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  • Re: The losses keep piling up for 50 Cent.. "Power" series lose 500,000 viewers..

    illedout wrote: »
    loch121 wrote: »
    I love comcast.You uust gotta watch them and switch plans every few months or take any specials.They got the best on demand and more channels.

    Anyway,this is some BS.Why would they start w/ the "urban" shows

    "Power" was the highest rated show on the network,
    so they tried to play hardball by cancelling the urban channels..

    At&t isn't targeting Power, At&t is talking about cancelling the Starz channel package in general, and Starz is not an urban channel package. Starz mainly shows movies and shows starring mainly white people. Power itself only had 8 episodes for it's first season, and the second one has ten.

    Starz has one channel that's supposed to be dedicated to black people called "Starz in Black" and this channel mainly shows old black movies, with repeated airings of Power for a week after each episode comes out.

    By the way, Power is the highest rated original show on the Starz network, but most Starz subscribers don't watch it. The first episode of the second season recently premiered with 1.43 million viewers, and went up to 3.62 million views over the weekend from repeat episodes. But Starz has just over 23 million subscribers, and most of them tune in for the movies on the channel, which happens to be Starz's main business. Power is a small drop in the bucket for the overall programming of Starz.
  • Re: Ghostface just WENT IN on Action Bronson

    Never hearda action Bronson song

    Neither have most of the people on this board talking bad about him. If they did they would know that there are no real similarities between Action and Ghostface lyrically or production wise, and Action's voice actually has a little more base in it than Ghostface's does, and he enunciates better, so his voice never gets drowned out by a beat like Ghostface's often times does. Also, it's ridiculous to accuse someone of biting just because they were born with the same physical characteristic as another person.

    Here's some Action Bronson for you:

    Here's one of my favorite Ghostface songs as a bonus.

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  • Re: The Truth Behind The Jay-Z & Jadakiss Beef

    antoseeg wrote: »
    I don't know what to think about this. This guy said that Jadakiss got offered the biggest budget out of all the rappers. But this was during Prime DMX, Ja Rule, and Jay-Z days at Def Jam. Also, Eve and LL Cool J where going platinum during this time. When Jadakiss worked on something, it was never the biggest project where he was at. The LOX weren't huge on Bad Boy, or on the Ruff Ryders label. It's crazy to think that any label would think that Jadakiss could be the next big solo rapper compared to everybody else.

    Just think about this. In most people's eyes, the highlight of perhaps the biggest song he has ever been on, "Money Power Respect" is the DMX feature at the end. And during this time when this guy on Youtube is saying that Jadakiss was primed to be a bigger star than everybody else, DMX had just dropped ...And Then There Was X.

    As far as buzzes go for a debut album Jada's might of been top 3 all time, I remember those songs that leaked which also helped his buzz because those songs were Classic material, Jada was everywhere killin shit at the time its not far fetched

    Come on now... Jadakiss had buzz, but it wasn't DMX "Ruff Ryders Anthem" type buzz. Hell, the two LOX albums together have only sold 2 million copies. During the time period of the LOX's debut, till the time Jadakiss got to work on his solo project, DMX dropped three albums that each outsold the LOX's career numbers; Jay-Z dropped two that did it; and Ja Rule dropped one that did it.

    This guy's statement is crazy. It would be illogical to give Jadakiss a bigger budget than Jay-Z during any stage of Jay-Z's career after Vol. 1.
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  • Re: Mother Holding A Shotgun Forced Her Son To Jump Out Of Building


    suicide from that window? Smh everybody in this story need they ass beat. Including the police.

    The only people saying it was a suicide attempt are the police. The woman said that her ex-boyfriend was outside threatening to break in and murder somebody. When the police got to her place, they tried to break in the way her ex-boyfriend said he would, so the woman thought that it was her ex-boyfriend trying to trick her into opening the door by saying he was a cop. According to the kid, the mom told him that a killer was after them and that they needed to jump out the window in order to escape.

    What we have here is a case of lazy police work. The police didn't even see the woman jump from the window. For all we know, the woman was scared to death, grabbed her son, and jumped with him in her arms, and took the brunt of the landing herself. According to other news outlets, the kid only had superficial injuries. He's only being kept in the hospital as a precaution, and because the police won't let the mom have him.

    According to the report, when the police arrived and didn't see anybody, they immediately went to door. They didn't check out the neighborhood to see if the ex-boyfriend was in the area, or check DMV records to find out what kind of car the ex-boyfriend was driving and then put out alerts to see if his vehicle was in the area. If everything that the police have done is in this report, then the police haven't even talked to the ex-boyfriend yet.

    The doctor who checked the mom out at the hospital didn't declare her mentally unstable after checking her out. But the police spokeswoman is putting out reports saying that the woman is mentally unstable. The police are speculating about the mom's mental state.

    The fact of the matter is, statistics show that police rarely offer any real help when it comes to domestic violence situations. Every year there are multiple women that get killed by men that they have been calling the police on for months, sometimes years. And most police also don't know how to deal with panicked people; this is why people can call the cops for help, run out to them when they arrive, and get shot without the police ever realizing that their not being attacked till the person that called for help is dead and in handcuffs.
  • Re: J. Prince & The Return Of Steve Francis’ Stolen Chain “The Chain Must Be Returned"

    So we never. Going. To kno why steve francis looks 60 like there niggas his age still playing. In the league that looks like his son

    It could just be lack of sleep and a bad diet mixed with a little drugs and liquor, because he doesn't always look this way. He started looking like this as soon as he got out the league, but when he decided he wanted to be a rapper for a little while four years later, his looks went back to normal. Check out his video. His song is actually alright.

    Young Stefaladdin1978dwade206sobek