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  • Re: Woman Steals Man's Sperm, Has "Revenge" Kid, Wins Child Support

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    Let me ask y'all something...

    If this happened to you. Would you be in the child's life?

    Yeah I'd have to. Still my seed. It'd be real hard not to be bitter and want punch his ass in the face every time I looked at him, though.

    Why you mad at him? It's her I'd wanna thrust kick right in the titties for this shit.

    Just a reminder of it all.
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    Stankin' Ass Fart

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  • Re: Race and Love

    Y'all niggas still in here trying to convince each other that your POV is correct?
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  • Re: Race and Love

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    There are black people who get with their partner because they're white, and there are black people who get with their partner who happens to be white. There's a difference.

    but how is a person who is skeptical about where your loyalties lie supposed to be able to tell the difference between the two?

    how do you expect someone reluctant to see what you saying when you at the same time telling them to close their eyes?

    for example - problack nigga schools me on how institutional racism and the lack of economic empowerment is keeping my people down

    but then we get to the problack meeting later to start planning for the revolution, and this nigga shows up with becky sue on his arm SMH

    and menatwhile becky sue's uncle is one of the cops known for pressing niggaz in my city..........nah you can't expect a rational person to just ignore that :(

    But here's the thing though, fam: the person can then either choose to get more information about said pro-black dude and if he's with her because she's white or just happens to be white...or just make assumptions about it.

    When I'm presented with an either/or situation n have no info to decide either way...I get more info. Instead of arbitrarily making assumptions one way or the other.

    honestly the average person ain't got time to do a background check in every situation.........but really it just looks bad

    it's just like these wealthy preachers riding around in a benz while taking money from a poor congregation

    yeah the preacher could be legitimately helping folks and could genuinely care.......but why purposely make yourself look suspect, especially if you trying to win someone over

    you can't tell me a pastor with a rolex on his wrist looks right asking someone living near the poverty line to put some money in the collection plate

    just like you can't talk down on racism the go home and fuck/suck on some white pussy and not expect a rational person to look at you funny

    Fair. Everybody ain't got time (or more honestly, the desire) to get more information. But the alternative is expecting people to live their life and love based on the optics and how it looks to other people.

    Can't rock with that.
  • Re: Hard On Hoes: The Ludacris Edition

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    If I couldn't talk to my child everyday it would be a fucking problem.

    Even when he goes by my mom for a day out the week I still FaceTime my son even though he's with my mom.

    Word. I gotta see mine everyday. Half the time he with me and the half he's with his mom...she FaceTime a nigga everynight before he goes to sleep.

    Bro you have a different situation with ur BM than most niggas...Don't seem like it's all the drama and court orders etc in y'all mix. Throw that in, and I'm sure you'll feel a lil different about the niggas here that can half-way understand why Luda is doin what he doin.

    Na, you missing my point. Yeah, me and my son's mother got a great relationship. I just hit her up the other day telling her how lucky we both are. But the point that everyone seems to be missing is the following:

    It shouldn't matter AT ALL if the parents get along with one another or if they hate each other or if there are in litigation or any of that shit. All that matters is the kid. Again...WILL ALLOWING THE KID TO FACETIME HER MOTHER EVERYDAY BE HARMFUL TO THE CHILD?

    That's the only question. If it WOULD be harmful, then cool. I'd agree. But given what has been presented in this thread, there is nothing that indicates that.

    Niggas is mad bitter in here. It's disgusting.


    or speaking from first hand experience?

    some of us got it that damn bad where even a 5 minute phone call can undo 3 months of good home training.

    ^ exactly

    i'll give an example

    during a period when the facetime/video chat was allowed.....she calls, i pick up, hand the phone to my 3 yr old

    her: hey baby, i miss you, what are you doing?, what are they doing to you?, why do you look sad?, whats that in the background?, i bought you this this and that yadda yadda, you wanna come live with me?, i know you do its ok, etc....

    when i step in to control some of that nonsense i get an argument and have to hang my baby's upset and acting out for a week or two

    that shit is not healthy for a child....especially at that age...and Judges know this when informed of the matter

    in the end, there are no mandated calls or video chats in my court order.....only supervised visits for one weekend a month (which she hasnt shown for 1 yet).....i have the right to up and move to China if i wanted, i just have to notify her

    there is no court ordered child support, although I am encouraged to send her medical bills and other expenses (which gets me nothing)

    no responsibility whatsoever

    after 3 months of complete silence she texts and wants to talk to "her baby"....dare anyone question why she got the @Turfaholic treatment?

    Fam, you not listening. Do we have ANY evidence that the mother says these types of poisonous things? Any at all? Not saying that she isn't. But all we can go on is what is presented in the thread. And there is no mention of that. And I mentioned already that '...unless mom speaking to the child everyday is harmful to the child...'. So what are we talking about really?

    Niggas gotta stop assuming and adding their own experiences in it and just go with the info we have.
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