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"ohhhhhhh i know you wanna be a junkie like meeeee"


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  • Re: Does Method Man have any "Classic" albums?

    Kid Dynastyqawshuntrendsetta1030Nechesh358
  • Re: Jesse Williams' powerful BET awards speech

    Cain wrote: »
    I can't believe what I'm seeing.... this nigga is arguing with a woman about her hair, LMAO zesty as hell; man the IC is a wild place.
    Cain wrote: »
    Are you goofy niggas really talking about hair? Take that shit across the street

    Y'all simp ass coons is enabling the self hate. I am trying to eradicate it. that's the difference

    oh word? You looking like neck rolling faggot debating a female about hair

    And you looking like a sleep brain dead waste of black skin, you posed to be a black man right? a leader in your community right? lead yo women out of that self hate, you enabling that self hate , yo daughter Prolly already bald headed nigga, that is if you've knocked the pussy to even have one, doc Martin and kangol wearing ass nigga

    And muthafuck a Max I ain't stun that fucking racist dirt bag he the one stalking me round this bitch
    purpngoldMax.NothingButTheTruthgnsrip.dillaa.mannAjackson17Stomp Johnson
  • Re: Jesse Williams' powerful BET awards speech

    Max. wrote: »
    I'm a fat bald headed, no pussy getting mexican that pretends to be black on the internet

  • Re: The Official IC, "The White Man is a Natural Savage," Thread

    White manes aint nevas hurts nobody, weez iz i own worsus enema

    I know you're an investment banker from Colorado, Tyrone but what about black on black crime in Chicago? We need answers, bub.
    Maximus Rexmohamedblackgod813
  • Re: Jesse Williams' powerful BET awards speech

    Trillfate wrote: »
    I'm so tired of hearing about this fuckin tanned cracker and the bald headed bitches that love him

    How this speech get turned into a black on black gender war, niggas aint worth a fuckin quarter, deserve to be shot in the streets like fuckin dogs

    Ob has hair

    it aint no afro though, it aint the hair texture white jesus gave to her



    lmao, so im posed to believe you "woke up like this"

    relaxers, straightners, perms, wigs, weaves, flat irons, whatever you wanna call it, none of it is natural

    black women need afros or sleep, you choose

    I woke up with braids, and I unraveled them.

    You sound so cute talkin about something u don't know anything about. Try to tell me about sports. Don't try to tell me about no damn hair. Natural refers to the chemical state of your hair. I do not have chemically processed hair, therefore it is natural. What you are referring to is a styling technique. If I style my hair in a bun, it is still natural. If I flat iron it, it is still natural. If I blow dry it, it is still natural. Why? Because if I jump in a swimming pool, it will revert right back to its original shape, size, density. That's what hair does when it hasn't been chemically altered. The lady below has natural hair in both photos. It is just styled differently.



    Nah, if you were born with hair that stands not down, but up like a crown, but you straighten it anyway to look like the white/indian Disney princess that you grew up watching, then that is not natural.

    Why do you black women hate your hair texture so much?

    And I bet you go to church every sunday to praise god but somehow hate the hair that god gave you

    im lit tonight, ma, letsgetit, yall think yall just bout to be dissin black men from the east side of the internet to the west side over this half bred jesse williams muhfucka and everything be aight, naw lets examine yall behavior