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  • Re: Creflo Dollar Respond About The $65 Million Dollar Private Jet Fundraising

    Nothing pisses me off more than a jack preacher.

    I can respect a religious man that genuinely stands by their code, but a nigga like this Creflo guy is another kind of evil. With all the tax breaks this crook with a book gets, I swear it's like he's working for the government. Which has been an old theory of black activist anyway when it comes to the "black" church.

    I'd put money in the hands of the preachers I work with before I helped him get a damn jet. I'd bet you there's someone in his fellowship with a real life crisis that could use a couple stacks while he's buying planes. Hell, they probably gave him money instead of helping they own self out.

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  • Re: Billionaire: Here's the difference between successful, unsuccessful people

    Fear of failure and complacency are two of the biggest self detractors I notice in people. If you want to be successful at anything, you need to overcome that definitely.

    Another thing is patience. Our microwave society is used to things happening over night and shit just ain't like that. People usually have paid their dues for quite sometime before reaching their stride. I think that's where finding something you love comes into play. A fickle person will quit at the first sign of trouble, but when you believe in your shit you keep going till the wheels fall off. Sometimes you might have to walk the rest of way, but what matters is that you get there. And it'll be worth it once you do.

    A wise man once told me that to make money like you never had before, you've got to work like you never have before.

    Will Smith once said that you have to believe in yourself to the point of sounding insane. Every new idea and invention that's essential to our lives now started off with someone thinking the idea of it is impossible. And they've been proven wrong over and over again.

    I might come back later and share my opinions on failure, too. It ain't real to just gas y'all heads up with dreamer shit. Sometimes people do die trying.
  • Re: The Official Post Your Music Thread *****New Rules Inside****

    YoungRider wrote: »
    loch121 wrote: »
    Loch Afro American Psycho Official Music video

    I've still gotta watch the video but that song is nuts just hearing it on SoundCloud today. I ain't gone hold you I, when I saw the title I thought you were gonna be on some weirdo black Eminem type shit but you stuck with the concept nicely and the multi's were mean good shit.

    I'm still working out the kinks in my home studio but here's a joint over a Max B cut.. all good & bad feedback welcomed thanks in advanced.

    Was up bro I think you need some work on your mixing as you said but it is kind of a distraction when trying to zone out to the song. I like the overall feel of the tracks along with the lyrics and message. Keep working on your home quality because it sounds like you have some skill.

    check me out bro at

    Lol i think i got it right this time if not will a mod please message me what I am doing wrong Thanks!

    Mix on point. Sounds like it hits hard with some 15's. Flow on point. Rhymes on point. Beat is simple and carries the song enough. Is the "complex" a tag? If not, I'd get rid of it or not have it in the song so much.

    You did all the technical stuff right. Only thing you need to worry about is getting the right track to lace. You spitting hard as fuck, so it's just a matter of getting the right song. The beat was simple like a said earlier, problem is you're not a simple rapper. You need something that's going as hard as you are. Conveys to the listener the same energy that you're performance is giving.
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  • Re: Innocent Man Who Spent 31 Years On Death Row Meets Prosecutor Who Put Him There

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    Pico wrote: »
    Aight guess I'll be the bad guy.
    Prosecutor was doing his job fuck he need to apologize for?

    When he convicted an innocent man he did his job wrong. Everyone involved did.

    31 years? Nigga was probably in Angola, too. Old timers say that place was even worst than it is now back then.

    I know that lawyer got money. Break the brother off at least. It'll still be "fuck you", though.

    I hear that place is a shithole, we have a cousin that's been locked up there since the 50's, they gave him life. I don't know if he still alive, he in is 80's if he is

    Since the 50's?!

    Shit.... damn.... nigga was literally in the chain gang. Two of my uncles did time up there. Got a little homie and his brother doing a stretch at that bitch now. They're done for pretty much.

    Legend has it that a dude used to escape Angola routinely. This was back during the older times. Dude would escape and go to the exact same spot they would find him at every time. His mama house. No hassle, no fuss. Just pick him up and bring him back again. All the way up until she died.
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  • Re: At What Point Did You Realize You May Be Addicted To Porn?

    When you use two media players on your pc to watch two flicks at the same time.
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