your argument is built on Lupe's lyricism and you're also downplaying Kendrick's impact on his relative peer group while at the same downplaying his lyricism as well.

    In one verse Kendrick reignited the competitive spirit of "beef" on wax on Control, GKMC is a classic album, there is no other album like TPAB you can name that has had the same theme or cultural impact it did articulated in the way it was. Lupe said on occasion that The Cool and FL were influenced by Illmatic and IWW to which he even said IWW was his favorite album ever.

    You also fail to address the other fallacy, if the best rapper entails all aspects of hip-hop then why is 50 Cent in the semi finals if this is entirely about lyricism ? Kendrick on deep water, song for me, Compton, control I can name a million records but your subjectivity will downplay and deflect by bringing up TDE members and making claims Q, Rock and Soul are "better" lyricists than him when they've even praises Kendrick as being the best out and view him as their standard to beat.

    What rappers has Lupe directly influenced ???? Cuz Logic, Vince Staples, Mac Miller and even Cole gave mad props to Kunta. Kendrick's TPAB also inspired these new rappers to take a jazzier approach to production (The Incredible Story, 4 Your Eyez Only, to name a few). While Cole's lyrical influence isn't Kendrick, you can't deny the similarities in music on his recent album to TPAB and you definitely can't deny Logic, Vince, Mac, Big Sean and others stylistically even (dare I say bite) mimic Kendrick's​ style.

    The contradiction and shying away is you trying to take away impact, albums and all other things to only single out lyricism which is all that Lupe has going for him. I'm not that case 50 Cent and T.I. have no business in the semis as there are far better lyricists than them.

    No one is looking at Kendrick to sell shoes or anything but to the new millennium Kendrick IS the better rapper and double lapped Lupe. And btw Lupe has duds - L@SERS, Drogas Lite are lukewarm, FL2 is lukewarm too. Kendrick even has the stronger discography in terms of acclaim.

    If this only has to boil down to lyricism then no one can be better because subjectivity will surely cloud judgement and there would be no end in sight. You can deflect but the truth can't be denied.

    idk if Im miscommunicating what I'm tryna say but you grossly misquoted me several times in your response man. I'll piece this together....

    Response to intro and paragraph 1:

    If my saying that Lupe is better than Dot bar for bar is downplaying Dot's lyricism then, idk what to tell you. I explicitly express my admiration for Dot and his skills. I simply state, that his rapping is not better than Lupe's. How do I make that assessment? By wagering anyone in the world put Dot's best rhymes against Lupe's. Quite simple I think. To your "control" verse...I only speak about it to certain individuals outside the net....but lemme tell you my friend....the ONLY thing Dot sparked in his verse was the hamster-esque attention of music listeners. If by him saying a list of names of folks he wants to be better than is "reigniting the spirit of beef" then you didn't listen close enough to other shit he's rapped, let alone other shit OTHER people have rapped. No rapper was in an uproar what Dot said, because he didn't say shit. GKMC, I'll give you that all day. As i said earlier, all his works range from solid to near perfect, GKMC is the latter. keep talking about some impact Im assuming black culture and black music that I have yet to see, hear or touch. The album was a really good album, dope concept, all that, but you speak of it as if it jettisoned anything regarding the topics he addressed on the album. You also interpreted what his intent was with the "message" of that album, but we won't get into that. And finally, I will VEHEMENTLY deny that those rappers tried biting his style or whatever you wanna call it. Especially Sean. And now you're saying Kendrick inspired 4 Your Eyez??? My nigga, you buggin. Just straight, plain buggin. Inspired new rappers to the take a jazzier approach to production? That doesn't even make sense, especially since more than half of these cats aint making their own beats....Dot included. But Cole's shit sounded like Cole shit, and has always. But, moving on.

    Response to para. 2:

    There's no fallacy, idc whats goin on the 50/TI thread because from jump, the brackets were fuckin retarded to me. And if anything, bringing up that round is a deflection if I've ever seen one. I still don't even see how you're tying it into this one. On top, I didn't mention TDE members to deflect, in fact, I wasn't even the first to bring them other niggas up, you were. I'll leave that there. You support your claims with statements like "rapper x says they want to better than rapper k, therefore, rapper x can never be better than rapper k if they're calling rapper k the bar." I don't know if you see how in so many ways that shits on your previous argument about Lupe saying he was inspired by another rappers music to make his.

    Response to para 3:

    See response number 1. I will VEHEMENTLY deny all of those claims. And prove it.

    Response to para 4:

    Again, the ONLY thing that should matter in a rapper vs rapper battle is.......drum roll......lyrics. Bars. Lines. Metaphors. Similies. Punchlines. Wordplay. Whatever you wanna call it. All that other shit is other shit. Bringing that up is the deflection my friend.

    Response to para 5 and 6:

    On the contrary, companies are indeed looking for Dot to sell shoes. There's a bunch of examples out there. Also, I notice how you just spoke for an entire millennia of folks.........yet, I'm not being objective, but you can objectively say what Kendrick is to the new millennium? Also, I will not debate albums in this thread. But I will even give you this and say, every one of Dot's albums > Lupe's albums overall. But like i said in a previous thread, albums don't solely represent the rapper. The sum of the parts is what make albums what they are. Don't give Kendrick all that credit because then we're getting back into fandom territory. And are completely wrong man. If it is all about lyricism, the battle can be sorted objectively. The same way they're done today, the same way it was done in the a bar for bar showdown. If these cats will never go directly at one another, then the best way to field those type of results is to do like I been saying this entire time......take your best Dot lines, verses, stanzas, etc. Do the same thing for Lupe, then grade. Word for word, or line for line, or bar for bar. This is an easy distinction to make. Not saying it'll be an easy match between these two. They're both giants in their own right. But Lupe is the superior rapper.

    All that, again, with no sidebar. Straight to the topic at hand...."Who is the better rapper"