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  • Re: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Release Date Delayed Again, This Time By 3 Months

    The Recipe wrote: »
    I seen about 1 hour of lets plays and its so many dialogue cut scenes ive barely seen any gameplay ima sit this one out.

    The Recipe
  • Re: How would anyone on the IC... feed yourself for the work week on $10 or less?

    I work too damn hard to put myself through that shit, not happening.
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  • Re: Do you Feel Like an American?

    Rasta. wrote: »
    Exactly what or who is an American?

    American is defined just like any other nationality. Only a racist white man would tell you otherwise.

    Look at the constitution today and it's clear who's betraying American ideals. Black people have been fighting for justice and liberty for all since we got here. We're almost to the point of having to put in the same kind of work they did against the British.

    We've proved we're more American than America far as I'm concerned.
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  • Re: The Official Post Your Music Thread *****New Rules Inside****

    Me and the homies been working in the studio. Dedicated to Freddie Gray and those in the struggle...ya boy on the hook and outro.

    AE - Lifeline (prod. Zon Dean)

    Your composer needs to give his instruments and sounds more punch. More presence. The melody and harmony to it are cool, but I ain't feeling it like I'm suppose to.Tinkering with frequencies, reverb, compression, and the usual mixing stuff has helped me a lot. Maybe change the lead synth to a lower note or less whiny instrument. I was bad with them things and just left it alone to tell the truth. They can be complex as fuck with how you can tweak them. Once you learn them though they're badass as the pro's have shown us for years.

    Turn the snare up, way up. Your listener needs to hear it enough to catch the rhythm of the song as you intend it. It's like a tool for hypnosis and needs to be heard at all times as needed. Hi hats sound bottomish, like they're below everything and on their own... if that makes sense. I like to have them fuller, more surround like, but in the middle of everything. Not panning wise necessarily, just not too low and not too high in the mix of the song.

    Y'alls raps were straight. I think I heard a difference in the second guys verse with the sound, maybe he was further away from the mic than the first guy. Rapped too low, on different mics, I don't know... but they don't sound consistent sonically for some reason. That autotune at the end wasn't mixed in right while you talking with it. At one part I can hear you, but not the autotune. Then I hear the autotune and not you. My preference would of been to have the autotune take the back seat.

    I'm just saying what I would of done. I'm sure somebody more competent will correct me where I'm wrong. Sidenote, didn't know soundcloud songs could be posted in here like that.
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  • Re: Grown A$$ N!gga Sh!t

    Everybody forgets that being a grown man is about character.

    Any lame can buy nice things, have money, and do what women like. It's the character of a man that determines the dynamic of any relationship he has. How the world interacts with him. How he handles adversity. How he garners respect. Where he goes in life.

    A nigga that doesn't have the right foundation to build from, he'll be a male, but as a man he'll be superficial at best. He'll have the age, but the fool will be forever reliving his childhood. And in some cases regressing. And everybody will see it and treat him accordingly while his ignorance is bliss.