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    Shit if I'm being honest, we can get the Glyphs AND Native Tongues the fuck up outta here. That's just me though.
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    Rule #1 of forum posting...know your audience.

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    I had a feeling y'all would say that. Smh.

    What's wrong with that. If the man took every correct step of using protection and she somehow still gets pregnant he should be financially responsible for he for the next 18 years. How is that just or equal in anyway

    Because he didn't take every correct step to avoid pregnancy. As a man, I know for a fact that anytime I have sex it could lead to a child. I go into it knowing the risk. Meaning of a child DOES result, it's half my responsibility.

    The only way to ensure no baby is to not have sex. We all know that. That's like robbing a bank that has no cameras, no witnesses and leaving no evidence, you still get caught on some fluke shit and being like 'I shouldn't have to serve this time, your honor. I did everything right in this robbery. Me getting caught was a 1 in 10000 chance!'.

    You robbed the bank, fam. You knew there was a chance - however slim - of getting caught.

    Take that L and own it.

    But you are the only one that has to take that responsibility she does not , therefore making the situation unfair. You see men still have this " as a man" sense of honor thing going on but feminism has freed or is constantly trying to free women from any notion of "as a woman" sensibilities.

    By allowing no fault abortions SOCIETY intervenes on the side of the female against the natural course of male female relationship But won't intervenes on the side of men in this issue at all we are left totally at the mercy of women and then on top of this we have the hypocrisy of feminism that teaches that females are oppressed by patriarchy

    Wtf? 'You are the only one who has to take that responsibility. She does not.'. That's kid shit. It's very simple: Make a choice, deal with the consequences.

    Niggas wanna dodge their responsibilities because other ppl do it? Grow up.

    i am already grown but unlike some people i refuse to see something and know that it's wrong and just go along with it. BASICALLY all you are saying is that men should just go along with this unfair system and stop complaining

    Na. I'm saying that grown men handle their responsibilities. And you're saying, 'But...but...but she ditched her responsibilities fiiiiiirst!'.

    I guess.

    Grown men handle our responsibilities to our families..... bastard children however get charity that's the old school way of seeing things.

    You are holding onto a principle of a gender role that is now counter productive to the well being and happiness of your gender.

    Taking care of children you fathered is counter-productive? If that makes sense in your mind, cool.

    It's not your child if you are unmarried and you don't want it and anyway i was referring to you saying "GROWN MEN HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES" Mean while women don't take care of theirs.

    and in case you didn't know one of our responsibilities was making sure women took care of theirs

    This can't be life. Lol. Again, if that makes sense to you, cool.
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    Never understood why the person being cheated on doesn't immediately chick their partner. Ain't nobody force them to fuck

    If a nigga in my crib eatin out my big cereal bowl, fuckin in my bed, makin myplayers on my 2k. He gotta get shot.

    Understandable if you catch the nigga in your crib. But if you find out through other means like through her text or emails whatever and especially if he doesn't know she cuffed shit is a whole different situation. Though that text shit t/s got is rude and nigga deserves to be slapped

    Even if he know she got a man, that's the game. Niggas will try to fuck your old lady. Period. Unless it's a friend or family member, nigga don't you any kind of courtesy.

    I respect relationships to th extent the the people in it respects them. Meaning if I try to talk to a chick and she got a boyfriend and respects her relationship and ain't tryna step out, I back off. But if she don't give a fuck about her man or her relationship, then I don't either.
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  • Re: My Co-worker Just Went In About Abortion

    Kids are the possible result of having sex....

    If you don't want kids and you feel they may "ruin your life." (selfish AF) then take the proper precautions to not procreate....

    Like I always not have sex with a woman or man you do not want to have children's that simple.

    Thread coulda been closed after this. It's really not that complicated. And all you people saying 'Why don't men have a say so in if the baby is aborted or not? I didn't want kids!' can't be that dense and lacking in common sense.