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yeah its called im on the wideworldweb EVER HEARD OF IT???
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    Is this pic confirmed as being posted by Skylar? It wasn't clarified above.

    If so, its def the same spider web on the wrist and script on the hand.

    My question is, other than Skylar denying that she was Raevanna, why is it entertaining to speculate?
    Did Raevanna ever post or do anything particularly interesting that can be confirmed? Were there stark contradictions in 'personal info' or views from one account to the next?
    I ask because I never read Raevanna's posts, just remember the avi.
  • Re: Minister Louis Farrakhan on The Breakfast Club

    I completely agree with the conditioning, though I'm not sure how I fit the bill of being individualistic in regards to what I've put out in this thread. The only thing I have brought up as far as individuals go is the need to take personal responsibility to do one's own part for the group. I said there is a need to enlighten others, that way everyone becomes a part of a stronger whole. Maybe it sounded different from the outside looking in, in which case I ask you fill me in with a specific example of something I said that is inline with an "individualistic attitude."

    I also agree there are no real leaders that are about action, on a large scale level at least. I also don't think Farrakhan is a legit mover. He talks a good game, but that's it. There's no true desire for action beyond rhetoric with him. Just because there is a void doesn't mean we should rush to fill it, without first fully examining the piece we put in place.

    I feel a good leader is one that gives people the tools and enthusiasm to organize themselves, not one that tells people what to do or how to think. The leader is nothing in comparison to the enlightenment and power of a group. No man should be idolized, and therefore, no man is above scrutiny. If we're talking about a bigger picture, than one man means nothing, regardless of position.
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  • Re: Minister Louis Farrakhan on The Breakfast Club

    jono wrote: »
    They don't have to kill you if they can ignore and discredit you. I'm no follower of Farrakhan but like he said at the beginning, he has virtually been banned from the mainstream media. They only mention his name if it's something negative.

    He hasn't been killed, discredited, or had his organization shut down.
    That should be enough to raise a red flag.
    The system isn't letting any real threat slide like "let's just ignore him and hopefully the people will do the same."
    Too easy to backfire. Too many loose ends open. The system plays for keeps, not 'win or lose, we had some fun.' Any real threat will be met with termination attempts until its extinguished.
    phukkyou2 wrote: »
    You (few) Farrakhan haters haven't changed any minds or contributed anything to this Thread but Division, Slander, Low Self Esteem, and Slander.

    Thank you for being such a giant help to the Afro-American Community you fucking Agent Smiths

    First and foremost, let's make this about the message. Its the responsibility of all righteous people to spread positivity and enlightenment, as well as to uplift those around them. If anyone finds those aspects to be true in the word's of Farrakhan or anyone else, then they need to go spread that to others to help them. Its all of our obligation to do so. However, it shouldn't be done under the flag of any organization, movement, or progressive thought stream simply because that was where the person got their information from. It should be done out of our duty to improve life for those around us.

    The issue here will arise anytime there is an organized backing, or when the herald purports themselves to be a leader. In any instance such as this, the messenger and/or organization must be examined even more closely than the message itself. Anything less would be lax in discipline, which is a very exploitable weakness. Lack of discipline is a set-up for failure, through and through.

    Which leaders, the ones who were out there with the power to move people and that had a plan to make real change, ever got a pass?
    Farrakhan seems to get one. Why is that? I can't find a legit reason, so I can't deem his intentions safe. I also can't in good faith support him or his movement because of this. I can, however, take the gems he drops, examine them, clean them up if need be, and spread them to those that lack.
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  • Re: IC Fun Facts

    -I'm one of the few posters on here that has NEVER been exposed.

    OTT gave me a bunch of IC posters' phone numbers he found in PM boxes of phished accts back in the day. One of them was PHATnPHYNE17

    I used to call her up pretending to be you. I'd start off with "I am Moe James, the lover man," in my best Joe Blow voice. There would always be a hardcore porn scene playing somewhat loudly in the background as well. She'd be annoyed, but at the same time I'd always have to be the one to cut the convo off.

    I was supposed to record them and post them, but this was back in the flip phone days and the sound quality sucked so I never bothered.
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  • Re: The Mask You Live In (a study of masculinity) (trailer)

    Didn't watch the video but I can agree that ESPECIALLY in the Black Community, hyper masculinity has gotten alotta niggas killed and/or destroyed a lotta opportunities.

    There was a poster named Claude Brown a while back who typed something ill never forget about masculinity and the black community/Lower middle class people..TO paraphrase he said "Masculinity in the black community is like this hope diamond that men cling too" meaning that men from lower class backgrounds already have nothing so their masculinity is literally all they have so much so that they're socially conditioned to interpret everything as a sleight against them.

    Sometimes this winds up in quitting a job because they cant take orders, sometimes its shooting a nigga for disrespecting their set.

    People been killing each other solo or cliqueing up to kill groups of other people since the dawn of man. Just because our societies have become more civilized doesn't mean that people have inherently done the same. We're the same human beings we have been for the past ~200,000 yrs. Its natural. People fear being hurt/killed so other people use the threat of, or actual acts of violence as a means to an end. Tempers cloud judgement. Nothing "hyper" about it. Does it fuck things up? Yes. But its not some abnormality like this video or a few of you are making it out to be.

    The sentiment is fine, but I don't see how this applies here unless you're conceding that the reason things go farther than necessary is because some kids come from little to nothing and feel like they have nothing to lose. There are plenty of females that act the same way, so its not a "masculinity" issue.