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    Kind of a sign of the times, and a reflection of modern culture, that it looks like most people dont think it matters. For 1, here we are on allhiphop, where probly 40% of folk are not fully black behind these screenames. And also its just typical that most people like to straddle the fence and nbody really believes in anything anymore. Everyting is just 'meh, its ok'. No one wants to 'catch feekings'

    To me, clearly it matters. Kind of strange anyone would think otherwise imo. Why are people afraid to admit whats in their gut. You know damn well if Taye Diggs showed up with a bullhorn on Fayette St you'd give him the side eye. Why nggas so politically correct all the time

    Aint too many of us strong real niggas left bruh. Somehow we've become the bad guys that's stopping us from progressing lol. This is the main reason why we aint where we should be right now. Too many niggas straying, and don't want to speak on the elephant in the room. Like that shit aint there, all up in all our faces. Just look at the sad weak ass niggERs in this very thread. Niggas in here really trying to downplay just how destructive this shit is to the community. That white flesh got these niggas tap dancing with no fucks given. They really don't see the big picture and that shit is beyond fucking sad!!!!!!!!

    And these be the first mothafuckas to say, "black folks don't stick together, that's why we can't get nowhere". LOL you niggas want to kill the foundation and dare speak this shit????? ....................Really? All these ol

    "So what", "It's not bothering me", "love is love", "I don't care", "stop worrying about another person" ass niggas are really what's slowly killing us. All these ol mixed up, raised in white hoods, focusing most of their attention on other shit, not knowing shit about/teaching they roots, giving they love/time/earnings away to "others" is the ROOT of the problem. Niggas in here with a bunch of bricks and building tools but don't want to lay the foundation down first. All our other issues come later.

    To add insult to injury we have the lowest number of people in the u.s. Y'all niggas that keep straying are only making it lower and watering us down little by little. Meanwhile everybody else is mostly sticking to their own. The ones who stray aint really affecting they people because of their large %. Also everybody else roots/history are in tact. They came here together on their own free will. They don't have any outside interference fucking with their people. None of them are confused and lost like we are.

    Everybody else for the most part got this shit figured out except for a scary amount of us.

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  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Season 5 Thread [use spoiler code for spoilers or be BANNED]

    People keep talking about little finger being a snake but he really is loyal to the starks/north. Mostly it's because of cat but he said he respected their family when he busted sansa out of kings landing. If you peep, he's been doing everything he can on the low to protect what they built. He's also trying to come up himself in the process. He's been putting sansa on game to get her back into position to take back the north. Also creating a powerful friend in the process.

    When he gave her to ramsy crazy ass and the boltons he knew what he was doing. That lady at the end basically let sansa know that the boltons and lanisters days are numbered. Little finger put her in good hands. Theis whole thing is a set up. Little finger set all this shit up from the start on some true playa shit.

    And theon aint crazy. I think he just acting and is waiting to take his revenge. You can tell by how he was listening in on ruse convo with ramsy. He looked like he was mad as shit too.

    Danny's dragon just up and leaving was weird as shit. Him coming back also was weird. I don't think he went crazy, I think something is drawing him away. Somebody probably know about dragons and is trying to jack them from her.
  • Re: The Official 2015 Powerful Porno Movement

    I stopped fucking with porno because the lack of big booty nasty ass sistas. A nigga was doing research on angola and the culture there. Something came up about this model/singer from there who is doing porno now. Introducing Halona Vog

    That ass is amazing and she nasty as fuck like them white girls. Rare to see that from sistas in porno. I see a bright future in back and in front of her. I think she gonna stick around unlike all the others who get a few checks and bounce.
    If y'all aint fell down the porn rabbit hole yet and still watching that soft core porno, this scene aint for you.
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  • SOMETIMES, I JUST BE THANKING BOUT SHIT(It aint real, it's a set up! greg and jigsaw exposed)

    Sometimes I just be sitting up chilling and some shit just cross my mind. This might not be interesting or funny to anyone else. But the shit be interesting and funny as fuck to me though. Sometimes I take the simplest shit and turn it into something funny or bigger than what it is.

    I was already thanking bout this shit for the longest but Rubato Garcia & WallH recently posted some shit that really got me thanking.
    T/s just makes threads for the sake of making threads.

    Starting to think the nigga is a spambot. After the OP he never posts again in the threads he makes.
    And WallH got a thread about I.C persona's.

    I seriously thank some of these people on here aint real people. Like they are spam bots and actors hired by jigsaw and greg. Some of the exposures on here be too good to be true. One person I always suspected as being a plant is kat. Aint no way in hell this person kat exist in real life. Nothing ever seems right about this actor.Waaaaaay too many red flags.

    1. Her daughter being 4 years old for two years
    2. Her daughter being 7 years old for two years
    3. Her weight fluctuating like crazy. She 1st started posting she was hella skinny and then went to 3hunna pounds out of nowhere.
    4. Been getting exposed/staying in drama on here for over 10 years and barley know shit about hip hop.
    5. Can't be banned unless she request it
    6. Has had multiple accounts with over 20,000 post of the same fuckery
    7. Has absolutely no logic
    8. The latest chapter in this fictional characters life sounds like some shit straight out of a soap opera

    And a whole bunch of other shit that I don't feel like posting right now. NOBODY IS THIS FUCKING CONSISTENT, not a real person, can't be lol. I thank kat is ms southern's(Oh yeah, she's a paid agent) creation and she pitched the idea to greg and jigsaw 10 years ago. They gave her the ok and the project was a huge success.

    Here's a few others that are creations of jay, greg, and jigsaw:

    Conflict = actor
    Been here for a minute and has never broke his trollish character once!

    Real lady = spam bot

    dainty = actor
    Still an unsolved mystery that nobody with powers to check IP's attempted to touch(The truth is far more sinister)

    dink = actor
    No explanation needed lol.

    Aquafina flow = actor
    After her appearance on tyra banks I knew something was fishy

    KINdRED aka hylf baked baby mama = actor
    No explanation needed

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