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  • Re: The Playa's Lounge 2.0

    Big bitches are like apex predators these days. I created a profile a few hours ago just to fuck around and this what I already got, smh:


    well if "JessLovesBooks" so much, why don't she read how to lose some goddamn weight

    fat bitches have some nerve, wanting to be considered equal, yet they don't have the equal body weight as the next bitch

    who is smaller and better looking

    trying to always order a salad at first, to throw yo ass off right, then you get comfortable, nxt thing you know your bill looks like the rent for your apartment/condo

    I don't fuck with fat bitches bruh no offense to those that do

    Do you nigga, do you

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  • Re: The Playa's Lounge 2.0

    But on another note I gotta say this

    even tho i am training to be a professional white girl keeper

    trying to catch em all (the fine ass white bitches wit the fat asses that are in shape, otherwise known as P.A.W.G.S) on some pokemon negro ketchum shit

    I'm getting kinda bored with these white hoes, that "only" mess with black guys

    Like its cool and all, its easy pussy, but thats the problem its too easy

    any nigga can FUCK A WOMAN

    I don't care how bad your game is, you catch a woman at the right time and fuck her

    BUT as far as the QUALITY of the GIRL you smash, now thats a complete different story

    I respect a nigga thats fucked 50 high quality bitches

    then a nigga that smashed over 200 bitches, but half of em aint shit

    who the fuck brags about eating at mcdonalds every weekend

    anyone nigga could eat at mcdonalds or burger king

    but when you eating 5 course meals with the steaks, shrimps and lobster with the heavy butter and shit

    drinking that wine you know damn well you can't pronounce

    then you living life and dealing with high quality

    When I see black guys with white women that are either unattractive, overweight or just average

    you basically accepting the white man's rejects or leftovers

    Just irritates me, and gives niggas that really are putting in work a bad name

    Ol I'll take whatever is thrown at me, cause I can't turn down no type of pussy ass niggas
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  • Re: The Playa's Lounge 2.0

    So let me get this straight, this the playas lounge right?

    and niggas are trying to get they rep up by sucking on sun burnt psoriasis titties outchea?


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  • Re: *dead* Trey Songz Out Here Pulling Jedi Mind Tricks On These Hoes

    point is

    this nigga fame already does half the job of what regular niggas do

    when he first came out, I didnt hear bitches talking bout fucking him like they do now

    but thats because, hes become more successful and got more exposure

    one time someone interviewed him and asked why are these girls going crazy over him

    he just said he don't get it either, he just cut his hair and lifted weights

    the nigga knows the game and knows that being in shape helps his game

    women do the choosing, but a nigga that got his shit together can run these hoes

    his shit together as in


    Thats the triple threat
  • Re: The Playa's Lounge 2.0

    just so y'all could see that there are these goofy bitches that just have an account to troll, be rude and use it for their entertainment and play niggas

    but she ran across the wrong one








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