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  • Re: Video: Some savage out of control ratchet broad puts her paws on some Female & her young son.. Smh..

    black folks is not in the position to be on this fuckin yankee doodle dandy, real american hero, johnny appleseed, upstanding citizen bullshit them crackas been raping, beating, kidnapping, torturing, mutilating, and even fuckin feeding little black boys to alligators for fuckin 600 goddamn years, one white boy pushed on the floor and you niggas in here on some this latest?cb=20110521084738shit

    mayne fuck det lil boy

    and that aint nothin but a little girl, dumb teenagers make mistakes everyday, b, i could see if it was some big 40 yeal old sugar bear lookin muthafucka

    niggas in here wishin prison stretches on a lil black girl and shit
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  • Re: Video: Some savage out of control ratchet broad puts her paws on some Female & her young son.. Smh..

    ill call back when i start to feel remorse for people who arent black because they sure in the fuck dont feel remorse for the mistreatment of your black ass kids
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  • Re: I keep seeing black women and asian men with their blasian babies.

    zombie wrote: »
    If you have something ignorant to say keep west Indians out of your fucking mouth because for the most part it's nothing but love between west Indians and African Americans. The only time there is disrespect is when African Americans who have little real world experience with western indians talk. Unfortunately I have noticed this is usually you Niggas from the south

    Yeah right, you mean when you dirty africans and west indians get on here talkin bout some fuckin black americans dont take advantage and we're all thugs and all this stupid shit, yall niggas swear yall white coon ass niggas
    zombie wrote: »
    SWAMPGOD wrote: »
    zombie wrote: »
    SWAMPGOD wrote: »
    zombie wrote: »
    This Nigga swampgod is the biggest ignoramus on earth, Nigga talking about shit he hears online like the web is really life. Nigga west Indians have been coming to America forever even during the slave trade. And there been no beef with Americans.

    If you don't like west Indians what the fuck are you doing on a hip-hop website???


    nigga fuck you get yo little black ass outta here, you honestly think reggae is the only ingredient to the development of hip hop?

    if it wasnt for earlier forms of black american music there wouldnt be a fuckin hip hop

    Nigga west Indians were the major creators of hip-hop. Hip-hop is a combination of various art forms and a way of thinking. That shit was made by blacks in the Bronx and the rest of NYC. NYC that has the deepest and longest lasting west Indian presence in America.

    nigga wtf fuck a little dirty black ass west indian got to do with, blues, gospel, soul, rock, funk, jazz, rapping which black americans have been doing since at least the 50s, those are the real elements that created hip hop, reggae was influenced by black americans now what fuck nigga lol

    dawg im from the deep south, save all that long lasting west indian bullshit for a nigga who lives in the northeast, you monkeys aint influence shit in the south, you have no bearing on our existence, aint none of you muthafuckas down here nor do we give a fuck about you stuck up muthafuckas

    Fuck the south if that's the case.

    thats what i wanna hear im bout all that evil shit
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  • Re: I keep seeing black women and asian men with their blasian babies.

    zombie wrote: »
    SWAMPGOD wrote: »
    It's more black against the world than AA against the world.

    In fact, I would argue that in certain places it is black men against the world -- including some black women. (Which is not to deny the undeniable, namely, that generally speaking black women are more our allies than anybody else.)

    No, we got africans and west indian niggas who parents prep them to stay away from black americans when they come to this country, fuck them, they look at us no different from any old white redneck from dixie, they pass down stories about us like we some type of fuckin ancient demonic serpents a some shit, fuck africa, just go on some of their boards and see how they talk about us

    fuck a black against the world, black america is all i know

    why do you say ignorant stupid fuckery like this???? do you want to create a beef between west Indians and African americans???? nigga we all would fucking lose I don't believe your stupid ignorant Alabama ass has ever been outside your fucking state. Grow the fuck up. Talking about we pass down stories about you nigga please when people come to this country all they are thinking about is getting paid no one is thinking about hating African americans.


    get out yo feelins nigga, you know yall little dirty niggas think yall better than african americans, i see it all over the web, go to any black board with africans and west indians on it and they talkin shit about african americans like they better than us

    how the hell imma start a beef thats older than me?, idgaf if i never left outside of my fuckin house wtf does travelin to a jamaican shit hole got to do wit anything, of course they gon show love when we come to they island because they poor asses got to muster up enough tourist change to be able to afford dinner that night

    one of yall favorite little fables you pass down to each other is "black americans dont take advantage of their opportunities" lmaooo mayne i be peepin yall little dirty asses out, hatians, jamaicans, and africans is all the same

    hell just the other month ago that west indian nigga muhanad x was on here talkin shit about african americans and what our problems are and what we aint doin right, nigga fuck you and your opinions
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  • Re: I keep seeing black women and asian men with their blasian babies.

    SWAMPGOD wrote: »
    ^ we know b its african americans versus the world and i wouldnt have it any other way, every ethnic group in the world hates african americans, dont matter if they black or not, the entire universe is obsessed with us, its prolly some aliens out there somewhere that want a nigga dead, but they can get shit but the nutsack


    they do hate us, evvvvvvverybody hates black americans, even the muthafuckas who supposedly is our kinfolk in our so-called homeland
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