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  • Re: Dave Ramsey goes in on everybody with a payment

    I will say that I hate paying a note. Truthfully, paying it outright is always the better option, but not everybody has that 20 or 30k for that. If you can find a reliable used vehicle and know a good mechanic, that can be a better option too. But that shit just wasn't going my way at the time.

    When I got my current truck it was because I'd managed to straighten my finances out a bit while whipping the hoopty. No matter what kind of loan, lease, rent, or whatever you get, you've got to work on your credit score. My shit was good enough at best, had an apr of 11% back then. My score was around 620-634. Get your shits around the 800s and better. Get that 3% apr. That's how you need to do it if you gonna do it.
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  • Re: Pisces Season 2017 Represent

    Im on the 12th, but after Mardi Gras I plan on laying low. I'll be 34.
  • Re: The Predator (Teaser Image)

    Predator 2 was my favorite as well. As a youngin, my favorite part was with the vodoun warrior and what lead up to his death in that alley. The predator walking away from the camera with that nigga head in his hand was cinematic gold.
  • Re: First time playing Skyrim, on console, and probably PC as well. any tips?

    I just deleted skyrim to make room for fallout4. But off top I'd suggest going to nexus/workshop and finding the most endorsed mods. I remember a survival mod... frost or something. There's a modder that does good lore friendly armors. Bandolier for more pouches. Jaysus had some cool weapons. Midas for spells. There's one to use dragon souls for perk points. Loki for fast leveling, changing races, or resetting your character at anytime. Alternative start for different playthroughs. And look for a modders Bella for bitches and apachii for hair styles.

    Then there's the combat overhauls, werewolf and vampire changes.... it'll take a day of searching.

    I'd recommend playing the main story up till you get the first dragon scroll. I think it's the first dragon scroll, I know you can't complete Dawn Guard without it. CLEAN SAVE THAT FILE AND ALWAYS KEEP IT. After that do whatever and you should be able to complete the game without any hold ups. I wouldn't recommend joining factions early on either. Save that for repeated playthroughs as a different race or class. Keep things fresh.
  • Re: Fast Foods That Are Gonna Kill You...

    I'm usually not a fast food guy, but that new Grand Mac from McDonald’s was calling out to me. Im not ashamed to say that I'll answer that call again.
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