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  • Re: Grown Woman twerks for a Kid on his birthday

    Lol guys come on what Zzombie sayin' is biologically and physiologically accurate.

    Louis Devinear
  • Re: Big Sean & Metro Boomin Announce Joint Album "Double Or Nothing"

    Y'all need to just say y'all like headphone music and keep it moving. That's the disconnect we're having in here. I mean I fuck with Big Krit but this nigga has a 48 page thread on here lol. That's all I need to know about this site. Y'all in here saying how does Sean has a following? Because people are out here actually listening and loving his music. There's a reason why damn near every hip hop head in the game has cosigned him. The platinum plaques and stats, sold out shows,etc don't lie. Top 5 of this era like it not. (Drake, Kendrick, Cole, Sean and Future)

    I am one of the biggest big krit critics on the IC. But Krit delivered on his double album and Sean on this project as mediocre at best. Nobody is comparing sean to other mumble rappers. After dark sky paradise i started to consider Sean being up there with cole drake and kendrick. Even after I decided i was like "eh hes not there but if he can create another DSP then maybe."

    But this project is exactly why Kdot, Kendrick and Cole are in the lower level seats with the nice pads and big sean is 2 stories up in the upper deck seats with just the plastic backing. The critique of this album has more to do with his lack to keep up with the top of his class than it does about comparing him to mumble rappers.

    So you were expecting lyrical miracles raps on a Metro Boomin project? I didn't expect Sean to make another DSP or Detroit because he's not in that space anymore. Sean gave us "I Decided" earlier this year and even tho that album went Platinum with a 3x Platinum single (Bounce Bounce) Platinum (Moves) and a few other Gold records and he toured off that album he didn't get the big reception he thought he would get. A lot of people were mad because he went the conscious route with that album.

    This project was meant to be a banger album with Sean flexing his wordplay and metaphors and dropping gems all throughout the album which he did. He basically gave the people what they asked for. So we're going to act like he's not rapping his ass off on some of these records (Savage Time, No Heart, No Love, Big Bidness, etc) Just look at the feedback on Twitter the past 2 days and see a lot of people vibing to the album. People just got to enjoy this project for what it is. I can understand if people don't like this vibe to this album but to call this project garbage and trash is just crazy to me.

    Just look at this thread nobody is even talking about the music and just posting tweets from people who already hated him.

    Lol mad feelings fuck loooool
  • Re: Kodak Black compares himself to Jay Z lyrically

  • Re: Eminem 8th studio album "Revival" 12/15/17

    Close this thread start another one when the shit releases
    Preach2Teachblue_london i ro nyBreezy_Kilroy
  • Re: Grown Woman twerks for a Kid on his birthday