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  • Re: The Avengers or Dark Knight Rises

    Avengers has that top comic book movie spot as of now....
    a.mannyeah i rap so don't CitySojournernujerz84Sour-Cream
  • Re: The Avengers or Dark Knight Rises

    I'm more excited about seeing Anne Hathaway as Catwoman than anything else in Dark Knight
  • Re: Batman Vs...

    nujerz84 wrote: »
    Again Im talking Batman and only Batman something that u dont comprehend.

    His mere origin and how he became to be Batman is more realistic than any other well known hero in the world of comics.

    No alien or spaceshit, super serum, radioactive spiders, no majically or surgical enhanced shit, no green lantern ring etc... Just marital arts training, money/resources and intelligence.

    Batman has lost plenty of times...Got addicted to Drugs when he tried to get stronger when he failed to resuce a child..One of the Best Batman stories written.

    Batman the GOAT character period.

    Again, I said I caught that but it does not change the fact that Batman is not the most realistic. I would say the Punisher is more realistic. A war vet who lost his family and decided to murder everybody associated with crime is more realistic than a person going out in a bat costume and fighting crime.
  • Re: Batman Vs...

    DarkRaiden wrote: »
    Hulk. And the comic doesn't count, Batman would break his leg on Hulk's stomach if he kicked him and Hulk is now immune to gas IIRC. Also Thor, Loki, Doom, Magneto, Storm, Nova, and more SHOULD beat Batman, depends on the writer though. They have him do stupid retarded shit to win. Also Flash, he can't possibly lose logically.

    I love how you always say shit doesn't count lmmfao. Batman ends up beating them all, I do not know how, but he will. Writers love him. DC and Marvel the company does not matter. Most if not all have a special place in their heart for him.

    I think if Marvel got the chance to tell any Batman story they want, they would kill him off in the first couple of pages and try to figure out who did it the rest of the issue or series.