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  • Re: Bill O'Reilly says Samuel L. Jackson is "Trying to 'DIMINISH' America instead of make it better."

    It's bill what do you expect?

  • Are Black Americans Stupid?

    I have been out of America for years, now. I can honestly say that when you leave American society, your mind and emotions began to heal. Your actions and thoughts begin to correct themselves. When you don’t watch the bs on TV, eat fast food, or listen to brain dead music on the radio, slowly, your “negro” programming wears off. Your taste buds change. Even the smell of your skin.

    I met a rasta a few years ago at a bar. We sat for a while, had a few drinks, and in the middle of the conversation, he told me that I had the mind of a white man.

    What the hell!?

    I’m the most militant, pro-black person I know. How could he say that? I was offended. Years later, I understand what he meant. Before I get into that, let’s talk about MOST black people in America.

    Niggas love being niggas, So much so, that they strive to be REAL niggas. They take pride in saying,”I am a real nigga”. Really? That was your goal in life? To be a real nigga?

    Well, it was mine. In fact it, I took pride in knowing my friends considered me a real nigga. Ok, before some “real niggas” go into an explanation of what they think the term means for them in 2014, think about what you are saying.

    You are calling yourself a nigga. You are proud of it, and making excuses for doing so. Also, before some other smart nigga tells me it means Negus, please. Stop. I know all about that, and that is not how it is used by people, today. Let’s not make excuses. There is no excuse for calling yourself a nigga. Speaking of excuses, I will explain the need for black Americans to constantly make excuses for stupidity, in a minute.

    If you have no problem with referring to yourself a nigga, then you have no problem referring to your woman as a bitch. Now, before some real bitches go into an explanation of what they think the term bitch means for them in 2014, think about what you are saying. You are classifying yourself as a bitch, a female dog, and you are proud of it. Slave masters called black women bitches, because we were bred like dogs and animals. Think about what you are calling yourself. There is no excuse for that.

    Why are black Americans proud to be referred to with derogatory terms? That’s stupid.

    I have a woman that I see from time to time that is Haitian. She works hard and lives modestly. The money she makes goes to her children and family. I doubt that the most expensive thing she wears cost more than $50. She takes care of herself and her appearance is always immaculate. Her salary is 10 times more than the average Haitian, yet her purse, shoes, and clothes look like they came from a thrift shop. But when we go out to dinner and she pulls out all the money she has in that ugly cheap ass purse, it’s beautiful.
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  • Re: Are Black Americans Stupid?

    I met this woman at a club in DC. In the club she was beautiful. A week later I invited her out to dinner. When I walked into her house, I rebuked it in the name of Jesus. It was filthy! Yet, her clothes were expensive. Think about those priorities.

    And by the way, weaves stink. Most men will not tell you that, but that shit smells horrible.

    Black men will brag about having sex with a lot of women. I used to do that. I thought it was a symbol of manhood. I was stupid. There is nothing cool about that. It is a mentally that has been carried over from the slavery days. A young black buck was praised for how many women he could impregnate for massa. We are still impregnating our women for massa.

    When you get a black woman pregnant, and leave her to raise the child alone, you are doing exactly what they want you to do. That child will grow up to feed the private prison system, the pharmaceutical companies by issuing him drugs to control his behavior, or he will join the army, and fight and die in wars that have nothing to do with him or his liberation.

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  • 50 Cent Says French Montana Is The "New Ja Rule"

    50 Cent says he'll put an end to French Montana's career. He says, "I'll put him completely out of business."

    With a feud brewing between 50 Cent and French Montana, Fif was asked to clarify where their quarrels began. 50 recently spoke to Mister Peter Parker about this, declaring that French Montana is the "new Ja Rule."

    "He ran his mouth prematurely," Fif said. "He’s really not ready to compete on any level with me. When I drop a record and it becomes the number one selling record in 12 hours, after you saying that? I think you should be quiet a little bit. I’ll put him completely out of business. Off the block. Out the corner."

    As he continued, 50 shared that he feels Montana is the "new Ja Rule," a rapper he had a feud with earlier in his career. Their dispute was seen by many as having a negative impact on Rule's career while helping 50 Cent's rise.

    "[Montana] had one song and you didn’t even care about it ’cause it had him on it. There was four other people on it," Fif added. "That’s your new Ja Rule right now."

    More from the interview can be heard below.

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  • Man cancels his wedding to watch Kobe Bryants return

    A San Diego couple were set to exchange wedding vows this Sunday after months of preparation until it was abruptly canceled, and they have Kobe Bryant to blame.

    According to reports, 28 year old Simon Bradley, a self-described ‘obsessed’ Laker fan decided to post-pone his wedding so he can attend Kobe Bryant’s highly anticipated return to the court from a torn Achilles this Sunday at Staples Center in Los Angeles.

    The man promised his fiance’ Melissa they will set a future date, but we’re going to assume it will be after the season.

    The couple, who were set to wed at the Banquet Hall inside the Marina Village inconvenienced about 60 guests.

    Lakers host the Toronto Raptors Sunday at Staples Center, the game will be nationally televised on NBA-TV
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