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  • Re: Is Nintendo In Trouble

    Sion wrote: »
    @sion what u think g

    Most of the demands ppl have for Nintendo are perceptive, which means it's not necessarily their reality. People are weighing the Wii U and comparing it to the other consoles and then drawing conclusions. We have to wait to see how NX rolls out before we jump to conclusions. Third party support isn't the bulk of their revenue or profit nor will it be, more "violent" games isn't Nintendo's style just like we don't expect Disney to make thrillers. Hardware isn't their area of expertise nor do the games they make require it (add to the fact hardware sells at a loss for companies). Nintendo needs to "change" people's current perceptions because letting it dictate their decisions financially is often a great mistake companies make that destroy them forever. Nintendo lost their CEO last year and are in a stage of transition, so there's going to be slow downs but it's "problems" aren't as dire as people are making it out to be. Nintendo is highly cautious in a market that wants it to swing for the sake of swinging when they don't have to do anything SMMFH.

    Only thing I'd recommend Nintendo do is buy back stock with their war chest whenever the price is reasonable or below 1.5 and to keep its state of mind. Buying back stock would quiet shareholders and further strengthen their ability to finance future projects. The only drawback is they have a massive company and it's harder to find business to really hit their bottom line especially with their product line and what they offer. It's just the nature of their business.

    Woooo top draw post and double cosign the bolded niggas are hatin' hard at them deep Nintendo pockets.

    Unlike the other guys who rely on 3rd party support, Nintendo kno' for sure they have niggas on standby to cop that Smash Bros, Zelda, Mario Kart and Mario. If they got their act together and released quality games for all their mascots, which they should do each console IMO I dunno what the beef is, they'd def pull decent numbers.

    I wish they stuck with a normal pad though man.
  • Re: Is Nintendo In Trouble

    NX is doomed to fail.
    They're gonna bank on a bunch of bullshit and LOZ as a launch title, hoping people buy it.
    The problem with Nintendo is only half explained though imo.

    The other half of the problem is that Nintendo owns so many IP's and they've either kept them dormant for years or have done nothing but the same old rinse and repeat shit with them.

    It's crazy to think that the Wii U won't get a LOZ game until the very end of it's life cycle.
    This literally could've saved the console if it was good.
    It's crazy to think that Nintendo hasn't put out a new Metroid game in 6 years and aren't currently making one that's actually canon to the series
    It's crazy to think that Nintendo hasn't put out a new F-Zero game since 2004.
    It took fucking forever to get a new Star Fox game. Same with Kid Icarus.
    What about Mother (Earthbound)? Will we ever get Mother 3 localized?
    What about making a new game based in the Mario universe that doesn't suck?
    Then you have minor stuff like Nintendo of America doing all that nonsense censoring bullshit.

    Nintendo has all the assets in the world to make good games but would rather lose money with their old formula than try to even kinda appeal to the people who grew up on Nintendo.
    The older audience can save them from being a failure but they ain't having it.

    What Mario games sucked? Galaxy 1 and 2 and 3D World were all among the highest reviewed games of the year

    Anyway Nintendo been makin' odd decisions but you niggas wantin' (or thinkin' they have to) compete performance wise with the other guys have it wrong.

    The Wii U is too underpowered and was awfully marketed. This LoZ shit they're pullin' is bullshit man smh stuff like that. Mistakes they can rectify with the next shit
  • Re: The Official ‘VIEWS FROM THE 6’ Album Thread (4.29) (Album Preview on OVOradio tonight @10PM)

    Yeah but its too much King. It used to be tolerable. When it was a song here and there, maybe a verse or two. But this damn near entire album of singin' is wack man. I'm sure its been said a buncha times here already; the bruddah can not sing.

  • Re: BINK! - "Rhythm Roulette"

    i ro ny wrote: »
    Damn they filmed this right down the street from where I am right now.

    Bink! is crazy underrated but real niggas know.

    Real niggas kno'!
    i ro ny
  • Re: Are You Interested In Seeing Kats 1st Cali Inspired Video?

    MsSouthern wrote: »
    Ok 2 things

    1. Fruit Loops in a chicks asshole ??? WTF?????


    2. Y'all really have a video game gang ??? lol

    I was thinkin' it was kinda cool but now...