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  • Re: Insecure (Season 2) HBO.

    MissK wrote: »
    MissK wrote: »
    @MissK ummmm issa and ol boy smashed fr fr that wasn't no fantasy

    I am talking about the scene where she saw him in the mirror tho

    Naw chica...we past that. We here now. She acted on that fantasy. Lol. And what backstory? Backstory b/t her and her man...or ole boy? And how will the backstory change what she did?

    Cuz you know had he cheated 1st, I can only imagine the responses

    "Oh he damn dog"

    "Issa need to leave his broke azzz"

    "How he gonna cheat on Issa, and she supportin his broke azzz"

    I must be an episode behind then smh. I still stand by my words you woman hater!! :)

    Yeah you must be. Lol.

    I'm not a woman hater. Just hate the double standard. A guy would flat out get called a dog if they cheated in that situation. But if a woman does it, folks will be making excuses for her. Saying it's more emotional than just about sex.

    Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I know you are not complaining over one double standard when we deal with all kinds of them lol man up
  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    deadeye wrote: »
    AP21 wrote: »
    AP21 wrote: »
    Kat wrote: »
    Trillfate wrote: »
    Kat wrote: »
    Kat wrote: »
    Joker all in his feels today.

    The hit dog hollered

    Not really.

    The IC and Donkey used to be way better, even in the past couple years it was better than this. Don't downplay the decline..shit's wack.

    Its funny the "decline" of the IC happened when u stopped doing freak friday.. coincidence??

    Ya'll ran all the females off.

    Ugly or not, the presence and contributions of active female posters encouraged males to post more.

    We're down to like 4 females, and I wouldn't call any of them regular posters.


    thats what really did the site in

    Please. There was never more than a handful posting regular at one time. I swear y'all niggas complain about then like y'all ain't got none.

    I will admit niggas in here jump on a new hoe like they ain't seen one before, but it's mainly quality over quantity.

    last i checked, a handful was still more than 1 or 2 at any given time

    including kat right now in Donkey, you might have Kai, Gabi, and deserttrain over in GNS

    there goes the 4 kat mentioned lol


    Looks like you need to come out of lurk mode and post more.

    Thing is I post. I'm just not at the popular table and I'm okay with that.
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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    Opening Night, let's get it!


    We were cool up until this post!
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  • Re: Zendaya Says Vons Grocery Store Clerk Refused Her Service Because Of Her ‘Skin Tone’

    D0wn wrote: »
    Zendaya is cool, but this is Hilarious cause, Zenadya barley looks blk...
    some biracial ppl clearly look blk... others dont, she's one who don't.
    So i doubt, she was refused service cause of the color of her skin, from the video she posted she looks pale as fuck. I doubt the clerk even knew she was blk.

    Exactly. I've been followed through stores since I was 9, there's nothing "hidden" when clerks are being racist to you. Zendaya is lighter than Kat, and just looking for sympathy. Grocery store clerks are living that "paper or plastic" life, so they're not the nicest folk out there. It's like going tot he DMV and saying they're treating you bad because their racist.

    I'm on the lighter side but I disagree. Idk if what she experienced was racist but I've dealt with plenty of covert and overt racism.

    Too many whites don't gaf if you are lighter and that's what bothers me about the light/dark debate. It might not be the same as your experience but it's there.
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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    OmegaSataN wrote: »

    we were meant for each other, you and I


    @missk who you rather fuck, me or Allergems?

    Cheers to both of you

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