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yeah its called im on the wideworldweb EVER HEARD OF IT???
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  • Re: IC Fun Facts

    -I'm one of the few posters on here that has NEVER been exposed.

    OTT gave me a bunch of IC posters' phone numbers he found in PM boxes of phished accts back in the day. One of them was PHATnPHYNE17

    I used to call her up pretending to be you. I'd start off with "I am Moe James, the lover man," in my best Joe Blow voice. There would always be a hardcore porn scene playing somewhat loudly in the background as well. She'd be annoyed, but at the same time I'd always have to be the one to cut the convo off.

    I was supposed to record them and post them, but this was back in the flip phone days and the sound quality sucked so I never bothered.
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  • Re: The Mask You Live In (a study of masculinity) (trailer)

    Didn't watch the video but I can agree that ESPECIALLY in the Black Community, hyper masculinity has gotten alotta niggas killed and/or destroyed a lotta opportunities.

    There was a poster named Claude Brown a while back who typed something ill never forget about masculinity and the black community/Lower middle class people..TO paraphrase he said "Masculinity in the black community is like this hope diamond that men cling too" meaning that men from lower class backgrounds already have nothing so their masculinity is literally all they have so much so that they're socially conditioned to interpret everything as a sleight against them.

    Sometimes this winds up in quitting a job because they cant take orders, sometimes its shooting a nigga for disrespecting their set.

    People been killing each other solo or cliqueing up to kill groups of other people since the dawn of man. Just because our societies have become more civilized doesn't mean that people have inherently done the same. We're the same human beings we have been for the past ~200,000 yrs. Its natural. People fear being hurt/killed so other people use the threat of, or actual acts of violence as a means to an end. Tempers cloud judgement. Nothing "hyper" about it. Does it fuck things up? Yes. But its not some abnormality like this video or a few of you are making it out to be.

    The sentiment is fine, but I don't see how this applies here unless you're conceding that the reason things go farther than necessary is because some kids come from little to nothing and feel like they have nothing to lose. There are plenty of females that act the same way, so its not a "masculinity" issue.
  • Re: Welcome back @MoneyPowerRespect... what's the scuttlebutt?

    700 wrote: »
    Cain wrote: »
    This goofy nigga wants a A for effort in not catching AIDS but gonorrhea instead. What the fuck kinda of bizzaro world is this? That like saying I didn't lose my leg in car wreck but I lost my foot tho. It's still a lost no matter what?

    Aight I'm done


    You said Seinfeld used to be your favorite show; you forgot about the "bizarro" episode where Elaine makes new friends that look the same but act the opposite of the old ones? (bizarro is some Superman shit because Jerry obsessed with that on the show and in real life.)
  • Re: we now understand why Eddie Murphy's "SNL" return was so brief.

    Since when did Eddie have such high respect for Cosby. Back in the day he basically beefed with Cosby over comments Cosby made in reference to Pryor and Eddie.

    Cosby criticized them both for their foul language and whatnot, and Eddie defended his work. They were both professionals in the same field, and had a difference of opinion on conduct. To call it beef would be an exaggeration.
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    Kat wrote: »
    jono wrote: »
    Most of the characters she get into with she was getting into with them before she was a mod.

    She's a polarizing person but i don't see any rampant abuse of powers so fair.

    Can't cosign that. She developed enemies since becoming a moderator pico, charlie Im pretty sure chicity hate her now. A moderator is suppose to do everything in there power to make this a better place. All about the people. Making changes as they grow. Developing new ideas for the forum and bringing them to light. By deleting reactions and flagging post to burial or deleting them entirely you fucking up the entire forum lets be real.

    Let's not pretend she's the first mod to do that..guess it's more offensive coming from a female?

    No not at all. Sixsicksins is doing things that other mods aint never did. You post your picture on any internet website and that picture no longer belongs to you. It is no longer your property and you can't control what happens to it. If you post a picture of yourself in this sub-forum and you just so happen to start catchin that ether yo ass need to just catch feelings and take yo ass to sleep. Asking a moderator to take it down is completely useless at that point. Not only did she take the original picture down she edited about 10-15 other posters post. You don't do that shit.

    Let's be honest about it, that was a response to what was essentially an attempt to get at her indirectly by going at someone else, so she responded accordingly. Who's expected to fight fair when provoked? That's just how it goes.