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  • Re: This Ghetto Gagger sh!t is borderline rape. I feel sorry for this chick>

    Yo that shit was hot as fuck! Somebody tell me what movie thats from and where the full video is. I wanna hear her talk about whats goin thru her head and how she feels about what just happened cause I love that shit. And SMH @ all these bitchmade faggots in here whinin bout how wrong this is puttin on the cape and playin captain save a ho, fuck outta here.
    shenco wrote: »
    Who was that chick in the video btw?
    binstar wrote: »
    who gets their kicks off of doing that? and even worse - what kind of losers get their kicks off of watching it?
    StudentRaisingHand.gif @ both questions
    ptowndonte wrote: »
    I'd shoot my daughter
    in the face wit cum
    The Jamel wrote: »
    Masterbates to porn harder then this shit...
    binstar wrote: »
    i thought it was funny until i saw that girl sitting in the fetal position crying. you could tell her whole life and all the bad luck and bad decisions were flashing in front of her eyes on some "how did this become my life" shit. she clearly wasn't into that.
    Thats EXACTLY what made it so fuckin hot, I love when these sluts get degraded and look like they hate what's bein done to them wit that "Why is this happenin to me?" expression on they face. I be wonderin what happened in they past, were they raped or molested as a child. The fact that they have such fucked up lives and have to resort to bein treated like worthless whores is a huge turn on.
    shadb33 wrote: »
    naw they not..I was listening to the Zoe Williams show on the Foxxhole (Satelitte radio)...and the topic was about pornstars...they had some on there and pretty much said everybody in the porn industry is broke except Jenna Jameson..they not getting paid at all especially the black ones....that's why u see all these girls doing Ghetto Gaggers and Latina Abuse cause they get paid a little more for hardcore shit like that..but they still aint gettin no more than like a G or two at most...and the white dudes actually take them out to eat before they film it so they can vomit...crazy lmaooo...
    FOH they musta been bottom rung porn stars most of which are black cause all the top porn stars like Briana Banks Nicole Sheridan and Janine Lindemulder who are white get paid a ton of money.
  • Re: Big Pun Lyrically ethered 5-0 aka 50 on my turn

    n.mcfly wrote: »
    what pun said was wack, no one is denying pun was nice asshole, there are plenty of nice mcs that can't battle dick. the reason is really full of idiots lol what fat obese damn near dead nigga ever beat anyone in a fight ? you must be Spanish and think pun was the end all be all. cause you over looking simple shit
    mad.pngHe wasn't even goin in this diss was just somethin light, I ain't talkin bout this song just in general as lyrical as Pun was no way Curtis stood a chance. Your dumbass is actin like they'd be freestyle battlin any dope MC can put together a lethal diss song, and him bein so big is my point any random nigga can't just run up and beat down a muhfucka twice his size its a fight not a track meet. Typical dickhead assumin anyone who gives Pun props is Spanish, only like 3 or 4 rappers in history was on Pun's level and compared to 5-0 Pun was God.
    n.mcfly wrote: »
    Lmao goons, just like the ones that got at jay huh gullible ass
    By all accounts Pun was gangsta and rolled wit a bunch of real niggas, quit thinkin every rapper was fake like Lil Wayne or somebody.
    T. Sanford wrote: »
    No disrespect but 50 would've beat the brakes off of Big Pun
    Maybe current 50 but back then he wasn't brolic like he is now and Pun was a big dude n/h who was punchin wholes in walls eatin drywall, 50 wasn't strong enough at the time to flex on 300 pound Mark Henry type cats.