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  • People I wanna say hi to, not say hi to, and sorta don't care

    e2s bauce
    Omega duh
    Mssouthern she crush on me for a while
    Marley cuz we has crush on each other somewhat recently
    Kat just to ask if quit smoking yet
    Esbee cool dude to be seen with
    Stew I trying to buy this orioles hat no bandwagon
    Samchez hi

    Aqua cuz my girl use 72 hr pill other day and it's so not a hassle
    Chicity I assume he lost in the IC fantasy world cuz he was headed there at the rays he was going when I leaved
    Charlie too loud I'm a chill laid back guy now
    Jamel too crazy refer back to charlie reasons

    Sort of don't care
    Pico cuz can't really be interested in u cuz I have girlfriend
    Zee have thing against internet white girls donno why, but she'll prolly tell me smh
    Sixsins not sure if she back to real self or same fake self, don't care either way
    Cain blaaaah

    Hi everyone, or not.
  • Re: Did Ab-Soul Girl Die?

    Ok so that officially makes Book of Soul one of my favorite tracks of the past few years.

    Got the chills when I first listened to it, and that's before knowing this.
  • Video Apology to Pico Roscoe (Military Edition)

    Long time coming... @angryroscoe
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  • Interesting Analogy (Double Standards in Race & Sexuality)

    Lots of females feel that there is a double standard between men & women in terms of whoredom.

    For example: A man can fucc as many womans as he please and not be looked down upon in our society. However, if a woman does the same she is labeled as a hoe.

    "To my N****s, having biitches is what you just do, to my biitches having N****s is what a slut do".
    In my opinion, most females call out DOUBLE STANDARD, not because they don't want men fuccing multiple women, but more-so because they would like to do it as well. So it's not that they have a problem with men doing it, they just want to do it and be accepted.

    I came to this conclusion only because I've come to realize that non-slutty womens do not care what 'slutty' men are doing, they'd rather just find a non-'slutty' man, instead of complain about the ones fuccing every ho in the club.


    So that's when I thought of this analogy:

    The above stated women, who complain about the double standard, are similar to white people who complain about black people using the n-word.

    How you ask? Okay I shall explain.

    White people who complain about black people using the N-word do not care that they are using it, they just care that they are not allowed to use it as well. Its a jealousy thing. Same as girls who cry about the double standard sexually... truly they have no problem with guys fuccing whoever, they just want to be able to do so themselves.


    ^most typing I've ever done on here.


    EDIT: Thread was inspired by Ab-Soul: Double Standards (as well as alcohol)
    Interesting Analogy (Double Standards in Race & Sexuality)
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  • Re: Post a picture of the last person who gave you or you recieved oral sex from?

    Dry? I think its just straight up snitching...