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700 · Praying 5 times a day to catch a plug · ✭✭✭✭✭


Plap City, FLA
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  • Re: Man, I went to jail again....

    ineedpussy wrote: »
    700 wrote: »
    ineedpussy wrote: »
    yeah @700 you to old for this. why dont you move your family here to the ville and ill help you find work bruh. your son NEEDS you. you aint no good to him or your girl if youre locked up or in jail.

    I been thinking about it

    I left Louisville cause it wasn't for me

    but all I did was work and go home, I didn't have a family then

    I might move back or somewhere before the end of 2018

    bro if you do i will help you find a good job. i already try to help blacks here and knowing that you already came down here for a while i got you. but question though @700 why wasnt it for you? cause i know this is wrong with what im about to say but hell we got a lot of murders and drugs going on if you just want action. i need to slap the shit outta myself for even saying that.

    trust me I know

    my Lil bro sell boy and ice...he lit right now
  • Re: Man, I went to jail again....

    You saying this cause the ic as we know is dying or you really went to jail?

    You ain't posted in so long it's hard to tell if you trying to whore yourself out one last time or a legit real nigga.

    I went to jail man

    yall my second family, I give yall my life
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  • Re: Man, I went to jail again....

    Lefty_ wrote: »
    @700 you took em on a chase because you had weed? Fuck you out here doin Bruh?

    I had two zips of cocaine

    one hard, one soft

    when I jumped out I grabbed that but left a half a gram in the car

    it was so irrelevant I forgot about it

    when I was in the back of the police car while they was search in I seen him hold up that Lil piece of weed

    he came to car and said "Gotcha"

    I bust out laughing lol

    like cracka if you only knew
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  • Re: Man, I went to jail again....

    Plap got that Bobby Brown shit going on. Why your eye lazy?

    the police beat me up when they came in the house and got me

    I got scars all over me
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  • Man, I went to jail again....

    just got out two days ago

    got arrested on the 18th of July

    that was a long 23 days

    I only got out cause they lowered my bond at my arraignment



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