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    Shizlansky wrote: »
    I don't like young thug music but I feel as if he is talented just misguided. Like if he had the right people around him dude music would be dope as fuck. Same for future cuz I do fuck with future but tired of the same shit he does all the time . If they had people around them to make their music grow, their talents musically would be better .

    What talent?

    Serious question.

    their very melodic

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    This like the rap version of all those celebs who do commercials over seas
  • Re: Lupe Fiasco & Talib Kweli Go Off On COMPLEX Writer For Putting Their Names In Drake/Future Article

    A Response:

    Brooklyn Bodega

    Angel Diaz is an idiot. And the defense of Hip-Hop purists.

    Yesterday there was an interesting dust up between writer Angel Diaz, Lupe Fiasco and Talib Kweli. Diaz wrote a rather insulting thought piece defending the recent Drake/Future mixtape from its critics. In it Diaz takes issue with what he calls “Hip-Hop purists” (including Kid Cudi and seemingly random people on Twitter) who are critiquing “What A Time To Be Alive” for its thin lyrical content.

    In his pieces he writes,

    “You old head, super lyrical mother******s need to get over yourselves. Every time some new rap drops you sound bitter. ‘This ain’t that real shit,’ you scream as you fix your two-toned durag and adjust your NT denim…I’m dead tired of you cats, man. You make my head hurt. Can’t be listening to Talib Kweli rap off beat and Lupe Fiasco deep cuts at BBQs.”
    In regard to the political content or lack thereof from Future and Drake he adds, “If you expect them to speak on social issues, you’re an idiot.”

    While he makes other valid points about the vast diversity in choices the internet has allowed, I must say it is you, Mr. Diaz, who is an idiot. As Talib Kweli wrote on his Twitter feed, you, your publication and writers of your ilk consistently go out of your way to remind us purists and old heads that we are irrelevant. If that were the case how did criticisms on this mixtape get under your skin so quickly.

    We live in an enlightened world where you should be able to accept criticism, process it, use it or discard it. You seem rather sensitive to these attacks and they clearly have struck a nerve. In addition, your intellectually thin comparison between ‘Turn Up” music of now and party music of the old school leaves much to be desired.

    To the rest of the Hip-Hop Nation, we need to keep an eye on writers like this. I believe their motives and actions are malicious and destructive. They are creating an environment that will lead to Hip-Hop’s implosion. We are one of the few industries whose biggest revenue stream lies in devaluing our product. The gossip, the feuds, the pissing contests. We are all TMZ and zero New York Times. This piece is Exhibit A in that criticism.

    To praise this mindless, yet entertaining turn up music while mocking Lupe Fiasco and Talib Kweli is like the beef industry telling their own customers to forget about Peter Luger’s and enjoy their Whoppers. Completely ridiculous and it has to stop.

    For the past twenty years, Talib Kweli has gone to great lengths to produce a high quality product. Your turn up rappers, Mr. Diaz, your Slim Jesus, your Rae Sremund exist only to mock our culture and make a quick buck. They are the fast food of the music industry. They have their place, but do not attempt to convince me or others that they are the superior product. They are the scourge.

    The reason why we old heads attack them so consistently is because they devalue the brand. They may work well for your system (congrats on the $21 million from Hearst) but they poison mine. The unchecked consumerism, the misogyny, the blindness to social issues hurt the rest of us. I imagine this point misses you as you sit in your midtown office and hurl juvenile insults for clicks. However for us, the ones out here risking our own money and livelihoods for the betterment of the culture, we see it.

    Because of your beloved ignorant rappers our event insurance premiums are double that of rock or even punk events. Because of the hard drug abuse you support we find it hard to find venues for our events. Because of your fascination with firearms I have to convince sponsors and the NYPD repeatedly that events like our Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival will be safe for the community.

    So no I won’t fall back. I won’t be shamed into supporting the coonery you covet. And to your point that I should not expect Drake or Future to speak on social issues, I feel bad for you. You claim some sense of awareness of Hip-Hop’s history in your piece but I fear that is a front. For if you did, you would realize that standing up for social issues is the very foundation of this culture. It was why Afrika Bambaataa and The Zulu Nation helped create this industry that pays your bills.

    It is sad that twenty years of brainwashing from Hot 97 and MTV have convinced you that all we are our oversexed, chest naked men looking for the next hit or the next strip club. Standing up against police brutality to you is a joke. An annoyance that you hope goes way like a nagging student loan. The reality, Mr. Diaz, is that we are more than that. We, Hip-Hop, are the voice of the people. If you want to silence that, you need to reexamine your priorities, who cuts your checks and the world you have created.

    To the rest of us, consider who you are listening to. Who are you reading? Question their motives. We are all not on the same team. They are a lot of wolves in sheep’s clothing among us.

    Best of luck to Future and Drake though. The mixtape may not be my cup of tea but I know how hard it is to achieve success in this industry. Because of that I will never publicly tear a brother down or pander to click bait journalism.

    The reality is no matter where we land on the Hip-Hop spectrum we need to stay focused on moving the culture forward. Whether you’re in Compton or Brownsville. Trap or conscious. White or Black. If Hip-Hop advocacy is not your mission then we are indeed enemies and I will call you out at every opportunity and offer no apologies.
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  • Re: Slim Jesus: White People Sound Corny Saying the N-Word

    When a no talent joke of artist like Future can get so much love why anyone is shocked at this kid getting attention is beyond me.
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