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  • Do nice guys really finish last?


    Lacks a Backbone

    “My brother is one of those ‘nice guys’ and I hate his all of his girlfriends! I have yet to meet a women that he’s been into that I actually like for him. He’s always dating these chicks that walk all over him and treat him like a*s. I remember so many woman that I’ve had to set straight for talking to him sideways. I wish he would just grow a set and put his foot down but he’s too afraid to lose them as a result of it. But I keep telling him that they’ll respect him more if he did. He’s a good-loking guy too so it baffles me that he’s such a pushover. It’s really not cute. - Gingi, 31

    Easily Manipulated

    “The nice guy types will do whatever it takes to be the man you want him to be even if it’s not in his character. Like if I say I like a man with facial hair, he’ll grow a beard. If I say I like a man to take charge, he’ll try but fail miserably because he’s trying too hard. If I say I like dudes with tatoos he’ll ask me to go with him to pick one out but try to play it off like ‘oh. I’ve always wanted one.’ It’s just that kind of guy that’s really goes out his way to be someone he’s not to get a woman’s affection.” - Tracy, 30

    Can’t Make a Decision

    “I dated a ‘nice guy’ for a while and he was really good to me. Treated me nice and showered me with compliments and whole nine. What was so annoying about him was he could never make a decision! For instance, I would ask him ‘what are we doing tonight?’ And his answer was always, ‘I don’t know. What do you want to do.’ It just got old. He’s the man so he should make a decision from time to time!” -Danielle, 27

    Better as Friends

    “Actually I dated a man who ended up being a really good friend of mine. That was about two years ago and I thought he was charming and sweet and very, very handsome but I just wasn’t attracted to him. So we went on a few dates and I thought that maybe I could grow to become attracted to him and we one night we kissed and messed around but it just wasn’t there for me. He didn’t really have the mannish command that I look for in a man and I knew then that he wouldn’t satisfy me in the bed. But we’re still friends to this day and I know that would do anything for me like I would for him. We just weren’t compatible . . . romantically. ” -Jackie, 30

    Too Mushy

    “Nice guys are too sentimental. I’m so not the sappy kind of gal, you know what I mean? I like more of a bad boy who doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve all the time. Nice guys are always pouring their heart out and have like an over-the-top display of emotions. Like I said, bad boys who know how to be a nice guy when it’s necessary are more my speed. I don’t need a crybaby, I do enough crying for the both of us so I don’t need my man to be soft like that. Somebody has to be the man and I don’t want to be.” - Gretchen, 29