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  • Re: Actor Anthony Mackie Says “People Are Just Tired of Being Bombarded With Race”

    No No No No.. We have to kill the word coon. It's way overused. /s
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    16 is not a pedo age. It is illegal in many states (not all), but not pedo. You actually have to be 16 or older to be considered a pedo.

    age of consent 16: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia

    Im from California. 16 pedo as fuck.

    Still not technically pedo.


    Your laws don't even mention jail time for dealing with a 16 year old, but there probably is a non felony offence
    Any person 21 years of age or older who commits the crime with a minor under 16 years of age is guilty of a misdemeanor or a felony.

    Are you a registered sex offender or nah?

    Bro, you could be labeled a sex offender just for public urination.

    lol answer the question

    You think a nigga like me that actually know the law would get caught up as a sex offender? I'm just schooling you idiots cause you stay throwing words around with no substance. Nothing wrong with knowing the law. We are talking about a 16 year old. If i was in jersey and smashed a jersey chick i wouldn't have issues. I don't chase young tail though. Don't act like them 16 year olds not freaks though. I've seen it all in the hood.
  • Re: Biggie's Murderer Found! (LAPD Dective Tells All)

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    A lot of fallacies in this thread.

    The tracks for R U Still Down was completed in 94 and originally suppose to come in December 95' under Interscope as a way for them to make money off Pac while he was in jail. Pac got out of jail early and signed to Death Row, so they shelved the album. But the album was mastered and ready to go as confirmed by the engineers who worked on it.

    Khadifi, was accidentally killed by Napoleons cousin. Yes, unfortunately coincidences happen sometimes.

    None of the Outlawz, Pac's family, and Afeni believe that he was set up by Suge, they all believe that he was killed on some "regular nigga" shit. That's a theory that's mostly believed by outsiders.

    Frank Alexender doesn't believe that Suge had anything to do with it.

    Pac owed DR two more albums. He wasn't going anywhere. All Eyes on Me is only counted as two albums by the RIAA because it exceeded 100 minutes, that has nothing to do with how Interscope counted it.

    Pac was out on appeal and Death Row was paying ALL of his legal fees to keep him free. Without DR, he would've went back to jail. He fired David Kenner but they hired Johny Cochran for him during his 96' case. They were also providing him with protection that he needed since he made so many enemies. DR also took care if his family by buying them that mansion, and Pac was all about taking care his family. With Death Row, he had almost unlimited resources at his disposal to have the success he craved since he first came into the game. He was spending crazzzzy money on DR's tab. Who do you think paid for all of that studio time, stylist, 12 videos, an expensive double album, 3 unrealesed albums, security, producers, flying in other rappers like Boot Camp Click, etc. people in the DR camp have talked about how Suge started building DR around Pac and putting more money into him. Why would Pac leave? Pac wasn't going to severe ties with Suge completely, he was going to start his own imprint under DR, similar to what Snoop was also doing on the label (Dogg Pound). Pac said it out of his own mouth in that Sway interview. It's not unusual for an artist to run into issues with royalties before they actually receive them.

    How could Pac say "he was a dead man walking" on the flight to Vegas when he didn't even fly to Vegas? Pac drove with Kadiada and a few others and meet up with Suge at Vegas.

    How do we know that it was the first time Suge ordered his security not to carry guns?

    If Suge was that much of a mastermind then I believe he would've found a more efficient way of killing Pac. He really went about it in a Wylie Coyote type of way. Why in the world would he fight in a crowded casino the night he has to pull off his master hit, wouldn't he want to lay low? What if the cops showed up, that would've put a dent in the plan. And even if he placed Orlando Anderson in that casino lobby as a patsy, how did he know that Pac was going to dash off to Anderson and punch him after Babe Lane whispered to Pac "that's the dude who stole my chain 4 months ago"? What if Pac didn't react? Idk, too many holes in the Suge theory.

    You talk a lot of sense in this post dude. People like to paint suge as some mastermind ignoring the fact he's barely literate.

    Being Literate has nothing at all to do with being able to plot schemes. You don't have to read a book to plot on a nigga and do dirt. Still i don't think Suge was involved.
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    I remember a time when big daddy kane did suspect shit for the ladies, and he got shitted on heavy. Him doing a playboy spread sent shock waves. Times done changed, and you homo pac stans are scorned bitches. These be the same motherfuckers shitting on drake for his sensitive ways yet defending this nigga's bubble bath pic. Did he sign your ducky for you?