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  • Does authenticity in lyrics matter?

    If authenticity mattered, most of the current music in all genres wouldn't be on the radio. Most artist don't live what they write, and others have people writing for them.
  • 50 Cent: "Eminem Is More Important To Hip Hop Than People Actually Credit Him For"

    The "open the door" theory is pure crab in a bucket nonsense, because it automatically implies that people wouldn't do the necessary work to achieve what they want.
  • You dont have a soul if you can watch this entire video without shedding a tear..

    Do Not CRY!

  • The Code of THUG LIFE Discussion.

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    realest shit ever wroten

    Really? When's the last time you seen Tupac?

    what does your comment have to do with his?

    Tupac came up with those laws. Tupac tried to follow those laws. And now he is no longer with us. Thuggery is not good in any way shape or form. The thug persona that Tupac had in him put him on the path for a guaranteed early death.

    Tupac is the perfect example of a black crime statistic. He consorted with gangs. He spend time in jail. And he got shot and killed before reaching the age of 30.

    On top of all this, Tupac glamorized a lifestyle that he didn't even have. After Tupac died, his momma came out and proved that he was broke. She had records showing that Suge Knight owned his house and cars. She also had records showing that Tupac's jewelry was borrowed, and that Tupac was behind on some of the payments.

    Tupac is a horrible role model. Nobody should be looking to him for leadership.
  • Dumbass Pretty women, Thank Gawd for that White....

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    Is general knowledge important?
    Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich shares a story about Henry Ford. While Hill was gathering material for a book about how to become wealthy, he took an opportunity to analyze the famous automaker.

    Henry Ford was in court suing a Chicago newspaper for libel. The newspaper called him "an ignorant pacifist" because he had very little education. Ford defended himself by asking why it was necessary to clutter his mind with general knowledge for the purpose of answering questions that did not concern his objectives. All he had to do, he explained, was push a button on his desk and he could summon to his aid men who could answer any question he posed.

    Well of course that may make sense when you're already rich and at the top of your field, but you have to get to that position first. The more general knowledge you have the more options you have. Plus there are other considerations. If you're having children, having a good knowledge base will better allow you to educate them. At the end of the day, you'll never know when knowing more than the next person will separate you and put you in a good position to succeed. There is no such thing as having too much knowledge.

    On the topic of that video. I think that shit is a little fake. It seems like the chick in the middle was just giving nonsensical answers to play into the theme. She would basically botch an easy question horribly and then nail one that was much harder. It just came off as rehearsed.

    Henry Ford was on the bottom of society when he decided to ignore everything that did not have to do with mechanical engineering. His focus on only one thing is what allowed him to master it and become one of the richest men in history. In short, his singular focus is what made him rich and powerful.

    Young Michael Jordan used all of his free time practicing basketball. Now imagine if young Michael Jordan would of used his basketball practice time to practice basketball, golf, and baseball at the same time. Singular focus is the reason why Michael Jordan is Michael Jordan. He played other sports sometimes, but his main focus was basketball.

    A person who only masters one thing can use their mastery of that one thing to acquire resources that allow them to get any other knowledge and resources they need from other fields.

    In the grand scheme of things, the people you just named are nothing. Henry Ford didn't invent shit. All he did was revolutionize the production of an up and coming product. MJ was really really good at what amounts to playing a game.

    People like Leonardo Di Vinci and Benjamin Franklin have been praised for centuries, and these dudes didn't just get good at one thing. They had huge bodies of general knowledge and strove to master several subjects. In fact, from the Renaissance on, that's pretty much what separated people considered "Great" from everyone else. That's what the term "Renaissance Man" means. It's someone who has a variety of skills and strives to be competent in many areas. This idea that you have to dedicate yourself singlemindedly to something to be successful is a relatively new notion and has more to do with the desire to make money than it does with attaining success in a particular area.

    I'm not saying applying yourself whole-heartedly to a particular endeavor is bad, but it's a bad argument to point out a couple guys that took that approach and made a lot of money as some kinda proof that that model is the best for everyone or just in general.

    Henry Ford invented an affordable car for the common man. He also invented the assembly line that is used by almost every major factory in the world today. And Michael Jordan leveraged his specialized knowledge about basketball into a passive income stream that pays him tens of millions of dollars a year. What they were able to gain from their specialized knowledge far exceeds what people who focus on broad knowledge accomplish.

    Leonardo Di Vinci's claim to fame is painting, even though he sometimes dabbled in other fields. The reason for this is simple. Leonardo worked as a painter as a young teen, so painting was the main focus of his life. He devoted much more time to painting than he did to anything else. Leonardo would sometimes paint all day, skipping meals and ignoring everything else. During Leonardo's time, the only thing that everybody agreed on was that he was a great painter. That was the only thing people called him a master of. And the only reason he got the title of master was because of the time he devoted to it. Leonardo filled his journals with a bunch of ideas for inventions, but the scientist and inventors of his day did not use his material because they did not consider him to be a master of science and invention.

    Benjamin Franklin's jack of all trades mentality resulted in most of his accomplishments being forgotten by history while other people created names for themselves as masters in their fields by building upon work that Franklin started, but did not improve upon and perfect because he diverted his attention to too many places at once. Benjamin Franklin missed out on hundreds of millions of dollars because he couldn't stay focused. There have been whole industries built around some of the work that Franklin started doing, and he didn't receive a penny from some of them. If Benjamin Franklin would of focused on perfecting bifocals, and marketing them, he would of had enough money to fix all of the social problems he wanted to fix.

    The richest, and most progressive people in history, had a lot of specialized knowledge, and a limited amount of general knowledge. As a result, they were able to do much more for society than people with huge quantities of broad knowledge. Take John D Rockefeller Sr for example. He had no knowledge about science, but he used his specialized business knowledge to make a lot of money. He then used that money to fund scientific endeavors that have accomplished much more for society than Benjaman Franklin's and Leonardo Da Vinci's accomplishments combined.

    The only knowledge a person needs is the knowledge they need to get everything they want without harming somebody else.