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  • Iggy really said "nigga" on Facebook

    Y'all got on that black girl naps for calling her out for the slave master line, and holding her own against shoot my brother, love a cracker T.I.

    Edit: Fuck if it's a hoax. She still raping the culture with her Hollywood accent.
  • Attorney: V. Stiviano assaulted by 2 white men in New York

    I see black folks quicker to forgive a white cracker billionaire and let him into the church of the lawd, but shitting all over this lost sista that got beat on by racist crackers. Niggas quicker to give a pass to bieber then this black women for using jokes on her own people that didn't include chasing down niggers. She gets a pass for exposing a racist cracker that others let slide for years.
  • Barack Obama: Has he done all he can for Black people in America?

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    Ok. Well i guess that settles it since you offered me the most sound evidence. Must be all black people in all workplaces. I'm glad you're concerned by just black people and feel we are all the same. I'm sorry black folks didn't kiss your ass and praise whitey. The delusion is your ability to deflect any harm caused by your people.

    sure, "my people" took part in giving the black community a terrible starting point in american society. is dwelling on it going to make it better? not that you should forget history, its a sick history, and white people are the clear antagonists in it, but not all white people wish harm on the black community anymore, in fact, less than half. i'll admit there is still alot of racist scum out there, but the corporate media machine these days is strongly against racism, look how quickly bundy and donald sterling got dealt with by it. some of the republican politicians cater to racist people and they know it, but they can't say it, because they know they won't get re-elected if they have a publicity fallout from racism. racism is NOT dead by any means, but it has very little power over the functions of society.

    as for the attitude i describe, im not saying its all black people, or exclusive to black people, but there is clearly a lack of effort displayed by black gentlemen who consider themselves "hood". plenty of wiggers show the same attributes, including me as a teen, and redneck trailer trash have a similar problem. several black people talk about this, yet when i describe it, you claim im doing so out of a of black people, and you'd rather shift the focus to what white people did in the past, and act like no black people anywhere have shit they need to get together, since their problems originated from being slaves. in my urban community, the majority of people who act like that in the workplace are black, and im sure if you went to the boonies that wouldnt be the case. all im saying is that continuing to blame the white man, while your assertions arent incorrect, your not doing yourself any favors. not you specifically.

    im out here drunk/stoned writing books n shit.


  • Barack Obama: Has he done all he can for Black people in America?

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    However, you can't expect Obama to truly understand the struggle when he was raised in a white household. What we're experiencing is the difference between a half white half black president and a black president.

    That's why it's important to distinguish between the two.

    He was in the hood as a community organizer doing more for his people then people in the hood complaining about nobody doing nothing for the people.

    Don't be quick to assume that, plenty of people are out here doing there part. I can post up videos of other community organizers saying even worse then what I say about Obama

    Does that discount what he has done? Which was the point i was replying too. It was said plenty of Community Organizers were hating cuz they didn't make moves he made to do more for all people and he succeded. The point was that he was in the hood even though he wasn't raised there and he didn't have to be there while others are there (not all) complaining and not doing shit.
  • new york girls the creme of the crop?

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    new yorkers arrogance and feeling that our city is better is well deserved because all things considered nyc is a better city.

    Nigga. You not even from here. How old was you when you came off that boat?

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