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  • Re: The Official "Power" Season 2 Discussion (June 6, 9pm ET) WARNING SPOILERS INSIDE

    MR.CJ wrote: »
    Tasha said she wanted ghost to be the biggest drug dealer in new york.

    I can see her setting up kanan.
    Yea I can see tasha setting up Kanan

    Exactly. The way Kanaan got locked up, doesn't seem like Ghost's style. If Ghost wanted him out the picture, then I think he would've killed him.

    Bruh that look said it all when Ghost offered Kanan to stay at the crib

    I ain't a street dude, by any means

    but there is no waaaay in hell I see Ghost doing that petty shit

    Ghost seemed pleased to offer to house Kanan

    while Tasha looked worried as fuck, that right there tells me something is up

    Tasha has history with Kanan, they came from the same neighborhood

    I wouldn't be surprised if Tasha did something

    She hid the phone call from Ghost about Simon Stern calling

    She threw away money to get her daughter that number one spot in the school play w/o telling Ghost

    Fingering herself in front of the driver, trying to play him, to get more info on Ghost

    Setting up an separate bank account, to hide funds away from Ghost

    I mean cmon those are all signs of a sneaky, manipulative, bitch bruh
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  • Re: Mortal Kombat X - 4/14/2015

    Bruh ordering Triple AAA titles at launch is the worst thing to do as a consumer

    Chances of the game being buggy/glitching- Check

    Chances of the game crashing- Check

    Chances of beimg stripped of material that should have been in the title anyways- Check

    Just wait till the GOTY edition

    To get the full game smh
  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread

    I was talking to one of the commissioners after the fight, that sat in the front

    and he said it was a shut out win, and it was easy for Mayweather

    Dude was sitting next to Al Haymon for the fight

    he said that after the fight, when Pacquiao said he thought he won

    he said Haymon leaned over to him and said "Now we know he's definitely on drugs" lol

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  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread

    gns wrote: »
    Niggas out here are putting 1000s

    On Pacquiao

    I told that nigga hes going to be a broke motherfucker in the morning

    Hey bro who and where are these niggaz u speak of?

    Who: A bunch of guys from all over tge country, most black

    Where: Las Vegas, NV

    More specifically: MGM Grand, Monte Carlo, Mandalay, Wynn, Encore New York, New York, Bellagio

    And random crackers on the strip
  • Re: The Official Boxing Thread

    Niggas out here are putting 1000s

    On Pacquiao

    I told that nigga hes going to be a broke motherfucker in the morning
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