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  • Re: How often do you get in touch with the ol' school

    Everyday almost. I work with old people and many of our elders drink with us when we chilling. It's a small hood where everyone knows each other, so other folks grandparents and shit treat you like they own if they've known you.

    But not all of these old people are worth listening to.
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  • Re: Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeros/The Phantom Pain

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    It would have made much more sense to replace the tapes with some kind cut scene you can trigger on mother base. You come back from a mission and you could have Ocelot, Miller, and other characters all have they own private quarters. Even Snake could of had one. You go in there, look at all the cool character details of they living area, select a conversation, and the game cuts to a cinema. Could of even just been a slide show using that lead artist they've always had for MGS, I like his style.

    But instead, we got what we got for all the reasons that probably are.

    I think kojima did that bc ppl complained about cut scenes being too long in previous games (5-8 hrs in total for some not including game play)

    Then u can listen while u play. I got used to it n didnt mind it. Theres a lot of interesting info in those tapes that adds to the story we've all complained the game supposedly lacks. It really just lacks visuals to the story we hear in the tapes is all.

    This is true, ironically.

    I recently got back into playing. Discovered that completing mission 46 allows you to play the game and all cut scenes as your avatar. Also found out that my FOB has been getting attacked the entire time I've been playing without my knowledge. Those points Invested in my defense has paid off. Infiltraters been getting handled left and right and I ain't never had to handle it personally, yet. GMP is way easier to get, last two weeks I ain't never had less than a mill.
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    Gamers just need to adjust and put they money where they mouth is. Stop letting the temptation of instant gratification push you. Hold off on getting these hyped up games and let that shit float for a while. It's gonna be broken and need a bunch of patches at first anyway. YouTube is filled with people willing to inform and give real reviews since the game has proven to short change players now. Plenty of let's plays and such to know what you're purchasing before hand.

    And if the shit has dlc, then just hold off or don't buy it. Or do buy it if the game has proven worth the risk. But I strongly cosign we stop preordering as well. That shit was for when games ran outta stock on release day. Does that even happen any more? There's all kinds of places to buy games now.
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  • Re: so... how many of you have said "F*CK BET!!!" or "BET AINT BEEN SH*T SINCE THEM JEWS TOOK OVER!!!"

    Stacey Dash is a coon and was probably put on fox as a buffer. They always get some token black to speak in white folks stead so it appears less racist.

    Make no mistake, her talking down on bet is not the same as me talking down on bet. I diss bet in order to point out how it can better serve black people. Stacey Dash, an agent of white supremacy, is talking shit to serve white people. She has no points for us to respect and if she did it's a slick lie.
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  • Re: Pittsburgh woman killed after turning man down at a bar

    A state reps sister, a mention of gun control from some random guy, but no witness or confession to back the police prepared allegations. 41 year old nigga shooting a 29 year chick cause she said no?

    I don't buy that shit. There's something else going on here.