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  • Re: Sometimes, I just be thanking bout s**t(ANYBODY KNOW "EXACTLY" WHEN JESUS IS COMING BACK?)

    The thing about posting holy verses is that everybody has one. It's turns into a pissing contest with everyone debating who can gossip and story tell the best.

    And with black folks its especially bad as the African slave was considered a heathen and often had to be converted as part of his/her seasoning for enslavement. Meaning those slaves believed some other shit before the story of jesus. Yet, it's always the belief of those that conquered our ancestors that niggas want to defend.

    It's your choice to swing that way, but it's a disturbing side to take.
  • Re: UH OH: ‘The Birth of a Nation’ Star Nate Parker Addresses College Rape Trial

    Honestly, this sudden rape case makes me want to watch it even more.
  • Re: RIP Dr. Sebi

    Long live the dead. Much respect for this elder.
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  • Re: So yall brothers really supporting.........

    LordZuko wrote: »
    What is needed is an organization of Black men who are willing to put their dollars up to get shit done.

    We have to reprogram these young men in these streets, we have to get them skills and resources to be builders in our society instead of just rogue males.

    The men have to start owning and operating shit. It can start small, owning a store, buying an apartment complex, opening a delicatessen. Then we can move to larger operations, gas stations, hospitals and clinics.

    The ability to provide services is what is going to give you power. When people have to come to you, when you are responsible you then have leadership roles. We can then move on to manufacturing, food, textile goods, clothing.

    All of these operations will provide jobs and also a viable tax base to build up community schools. We turn these into charter schools with city contracts and make these institutions a culturally relevant model so now we bring up generations of children who don't have to be deprogrammed and reprogrammed within an 8 hour time span.

    BLM and Black women could never do this because in general Black women do not think on this level.

    This is a twenty project, phase one takes 1-3 years. Acquiring small businesses and making them profitable, acquiring apartment complexes and houses and using the equity to purchase other complexes or other businesses.

    The mid point is us being able to buy out these nonBlack businesses that operate in our environment. Before we can do that tho we must get the community to be stakeholders and that happens when we can start employing our on people regularly and at competitive wages and salaries.

    Enough of the open air yip yap, if you interested message me.

    Black social clubs. I've seen them all male and all female. Find one that's really about that black empowerment or people can start their own. I've seen these clubs bring in lots of money by hosting parties for fights, concerts, back to school events, and such. 3 to 5 niggas all on the same code, stacking their bread together can accomplish things.
  • Re: Happy Birthday Bone Thugs N Harmony's E Eternal 1999

    I bought this album 6 times at least. Was listening to it a few days ago. I use to have all the remixes, accapellas, instrumentals, my own remixes, lyric pages, and some unreleased tracks.