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  • Re: Mother Holding A Shotgun Forced Her Son To Jump Out Of Building


    suicide from that window? Smh everybody in this story need they ass beat. Including the police.

    The only people saying it was a suicide attempt are the police. The woman said that her ex-boyfriend was outside threatening to break in and murder somebody. When the police got to her place, they tried to break in the way her ex-boyfriend said he would, so the woman thought that it was her ex-boyfriend trying to trick her into opening the door by saying he was a cop. According to the kid, the mom told him that a killer was after them and that they needed to jump out the window in order to escape.

    What we have here is a case of lazy police work. The police didn't even see the woman jump from the window. For all we know, the woman was scared to death, grabbed her son, and jumped with him in her arms, and took the brunt of the landing herself. According to other news outlets, the kid only had superficial injuries. He's only being kept in the hospital as a precaution, and because the police won't let the mom have him.

    According to the report, when the police arrived and didn't see anybody, they immediately went to door. They didn't check out the neighborhood to see if the ex-boyfriend was in the area, or check DMV records to find out what kind of car the ex-boyfriend was driving and then put out alerts to see if his vehicle was in the area. If everything that the police have done is in this report, then the police haven't even talked to the ex-boyfriend yet.

    The doctor who checked the mom out at the hospital didn't declare her mentally unstable after checking her out. But the police spokeswoman is putting out reports saying that the woman is mentally unstable. The police are speculating about the mom's mental state.

    The fact of the matter is, statistics show that police rarely offer any real help when it comes to domestic violence situations. Every year there are multiple women that get killed by men that they have been calling the police on for months, sometimes years. And most police also don't know how to deal with panicked people; this is why people can call the cops for help, run out to them when they arrive, and get shot without the police ever realizing that their not being attacked till the person that called for help is dead and in handcuffs.
  • Re: J. Prince & The Return Of Steve Francis’ Stolen Chain “The Chain Must Be Returned"

    So we never. Going. To kno why steve francis looks 60 like there niggas his age still playing. In the league that looks like his son

    It could just be lack of sleep and a bad diet mixed with a little drugs and liquor, because he doesn't always look this way. He started looking like this as soon as he got out the league, but when he decided he wanted to be a rapper for a little while four years later, his looks went back to normal. Check out his video. His song is actually alright.

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  • Re: Song of the Day "Juggalo Homies" Insane Clown Posse ft. Twiztid

    "Have you ever had a job that you truly despise?
    Like I don't know maybe dish washin', or fuckin' flippin' fries
    And you got this boss who thinks he's the Don Mega
    Because he the head manager (Chief Chili Fry Maker)
    All you can vision is ya'll beating him down
    Your homies standing on his back while you kicking his head around
    But responsibility is there, I can't lie tho
    I'd of been plucked his fucking eye ball out with a chicken bone
    I'm crazy as fuck, i'll rip your peircings off
    And now my homies are holding me back so I don't look soft"

    Top 10 verse in hip-hop

    I know you trolling because of the ICP song you picked to post on here, but ICP actually does have some good songs.

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  • Re: Jay-Z Criminal Informant History - Myth Or Truth?

    JokerKing wrote: »
    So...that's ugly old woman supposed to be Frank Lucas boriqua wife? The bad one from the movie?

    Yep. That's her. Hollywood always exchanges normal looking women for supermodel looking women in movies. His wife wasn't that bad looking when she was younger though.


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  • Re: Janet Jackson Won’t Clear Sample On Wale’s ‘Girls On Drugs’

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    lol...niggaz really hate Wale like that?!

    Wale ain't talking about shit but it's a creative beat concept.... That should stay a concept.

    Janet's music is not meant to promote girls doing drugs. She has the right to decide that as an artist. You wouldn't take 'I'll always love you " by Whitney Houston and make it a song about da coco, would you?

    At least poetic justice stayed in context...

    Only problem is that's not a Whitney Houston song. It's a Dolly Parton song, Whitney just covered it for The Bodyguard soundtrack.

    It seems people forget that main fact whenever that song is brought up lol. Alot of people in the past generation have never no idea the Dolly Parton version even exists....but clearly you can see in this thread Wale hate makes people distort history or completely miss what his song was actually about as you can see by her also saying it's about promoting drug use when it's the exact opposite lol

    Even though it's a Dolly Parton song & she would ultimately have a say in whether or not someone samples the song, Whitney Houston's version is technically a different version of the song. On a publishing level, Whitneys estate (or whoever owns the publishing of her music) would have to clear
    her vocals for the sample, if that's what was to be used.

    That's the diff between mechanical royalties (what Dolly Parton would receive) and performance royalties (which whitney's estate would get) for sampling Whitneys version.

    @tha_bride22's original point is still legit.

    This is false. Whitney Houston signed over all royalties to that song so that she could use it. Dolly Parton gets paid for every part of it, including Whitney's vocals. This is actually a standard arrangement for Whitney. In exchange for her 100 million advance from Arista, she gave up all rights to her music. Sony Music, the owner of Arista, owns her entire catalog, including her song royalties, which only consisted of her vocals since she didn't write or produce her hits. Sony signed a side contract with Whitney, where they give her a little piece of the music she sells, but she doesn't get traditional royalties like other artist. She has a paid contractor deal like the old artist that got robbed at Motown used to have.

    Whitney made this same kind of arrangement with Warner when she starred in the Bodyguard, so she doesn't make any money from the movie when somebody buys it. Throughout her career, Whitney chose to take the money upfront instead of waiting for the big rewards that come from ownership, so she gets almost nothing from her music and doesn't own it.