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  • Re: Ghostface just WENT IN on Action Bronson

    Never hearda action Bronson song

    Neither have most of the people on this board talking bad about him. If they did they would know that there are no real similarities between Action and Ghostface lyrically or production wise, and Action's voice actually has a little more base in it than Ghostface's does, and he enunciates better, so his voice never gets drowned out by a beat like Ghostface's often times does. Also, it's ridiculous to accuse someone of biting just because they were born with the same physical characteristic as another person.

    Here's some Action Bronson for you:

    Here's one of my favorite Ghostface songs as a bonus.

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  • Re: "African"-American female “flagger” says Confederate flag isn’t about race:“Slavery was a choice”

    slavery was a choice. alot of people was wilfully slaves ( jusr like today) then u had the rebels who fought against.

    not only black people was slaves, but the black race are the ones who cooperate with slavery more than other races so we stayed in physical slavery the longest.. & r willfully in modern day slavery today..

    slavery was.actually started by blacks.. it was black slavery and white on white.. then that started racial slavery.

    you should not present this misinformation and nonsense as fact. You are being disrespectful to your ancestors and emboldening other uneducated ppl. you should be ashamed of yourself.

    no this is the truth. i researched properly. blacks were not the only slaves.. & slavery was the law so alot of slaves was by free will but some rebelled and change the law.

    i dont have that low self esteem in being black because i dont believe lies. i know the truth. every race was a part of slavery...

    My last post was as respectful as I will be. This is what happens when ppl discount the value of formal education. Its disgusting.

    Formal education says that during the time periods when blacks were prominent tribal leaders, they enslaved other black people centuries before a white man was ever in their site. This is a fact that has even been stated by black historians like Ibn Battuta, the Moroccan explorer, and it is easily verified if you read a book about ancient tribal customs in Africa. In sub-Saharan Africa, Africans even did things with slaves that were not common when whites started enslaving blacks; some African tribes regularly enslaved other black people so that they could use them in human sacrifice rituals. Blacks still owned slaves on a major level in Africa decades after the last slave was freed in America, and right now groups like Boko Haram are still enslaving people in Africa.

    Also, blacks used to enslave white people. Look up the Barbary slave trade, and you'll see that blacks used to enslave Europeans and make Europeans pay tribute to them in North Africa. Blacks used to have slave markets for whites, like whites had for blacks in America.

  • Culture Vulture? Or Respect the Talent?

    I like this.

  • Re: Jay-Z Criminal Informant History - Myth Or Truth?

    AggyAF wrote: »
    90% of this list is Jayz knows someone who knows someone went went to jail for drugs/etc

    foh b. then half this websites is snitches lol

    I would bet money that most, if not all, of the people on this website don't have any associations with 6 major drug dealers that got sentenced to major jail time in a 6 year period. I don't believe that Jay-Z is a snitch, but it is an incredible coincidence. These people were dealing drugs successfully for decades. The police always had to lock them up on other charges when they went after them before. It wasn't till they interacted with Jay-Z, or somebody who knows Jay-Z, that the FBI was able to get them on drugs. Just saying...
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  • Re: Sony Execs Warned Not To Cast Denzel Washington In Big Flicks Because Black Leads ‘Don’t Play Well’

    BEAM wrote: »
    To me, this just seems like an acknowledgment of racism, not racism itself.

    I don't get this train of thought. How is not hiring someone because of race, not racism?

    Do they need to hang a 'whites only' sign on the casting call building for it to be racist? When does it start being racist?

    Your argument would be good if everything were equal, and if movie investors had an infinite amount of money to invest, but this is not the case.

    The amount of funds movie investors have to invest are limited, and all movies don't make the same profits. The kind of movie a person chooses to invest in determines their return on investment, and it makes perfect sense for an investor not to want to tie their money up in a project that is not going to give them the highest return on investment.

    Even though it may be morally satisfying to some people to hire Denzel Washington without taken into account his economic potential in comparison to everybody else, it doesn't change the fact that there are other movies to invest in that make way more money than his movies do.
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