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    Happy Birthday Du!!!
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    I was supposed to go out with my friends tonight, but I don't feel like it.
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    silverfoxx wrote: »
    How come all the women on IC is either pregnant, married, or crazy? Like where are the cool good looking ones that would actually give you a chance?

    Hmmmmm maybe the good ones were turned out the IC after posting a lot here???

    IC, I know y'all old heads know the coolest chicks here from a while back, what can we do to attract more eye candy to join IC? The Pico, Charlie, Obnoxiously Fresh,etc.thing is getting old. I haven't simped a IC chick in years bruh.

    They're lurking. See of you can pull some away from the feminist over at Lipstick Alley. They need to be liberated brotha...VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!

    That's how I found out about the IC...
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    No man and no kids at home for a week...

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    JokerzWyld wrote: »
    I don't listen to women with weave that talk about self-love.

    weaves is not a sign of self hate.

    white women wear weaves and other races.

    the reason women wear weaves is for convenience. natural hair needs to be styled often,.. around every 3 days. u can wear a weave for months and the maintenance of styles last longer than natural hair.

    weaves stay in place and they dont sweat easily.

    its not self hatred or black hatred to wear weaves.

    in alot,of cases its smart maintenance. instead of burning out your hair with chemicals and hot irons. braid it and burn the weave

    Other than Rachel Dolezal, white women certainly don't wear weaves that look like natural black womens hair.

    I mean, how ridiculous would that look right? lol

    Oh wait, just about as ridiculous as black women look when they wear blonde hair weaves or weaves with hair textures that primarily suit european women.

    So yeah, that is indeed self hatred.

    You didn't connect how weaves equal self hate. So far all you've said is black women with weave are emulating white women's hair. Accepting your natural state of hair (which most women do SOMETHING to alter btw) equals self love?

    Huh? I didn't connect how weaves equal self hate?

    Yeah, I believe I did that when I said that when I stated that when black women wear weave they are emulating white women's hair texture and or color.

    If you go to a African American Beauty Supply Store to buy some hair, you won't find African American hair textures there to buy, but only Indian and European hair textures.

    Now if that isn't a form of self hate, then what is? smh

    Actually there's weave of all textures.




    All of these women are wearing a weave in these pics...
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