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  • Re: Joe Budden: Meek Is A Simp Who Never Got Girls Before Nicki Minaj & Won't Outsell Big Sean

    i ro ny wrote: »
    Joe is going to destroy this kid if he does take it to bars.

    Joe has never lost a battle.

    Game, entire G-Unit in their prime, Saigon, Prodigy, Royce Da 5'9 and sparred with Jay.


    Joey lost to Lil B

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  • Re: NAACP Spokeswoman Rachel Dolezal can't answer if she is African American or Not

    Telling a black student she's not black enough while teaching about black experience: Awesome Work
    Stopping an openly White activist from speaking about White Privilege: Amazing Work
    Making up stories about getting whipped like a slave: Very Creative and inspirational
    spraying a Swastika and placing a Noose on your property: Excelling at greatness
    Telling your family not to contact you and creating a new family out of thin air: Magical
    Lying to those you serve for nearly ten years about your ethnicity and saying extra racist shit while doing it: Priceless.
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  • Re: NAACP Spokeswoman Rachel Dolezal can't answer if she is African American or Not

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    I think that the problem with you guys is that you don't appreciate nuance. That's why I keep finding myself under fire on here. I would say one thing, and you'd hear another. I'd make a complex point, but you read it a simple way.

    For example, with this woman I am not saying that she shouldn't be criticized. All I am saying is that she was doing good work and her heart appears to be in what she was doing. You can acknowledge these things and still criticize her; if she was doing good work, that does not settle the matter about whether she is appropriately criticized.

    But these fine distinctions that I am making her, and that I make in other threads, somehow get lost. So you just read me as defending her, when in truth that's not what I am doing.

    How do you keep missing the point that she lied???? Wtf is wrong with you???? 90% of race threads you go against obvious shit........ Your points dont be complex.... You just go against the grain about obvious shit like that mob nigga.... I'm convinced somebody is paying you niggas..... You niggas be too habitatual.... Keep acting like you ain't a professional shoe shiner though............

    i dont go against the grain about obvious shyt... I've said if she lied about critical shyt then she should be punished like anyone else... the ONLY thing I have really defended about her is her being able to do something positive in the community...

    My only problem Is I hate being judgemental... and like me and dude both keep saying.. we not condoning any wrong she has done.. but we are seeing that she has done positive things as well... you niggas are disregarding the good she has done and just on attack mode...

    "I hate being judgemental"..... You cant be serious...... People lie to you and you don't judge their character????? Dumbass lying about your race to become head of the NAACP is critical.... Bitch lied about entire existence but you don't find that critical????? Bitch showed her lack of integrity by lying about her race....... Who raised you fam???? Goddamn you can't be this dumb..... no diss with the name calling

    you COMPLETELY MISSED WHERE I SAID IF SHE LIED ABOUT ANYTHING CRITICAL THEN SHE SHOULD BE PUNISHED. but if she is doing good for the community I have no problem with that... read bruh... read...

    She made up stories about harassment which for a white women was racist as fuck, and that calls into question all the other shit she did. This is before we found out she was actually white. Usually making up serious shit that pertains directly to your work is enough for people to question your ethics. She pretty much made up her entire life. She also lied about her family relations, her birth, her past encounters and her true feelings towards black and white interaction (she told a black women that she wasn't black enough for fucks sake).

    you arguing with yourself at this point... this is my last time saying I don't condone anything she did wrong..

    If you don't condone it, then what else is there to argue? What were all the other responses including this one for? Everything she did wrong fucked up everything she did right so why did you waste your energy just to concede that your point is pointless?

    if she helped the community in anyway that's what I was defending... all that other shyt is on her... like I said from the jump idgaf what she did as long as positive shyt came out of it for the community... if you feel it didn't then cool..

    Wait, i thought you weren't going to respond? Negative shit came from it that far outweighed and destroyed the positive shit. Even before she was caught lying about her race, she was caught inciting racial tension so how much positive was she doing exactly? I guess a con artist should get a pass because he helped a lot of people to foster a reputation in order to set up a con that hurt far more people. How many times you wanna go back and forth with this? Or are you finally no longer responding so i can continue to argue with myself? This will be my last response to you. And i actually mean it.
  • Re: The Official Jay-Z's "Tidal" Streaming Service Thread (New Stand Up Comedy Series Added)

    You're not saying anything we don't know. Anyone who paid attention when he first bought stock in the franchise knew how little he owned and what his role was in the rebranding of the team. That's not the point so don't subvert the issue.

    Again, there are people who have genuine legitimate concerns with big money ventures and there are people who only throw their two cents in when it's a Black man doing it. If the latter isn't you, then speak your piece and keep moving.

    It's the niggas crying "Camel this, camel that" that expose themselves. Like throwing in a 10+ year old Camron/Nas insult will make anyone take you seriously

    10 years later, and his face still looks like a Camel. Don't need Cam'ron to tell me that. We still pressing ether buttons 10 years later too. I mean that has nothing to do with what i said though. He threw his face to it to give it legitimacy and people didn't like that. Period. I do think the Tidal situation is ridiculous, but let's not act like he's never been on some shady shit. And don't act like he didn't get a pass eventually with that stadium deal. I was just telling folks how the environment looked at the time of the stadium deal, what he signed on to at the time, and what the reaction was to it.
  • Re: The Official Jay-Z's "Tidal" Streaming Service Thread (New Stand Up Comedy Series Added)


    It reminds me of when the Nets moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn. Major league sports teams relocate all the time. But when Jay-Z got involved, all of a sudden Hip Hop pundits starts moaning about 'gentrification'. There was an article on this very website on how Jay was contributing to the downfall of Brooklyn by joining the campaign.

    People keep subverting the issue by saying "Nobody's stopping Jay". Of course no one is stopping him. This thread is proof that people just don't WANT him to succeed, whether or not they could ever obstruct his progress. And it's not just him. Master P caught it, Diddy caught it, 50 Cent caught it, Belly caught it. These supposed "Hip Hop fans" tend to not criticize shit until a rapper does it

    It begs the question, do you have a problem with the act or the actor?

    Sorry bro, but the concern of gentrification was a real one and having JayZ cosign something people in his neck of the woods were fighting against was a slap in the face no matter how you swing it. Eminent Domain was also a major issue even though i didn't feel bad for the crackers that lost their lofts because they started this movement. I live in that area and the gentrification is a major issue, but it's too late now. Black folks definitely gonna eat for a sec in that stadium until they're done pushing us out. Anyway, you folks can get back to debating music.
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