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  • Re: IC Fuckery 101

    Purr wrote: »
    Lou_Cypher wrote: »
    What happened between that event through now that made this get brought up? I thought everyone had a really nice time?!

    Dude your guess is as good as mine. I've never even thought of these chicks after that night. Were they acting shady; yes, but I figured it was because Yunn and Texas was talking to my friend and Chuck didn't like that. Regardless, my friend and I had a great time. Niggas certainly don't think my girl was fat and homely. That's actually really hilarious coming from them two.

    Question: Has anyone seen Chuck and Pico in person??



    Same cancer dick that you were tryin to suck after movinonup.

    No one was acting shady towards you. You cried to mark for two weeks because pico didnt say hi to you in the club. I was extremely nice to you. No one cared about you oooor your friend.

    Plus, we were barely in the vip section and when i came back... i had a fiiiine lightskin taaall nigga with me and i had dismissed him... soooooo?

    What are you saying ma'am?

    Sweety, I catch a flight a week. If I was remotely interested in sucking Mark dick, it would have happened. Anyway, its been fun but this is old and tired. I don't catch feelings, I catch flights so I wish you and your BFF nothing but the best.

    Side note: I don't ever have to sneak into anyone's VIP. My crew and I are very capable of buying our own bottles, boo. ;)


    Thats cute.
    But, you didnt pop bottles. :(
    You cried when @texas409 didnt buy you a drink. :(
    Sounds quite rich.

    Lmao. Im kept. I can catch flights too, keep a man, and have a side nigga that my man knows about. :)

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  • Re: IC Fuckery 101

    texas409 wrote: »
    yes you showed love nigga gahdamn

    Then DONT LIE to save face, my nigga.
    The fuck is your problem?
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  • Re: IC Fuckery 101

    texas409 wrote: »
    me and my nigga Yams got the section in the club. So I was walking to the front of the club and I seen Scorpio and I knew her and Yams already had some kinda situation so I was damned if I do damned if I dont but me and Scorpio hd no beef so I spoke and invited her to my section......things got awkward from there imma just end it at that. I had a good time though =)

    Why you lie???????????????

    You was MAD AS FUCK.
    You was like " why you guys invite her to my bday shit?" I told you that it was all pico, not me.
    Yams left early because he didnt like that shit.
    Annnnnd dont lie. Cause it was yo bday i gave you 125 (i have paypal to prove it) for you and Pico to put in on a bottle. Yunn gave you 230. Dont play.

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  • Re: IC Fuckery 101

    BoyPussy wrote: »
    Breh remember when @scorpio4lfe an snuck into vip with her fat homely friend and got mad cause I wasn't fuckin with her?
    I prayed on it.

    Yea, i remember that. You shouldve never invited her, if you werent gonna be nice and at least say hi. :(

    That was rude. You were raised better than that.
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  • Re: The Playas Lounge 2.0

    Trillfate wrote: »
    @texas409 nah u ain't getting away with clicking feelings when it's not... let me break it down for you...

    you're a fat mixed nigga (?) famous for sayin "at least i got the trannys number" meaning You still saw getting Aaany kinda number as a Win cuz dont have Quality options.. fast forward to u posting Monique looking bitches talmbout "thickness" "smash or pass" or "she swiped me".

    Hellooo. U Don't attract bad ones because you're Fat.

    Fat/ugly bitches feel comfortable swiping you cuz they look at it like 'who are YOU to turn me down?'

    Even Chuck and Pico roast when you Act playa. They undermine you cuz they know you in Real life. Even though chuck was trolling, she said that alright looking chick was your cousin for a Reason.. she doesn't see you as capable of pulling anything decent, because she MET YOU.

    Bruh your entire presence in this thread is transparent af. U see cinco and s2j and wanna be Mr Me Too except your bitches are subpar and undesirable

    Face it. You're a fat dude who attracts the like.

    Stop polluting this thread with bitches most of us wouldn't be seen in public with

    @trillfate this is rude.

    I like @texas409 he's my boo. We JOKE a lot.
    I've seen what he has pulled in person. Them fat ugly hoes, i dunno about that. Ive seen him do better...