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king bloo
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  • Re: If you was in prison for life would u smash a tranny ?

    P-Dogg77 wrote: »
    Im so straight that i could even fuck a guy if he looks like a girl , Prince for example

    this is one of the gayest things I've ever read.

    congrats on "coming out" to the IC. shit took bravery,.
  • Re: Bremelo-status chick lists her ideal man on Twitter, hilarity ensues

    Great job @Joker_De_La_Muerta

    A mod ruined this thread

    The fuck did I do, Dazzler?

    You a real bitch ass nigga. You fucking faggot.

    Gone hack shorty account cause she was sonning your non descript ass.

    Like @D0wn said realistically shorty wasn't asking for much in a man that y'all niggas ask for in a woman.

    Y'all niggas talk about y'all respect black woman. Foh

    Bunch of he man woman haters on this site.

    You niggas couldn't say nothing.

    This how I know you bird ass niggas don't get no quality bitches.

    Socially awkward, bird ass niggas.

    Y'all niggas fuck with bitches that smoke menthol gpc cigarettes and drink six packs of natural ice.

    Fucking weirdos. Lol

    Ain nobody above gettin clowned for saying some silly shit.

    Thing is... You don't see a lot of dudes making lists like the one she made, that some shit these new chicks been doing and it's stupid as shit. Maybe some of you young niggas do make lists 'cause most of y'all bitchmade and emotional like that, but by and large MEN don't make lists like this and post the shit on social media like it means something.

    That's why she's gettin clowned.

    It's ok to have standards, but why the fuck are you posting that shit for all to see? What do you gain from it? Not one goddamned thing except "likes". Was there good reason for her to broadcast what she likes in a man to everyone that could see her Twitter shits? No. She could have kept that shit to herself and all would be fine.

    This shit ain't about respecting Black women because, again, ain't nobody above gettin roasted. If you put yourself out there on social media for everyone to see you can expect reactions like this 'cause everybody has an opinion on everything you post and they will respond in kind. Don't like it? Close your accounts and log the fuck off.
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  • Re: Bremelo-status chick lists her ideal man on Twitter, hilarity ensues

    I was really not gonna come back but I was lurking and some incredibly ignorant rape comments triggered me so here I am. Anymore questions?

    The way I read it, the comment was more like "you need more people" regarding you getting rape threats.

    I went back and forward in this thread, no one leveled a single rape threat at you. Jokes is jokes and niggas like to crash on muhfuckas, but rape threats don't fly 'round here. Don't put that bullshit on us.
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  • Re: Bremelo-status chick lists her ideal man on Twitter, hilarity ensues

    I wasn't going to comment but I have to LAUGH at this thread like I laughed at everyone in my mentions. For those asking "why" I "think" I deserve a man like this, the fact is because I AM A WOMAN like this.
    Car and crib = got that!
    No kids = got that!
    Degree = I have three!! Working on a fourth!
    6'2" = I'm 5'11" for whoever said I was a "midget" not quite.
    Big dick/eats ass/sucks toes = things that sexually satisfy me and I'm sure nobody on this thread wants to be with someone who can't satisfy them, especially when you do whatever you can to please your partner like I do!
    Calling me fat or saying I'm unattractive is a moot point because there are many men who find me attractive and love the way I'm shaped. And if you think these kind of men are a rarity then I invite you to go to any HBCU graduation and see for yourself. Keep it a buck, it doesn't matter HOW I look, y'all would be saying this about any woman who said it because it is YOU YOURSELF who is inadequate and can't measure up, the good news is there is someone out there who will settle for you, just won't be me! I'm confident in myself and know what I want, I'm young with my own and I'll be damned if I allow someone to come into my life that will do anything short of enhance it. More people should set a standard for the people they're with, perhaps more people will strive to be better instead of sitting around wasting away because they know anyone will take them. Be blessed everyone! I'll be here to answer any questions you have!

    Niggas with three degrees are professional students living off student loans. You walking into every relationship strapped with $100K+ worth of debt.

    Yeah... you pretty much need a nigga with money.
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    Soooooooooooo no new pics then?

    here's some pics nigga...




    niggas got the whole goddamned internet at their disposal but waitin for pics from the IC...
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