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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    J-GUTTA wrote: »
    Just Listened to "Good Kid, Maad City" this morning the First time since 2014 .

    Hands Down, 5 Mics, 5 Stars, whatever the fuck ...That Album is a Classic .

    . . . Shit gave me chills all over again .

    Still have no desire to listen to Kendrick.

    For some reason i cant either.. his voice makes that shit real difficult

    It doesn't have anything to do with his voice I dont see how people say he's some lyrical genius. Same with Lupe a cat that makes a song with a hook talking about a pizza man aint no fucking God M.C.
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  • Re: Ladies, please help Conflict come to terms with his homosexuality

    Copper wrote: »
    Kai's that egghead in front of the class that raises her hand to answer any question then rambles random this about her personal life and her cats antics ...


    I just surprised she did start her post on some

    You do realize in the latest New England Medical journal studies show that.....
  • Re: lol Newark not Fuckin wit Chief Keef

    RiGGA wrote: »
    J-GUTTA wrote: »
    RiGGA wrote: »
    See what I'm saying? Shit is sad yo, dude's a fuckin joke.

    Anyway, according to the video scavenged off youtube bout the Gaylords, shit is news to me. Like I said, before that website I never heard of em. But they ran chicago breh really *shaqface* the Northside maybe but that's cuz niggas can't find a fuck to give about the Northside unless they fuckin a broad up there.

    But anyways, why yall reviving shit from the 80's to slightChicago culture today? These newark niggas PUTTING SHIT ON GRAPES RIGHT NOW and yall wanna talk about some faggot white boy shit from 30 years ago.

    Where's the justice lol

    I live in Chicago and I can tell you that's bullshit. Aint no Hip Hop culture in Chicago. Chicago is gang culture. Why do you think cats like Common who dropped in 91 aint get no spins to the masses until he dropped Corners. And that shit was only because Kanye cosigned him. If your talking about Chief Keef and them bammas that aint shit to be proud of B.
    Bruh, you're arguing with yourself. I never said shit about chicago having a hip hop culture I said that this nigga bringing up some white boy Gaylord shit to slight Chicago like they relevant in 2014.

    My point was that newark claiming fruit in modern society, while Gaylords are nowhere to be found in today's times. You quoted my post before expressing your concern regarding hip hop culture in Chicago, but that has nothing at all to do with what I was saying lol

    Their claiming a street in L.A. dude not no fruit. Purple is Deceps to me.
    naw i always knew common had it because of resurrection, just like im go always know kanye got because of CD snd not that 808 bullshit...

    Me and you know but a mass majority of Chicago cared less about his music until Kanye cosigned him. Fact. Kanye is trash

    Diamond D >>>>>>> dog shit>>>>>>>> Kanye
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  • Re: Ladies, please help Conflict come to terms with his homosexuality

    My bad ya'll I only knew a little about was going on yesterday I didn't know it got that serious.

    @Khalessi‌ @SixSickSins‌ desculpe I didn't know ya'll were offended by it.

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