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  • Re: (((Intentionally))) MISPRONOUNCED Words

    I just read a story that putting brackets around a (((word))) like that is what White Supremacist do to expose Jews on the internet.
  • Re: Joe Budden: Meek Is A Simp Who Never Got Girls Before Nicki Minaj & Won't Outsell Big Sean

    i ro ny wrote: »
    Joe is going to destroy this kid if he does take it to bars.

    Joe has never lost a battle.

    Game, entire G-Unit in their prime, Saigon, Prodigy, Royce Da 5'9 and sparred with Jay.


    Joey lost to Lil B

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  • Re: The Official Jay-Z's "Tidal" Streaming Service Thread (New Stand Up Comedy Series Added)

    You're not saying anything we don't know. Anyone who paid attention when he first bought stock in the franchise knew how little he owned and what his role was in the rebranding of the team. That's not the point so don't subvert the issue.

    Again, there are people who have genuine legitimate concerns with big money ventures and there are people who only throw their two cents in when it's a Black man doing it. If the latter isn't you, then speak your piece and keep moving.

    It's the niggas crying "Camel this, camel that" that expose themselves. Like throwing in a 10+ year old Camron/Nas insult will make anyone take you seriously

    10 years later, and his face still looks like a Camel. Don't need Cam'ron to tell me that. We still pressing ether buttons 10 years later too. I mean that has nothing to do with what i said though. He threw his face to it to give it legitimacy and people didn't like that. Period. I do think the Tidal situation is ridiculous, but let's not act like he's never been on some shady shit. And don't act like he didn't get a pass eventually with that stadium deal. I was just telling folks how the environment looked at the time of the stadium deal, what he signed on to at the time, and what the reaction was to it.
  • Re: The Official Jay-Z's "Tidal" Streaming Service Thread (New Stand Up Comedy Series Added)


    It reminds me of when the Nets moved from New Jersey to Brooklyn. Major league sports teams relocate all the time. But when Jay-Z got involved, all of a sudden Hip Hop pundits starts moaning about 'gentrification'. There was an article on this very website on how Jay was contributing to the downfall of Brooklyn by joining the campaign.

    People keep subverting the issue by saying "Nobody's stopping Jay". Of course no one is stopping him. This thread is proof that people just don't WANT him to succeed, whether or not they could ever obstruct his progress. And it's not just him. Master P caught it, Diddy caught it, 50 Cent caught it, Belly caught it. These supposed "Hip Hop fans" tend to not criticize shit until a rapper does it

    It begs the question, do you have a problem with the act or the actor?

    Sorry bro, but the concern of gentrification was a real one and having JayZ cosign something people in his neck of the woods were fighting against was a slap in the face no matter how you swing it. Eminent Domain was also a major issue even though i didn't feel bad for the crackers that lost their lofts because they started this movement. I live in that area and the gentrification is a major issue, but it's too late now. Black folks definitely gonna eat for a sec in that stadium until they're done pushing us out. Anyway, you folks can get back to debating music.
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  • Re: Do you Feel Like an American?

    DNB1 wrote: »
    Kat wrote: »
    I'm moving to Greece. :(

    what happened to LA?

    She's throwing shots because Greece is a shit hole. One of those what about black on black crime type of statements.