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  • Re: Mr. Robot (USA)

    I was just saying to myself how the show is getting better the past two eps and now it's dumb as fuck again.

  • Re: How do yall feel about hunting?

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    My dad and his buddies fish "catch and release" all the time. I don't see anything wrong with it. Survival of the fittest.

    What's the point in that? At least take the shits home man give them to neighbours or sutten.

    Also, 'survival of the fittest' doesn't really work here since no other animal kills for leisure like humans do

    ummmm.... thats entirely untrue. Get a bad winter with deep snow and best believe wolves will be out killing the shit out of deer and not eating them,

    Nothing worse than house cats tho.

    For leisure fam. Leisure. I didn't say animals only kill for food. I didn't say animals only kill when they need to.

    Find me a species that kills for fun and only for fun and I'll retract my post.

    lol, ummmm basically any cat species on earth kills for fun, and they play with their prey before they kill it. In fact house cats are responsible for millions upon millions of song bird deaths every year, which is just another extension of humans disregard for nature. You won't find any species on earth that kills ONLY for fun, because humans don't even kill only for fun.

    Humans kill for sport all the time what you on about

    Cats are an odd one because they've kept their wild behaviour (and raw meat eatin' capabilites) long since their domestication. Cats reach their young how to hunt by bringin' them dead or injured prey.

    The billions of dead small animals are a result of human's domestication of cats.

    Yes. And sadly this continues to be a problem because people think their cat "deserves" to roam the neighborhood and (white)people have the craziest, most illogical, fervent love for cats.

    The best are the people vegans who think they are living a vegan lifestyle but still have a housecat that gets fed the innards and scraps of factory farmed animals lolololol. Or the vegans that give their cat vegan food and then when their cat goes blind and all its hair falls out they can't figure out whats wrong with their obligate carnivore.

  • Re: Whats The Weirdest/Strangest Experience You've Ever Had?

    Omg I can't believe I forgot this story!

    So I'm at this bar and this super hot blonde comes up and kisses me square on mouth. Then walks away.

    That's gotta be the strangest thing to ever happen to me considering girls won't even let me buy them drinks.
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  • Re: Melanie speech biting from Michelle...

    Those overly PC niggas the Young Turks think maybe the speech writer sabotaged her

    Lmao man people don't realize tha none of these people write their own speeches. Michelle probably didn't write hers and Melania sure as hell didn't write hers.

    I'm just amazed nobody on the Trump team was like "umm, Wait a second guys"
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  • Re: Baton Rouge: 3 Officers Dead, 3 Injured

    Lets wait until the facts come out.
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