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  • Re: "He Knew What He Signed Up For"

    AZTG wrote: »
    I wanna hear about military people before I make up my mind on this.

    People that was in the military, or had family in the military, how would yall feel if someone says this if you or a member of your fam died in service?

    I wouldnt even talk to trump in the first place. Him calling my family is an insult, his word aint shit to us. Aint nothing worth a damn a stranger can tell me about death anyway. Let us morn, cut the check, and stay away.
  • Re: August FBI Memo Called ‘Black Identity Extremists’(BIEs) New Terror Threat…

    7figz wrote: »

    If the bitch called Black people (or just Black criminals) super predators in '96, where the fuck are people getting the idea that the Clintons hid their racism or are somehow any less deceptive about it than Trump ?

    Trump just happens to have a higher occurrence of obvious racism than Hillary apparently. How the fuck is that "good thing" ? And to say that it somehow united Black people against a common enemy. How exactly are we so united right now against Trump ? A lot of people hate him but there's still Black people who say they voted for him and would vote for him again. There's still Black people saying they're not going to vote anymore. What's this big unified cause and movement that all Black people supposedly have right now ?

    Shit, Kaepernick did more to unify Black people than Trump. I'm not seeing it.

    As far Tareeq, that shit is far from "common sense" or even decent logic. Somebody probably needs to transcribe that video to see how far from logical it is, especially in contrast to what he says now. I tried to allow people to make the case before the election (in a thread) about the not voting strategy and that shit ain't seem like common sense at all.

    What exactly is the proof that Trump's election has united Black people ?

    The idea of clintons, and the like, hiding their racism comes from their being two kinds of racism black people deal with. Neely Fuller explains it as democrats are about the subtleties of white supremacy. The difference being that trump is about blatant white extremism. Trumps form of racism doesn't want to do the dougie and play the saxophone, it's wants whites with torches walking down our neighborhoods.

    The movement, or cause, is about staying on code. To shorten this up, it's about staying woke. Being aware of when injustice happens and defending ourselves against it. Without a savior and after one is gone, as other groups have done. Such thinking was limited to the conscious community, but now is branching out. The proof is in tweets, tv, your community, every where. I sure didn't see it on front street like this the 8 years before.

    Now if you can't see the logic in not giving something for nothing, we won't be able to have that conversation on not voting. Plus, that would also require me having 100% faith in this voting system yall believe in so much, which I don't. But what I've already stated, and what Tariq has pointed out, is straight forward. I don't know how else to explain it to you.
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  • Re: Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeros/The Phantom Pain

    Left side of touch pad on ps4. Dont know what it is on xb1.
  • Re: August FBI Memo Called ‘Black Identity Extremists’(BIEs) New Terror Threat…

    7figz wrote: »
    kzzl wrote: »
    Its foolish to believe this wouldnt have happened even if hilary did win, you wishful thinking niggas. The attacks on blacks ramped up during a democrats run in the white house, a black president specifically. Stop ignoring that when the lesser evil has shown it simply prefers to stab you in the back. Looks to fall in line with "super predators" even, some sneaky, open ended shit that bitch could of easily done as well. Thats how white supremacist have always operated.

    Lets be honest, when was the last time a party had the white house more than 8 years, anyway? Theres no reason to think that pattern would of changed now. A republican was gonna get in there regardless most likely.

    The last election was horrible. I didnt vote cause thats what i do when i dont like my poll options. Id do it again, so blame all you want.

    Nobody can say what would've happened if Hillary won, but the fact is some of the shit people said would happen if Trump won is happening. And some of the shit, like war-mongering, that people said would happen if Hillary won - is actually happening with Trump winning. Trump is fuckin terrible, and MFs need to stop comparing it to how bad they imagine Hillary or another democrat would've been and deal with what is.

    My posts about not-voting isn't to individuals who chose not to vote for their own reasons, it's to MFs who encouraged and promoted it to other people as if it was some type of power-move and now talkin shit like they were some kind of oracle.

    MF you can't have it both ways - saying Trump was worse, now saying "Look at how bad Trump is".

    Speaking of both ways, since we can't say what would've happened under Hillary, all the sarcasm bout her emails and such should stop as well. Folks should stop imagining how bad it wouldn't be. That goes both ways.

    Nasheeds opinion on not voting is common sense. A simple matter of what are you (the politician) going to do for me. If the answer is nothing, then give them nothing. Stop whoring out votes and get something out of it. And that video Amann posted recites a memo for Hillary's camp, telling instructions on bullshitting black folks issues, btw.

    But as I told a buddy of mine that's the "black friend", blatant racism is easier to deal with than deceptive racism. Which is what the last 8 years gave us, while other groups got real policies passed for them. Shit, I didn't even know about obama doing dafca for immigrants till the uproar started.

    Now we got a common enemy, it wants to throw down, and that can make us fight harder out of survival. That would be much harder if Trump wasn't such an extremist and the common white racist was still doing the dougie for niggas. We'd still be the only group going through some shit and blacks would still be too comfortable.

    So the next time someone quips bout "they said trump is good for blacks", ^^^^^ this is what I meant. Trumps doing exactly what I knew he'd do all along, I'm expecting even worst, honestly. That might be what it takes to get shit progressing, unfortunately.
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  • Re: Fellas, Could this be you ??? lol

    Raise your daughters right man...

    You right, but fuck that. The fuck ups keep broken girls in circulation. I like finding new porn bitches. And our sons will want blow jobs too. You gonna deny that from lil'man? C'mon, bruh.
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