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    Turfaholic wrote: »
    Karl. wrote: »
    Watch them spoilers.

    I still haven't found the dog yet.

    What? Its like right next to the ending of a mission. Forgot which one. But I literaly sent it to the base and ended the mission. Mines still a puppy.

    Found mine on the way to another mission out in the middle of no where. The pregame trailers was the only reason I knew to stop and look. If not for that I would of missed it.

    Be sure to figure out your staff management. "Troublemakers" will put fellow soldiers in sick bays. Then you might have multiple A,B,or Cs in one department when they can be doing more good else where depending on they skills. Upgrade those binoculars to see what troops are worth Fultoning out in the field.

    And I just learned how helpful air support can be, can't get an S rating with them though. Take out those anti-aircraft weapons first. I fucked up and lost a chopper today.
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    This that shit i never liked about rap. One nigga do something, then everybody wanna do it. But not everybody gonna do what NWA was able to. That movie took 5 years to make and Cube had to work hard to keep the vision he had for it. A lot of these rappers ain't gonna have the patience to stick with it once they see the work they gotta put in for a major movie release.
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    achewon87 wrote: »
    Fired up GZ...

    There is some extracting of certain guards that you can carry over to start your MB in PP...

    Also a skin of Solid Snake to unlock and carry over to PP, just complete the DejaVu mission...

    Had to get a digital download, none of the stores around me had it. I was surprised by how good the graphics are. Controls are good. Might turn off the music, shit was causing confusion when listening for guards. Miller talks his ass off, Big Boss not so much. Should give him more lines. Got a C-rank at the end. Gonna run it one more time for the extra shit for PP.
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    Kids NEVER open the door. They should ALWAYS alert the parents if someone, anyone, comes knocking. The shit is basic home security.
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