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  • Re: A Comedy Series Inspired By Biggie's Lyrics Is Coming To TBS

    I dont ever want to see the episode that was inspired by this lyric

    "When I first met you I admit, my first thought was to trick

    You look so good I"ll suck on your daddy's dick"

    Fuck no

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  • Re: The Travel Thread

    Nice is beautiful, it's a tragedy that it happened

    My hotel was right there on the beach where the dude starting running people over

  • Re: Video.. Rep. Steve King: What Other 'Subgroup' Gave More To Civilization Than White People…

    Did he also add the amount of diseases, hostility, oppression and just pure hatred that came over from Europe?

    If not, don't need to hear it
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  • Re: Whats The Weirdest/Strangest Experience You've Ever Had?

    Alright some of these stories be weird and creepy as fuck

    The dude with the uncle or brother in law that slit his throat while he stood over him is prolly the tops

    But, Thank Gawd for reactions

    Whenever I see a bunch of "LOL's" or "WTF"s, I know I should I read it and most of the time it' hilarious or weird as fuck

    If it don't have any reactions, I just ignore it, unless someone refers to it
  • Re: The Official "Power" Season 3 Discussion Thread (7.17.16)

    And niggas talking about Ghost is a "fuck nigga" and "a punk" for doing what he did to Kanan

    Well, that depends on how you want to look at the situation

    Nigga, was working for a goddman sociopath that didn't want to leave the hood

    Ghost wanted more for his life and knew that he wanted to be the Boss

    So, he got him out the picture by setting him up

    Was that morally right? No

    But, at the same time

    And this refers to the name of the show

    When you want "Power", you do want you need to go get it

    I am pretty sure the creator Courtney Agboh, has read the 48 Laws of Power numerous times since many of the laws have been featured in the show

    and the writers constantly use it as inspiration

    Rule #20

    Never Commit to Anyone

    Ghost appears loyal to those that are loyal to him, but at the end of the day that nigga has his best interests at hand

    He's playing chess, while most of those around look like they're behind playing checkers

    He threw his best friend in jail (bailed him out, but still), Threw his girl under the bus to bust his boy out, cheating on Tasha with his highschool bitch

    Killing off his whole organization and setting Kanan up

    Even back in Season 1, during the last episode

    Ghost was thinking back to what Lobos said, about having his men do the work for him

    And then propositioned to Tommy about the whole, "1 voice, 2 men ideology", which is complete bullshit to anyone paying attention to Ghost's moves

    Ghost is very manipulative, ruthless person when need be
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